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October 2018

Date Title
10/2/18 SNL makes fun of stereotype they helped create
10/2/18 FBI: stop investigating high school yearbooks and start declassifying Uranium One
10/1/18 Kellyanne Conway says she was sexually assaulted: one woman responds
10/1/18 NAFTA replaced with new deal

September 2018

Date Title
9/29/18 Kavanaugh and the case for mistaken identity, Part II
9/28/18 The Kavanaugh hearings and the case for mistaken identity
9/28/18 Senate Judiciary Committee schedules vote
9/28/18 My Pilot Script for ABC's "The FBI: 2018"
9/28/18 Oh, no --- The never-ending confirmation process
9/27/18 Kavanaugh shouldn't resign, but I can name a few Senators who should
9/27/18 HHS cancels contract with company associated with Planned Parenthood
9/27/18 About the credibility of Kavanaugh's third accuser
9/27/18 Ease of picking up false Kavanaugh story shows this is a farce
9/26/18 About that "Murphy Brown" reboot
9/26/18 President Trump's speech to the UN
9/26/18 This is why the left has to keep the hate going
9/25/18 Emotional interview with Judge Kavanaugh and his wife Ashley
9/24/18 Behold the grand puppet master
9/24/18 Rod Rosenstein, just leave already
9/21/18 RESPONSE TO READER COMMENTS on "One Woman's Take..."
9/20/18 Salem Witchcraft Trials revisited
9/20/18 Jonathan Turley on Kavanaugh case: Testify BEFORE any investigation
9/20/18 Hillary continues to beat her dead horse
9/19/18 The latest on 11th hour accusation against Judge Kavanaugh
9/18/18 Judge Kavanaugh update: the real and the fake