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February 2019

Date Title
2/11/19 Ainsworth: NPR must think "Beto" O'Rourke is Latino
2/11/19 Putting it together: the Clintons and the Russians
2/10/19 Roger Stone's wife and security cameras tell the story of FBI ambush
2/9/19 The "Green New Deal"
2/8/19 What do Robert Mueller and Adam Schiff have in common? Can't trust 'em.
2/7/19 A "dumpster fire" in Virginia
2/7/19 Ainsworth: MISS MANNERLY's column after SOTU Address
2/6/19 Trump is right: investigation needs to end now
2/6/19 Trump's YUUUUGE Speech
2/5/19 Typhus comes to California
2/5/19 The real reason Northam needs to go
2/5/19 President Trump's Speech Tonight
2/5/19 Follow-up: Readers want more details on Sen. McConnell and border wall vote
2/4/19 Evening Edition - February 4
2/4/19 Ralph Northam's self-immolation continues
2/4/19 Ainsworth: Reader offers personal pregnancy story and idea for lawmakers
2/3/19 Q&A: Reader expresses frustration at Republican Party
2/2/19 Northam's 1984
2/1/19 Senate investigators debunk Democrat theory
2/1/19 More news you were never supposed to see
2/1/19 Ainsworth: Thoughts On Abortion

January 2019

Date Title
1/31/19 Sen. Graham demands answers from FBI Director Wray; Nellie Ohr investigated
1/31/19 "Jennifer Buscemi"
1/31/19 Ainsworth: A heartfelt response to my commentary on the Roger Stone raid
1/31/19 Democrats embrace infanticide
1/30/19 Fake news in America
1/30/19 The Democrat Response to President Trump's State of the Union Speech
1/30/19 Medicare for All
1/30/19 Ainsworth: The Roger Stone raid --- is this really America?
1/29/19 Mueller releases "20 pages of heavy breathing" on Roger Stone
1/29/19 The clock is ticking
1/29/19 Mueller's team shows how to poison a jury pool
1/29/19 Trump vs. Pelosi: score one for Trump
1/28/19 A Twitter Storm
1/28/19 SNL's Big Chance
1/28/19 Reader comment nails the way many of us are feeling
1/27/19 The weird silence from Democrats over Venezuela
1/27/19 A new Liberal plan to save unions
1/26/19 The Pledge of Allegiance
1/26/19 The Deal
1/26/19 Roger Stone Update
1/25/19 Planned Parenthood update
1/24/19 Holding people accountable for Covington mess
1/24/19 Ainsworth: MISS MANNERLY offers her wisdom and advice
1/24/19 Michael Cohen feels "threatened," delays House testimony
1/24/19 President Trump drops the State of the Union Address
1/24/19 Abortion is not progressive
1/23/19 James Baker WANTED to indict Hillary for "appalling" conduct
1/23/19 Iranian Christians targeted for persecution
1/23/19 The Clinton Machine guided FBI into Trump/Russia investigation
1/23/19 SCOTUS agrees to hear gun rights case
1/23/19 President Trump's State of The Union Address
1/23/19 SCOTUS decides against hearing appeal
1/23/19 Correcting the record
1/22/19 Kamala Harris announces run for President
1/22/19 "The world is going to end in 12 years..."
1/21/19 Fasten your seatbelt for "Mr. Trump's Wild Ride"
1/21/19 Hate destroys the hater and the hated
1/21/19 "Daffy" politics
1/18/19 March for Life
1/18/19 Hope Bill Barr agrees: It's HRC, FBI and DOJ that need investigating
1/18/19 Trump yanks Pelosi's trip
1/17/19 Connect the dots: Bruce Ohr's testimony shows problem with Mueller
1/16/19 Victor Davis Hanson nails it!
1/16/19 Today's Newsletter January 16 Edition
1/14/19 Hey, FBI: THIS is what collusion with Russia looks like!
1/13/19 Michael Cohen to testify before Democrat-led House committee
1/13/19 AOC's honesty
1/12/19 Elvis’ “Taking Care of Business” philosophy
1/11/19 All eyes on the Supreme Court
1/10/19 Progressives tried to block this important taxpayer protection
1/10/19 Stop this farce; the threat of an open border is real
1/9/19 Deputy AG Rosenstein is reportedly planning his exit
1/9/19 Facts and tax rates
1/9/19 President Trump's Speech
1/8/19 Another way to fund the border wall, Chuck Norris-approved!
1/8/19 How should the President get funds to build the wall?
1/7/19 Democrats are acting crazy
1/7/19 Ainsworth: The twisted philosophy of "social justice"
1/5/19 How refreshing: a no-nonsense approach to border security
1/5/19 Good for House committee chairmen for not going quietly
1/4/19 Democrats introduce articles of impeachment
1/3/19 Pelosi is back
1/3/19 "Trump's Wall": So don't call it Trump's, and don't call it a wall
1/2/19 Ainsworth: Start-of-year prediction about Michelle Obama
1/2/19 Warren's announcement
1/2/19 The Red State Model
1/1/19 Happy New Year!

December 2018

Date Title
12/31/18 Looking back at 2018
12/24/18 Holding reporters accountable
12/23/18 The Shutdown
12/22/18 Ainsworth: a different way to look at veterans
12/20/18 General Mattis to retire
12/20/18 Fake news at Der Spiegel
12/20/18 Venuzuela & gun control
12/19/18 Republican control of the House is ending on a sour note
12/19/18 Trump Foundation to dissolve
12/17/18 For Monday's testimony, 20 questions for James Comey
12/14/18 Gen. Flynn case reveals hypocrisy, lack of "process" at FBI
12/14/18 AOC for President