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October 2018

Date Title
10/16/18 Can Elizabeth Warren really continue to claim she's Native American? I think not.
10/16/18 Hillary Clinton, the gift that keeps on giving
10/16/18 Glenn Simpson will show up for Congress after all but plead the Fifth
10/13/18 Senate Republicans are on a roll
10/12/18 The mask is off the Democrats...
10/12/18 Rod Rosenstein refuses to testify before Congress; Glenn Simpson, too
10/11/18 Susan Rice's son attacked over his political views
10/9/18 A history lesson for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
10/9/18 Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer
10/9/18 Taylor, why'd you do it?
10/9/18 Will Democrats finally be held accountable?
10/8/18 Responses to reader comments
10/8/18 One woman's view: Sen. Susan Collins is my hero; hope she has tight security
10/5/18 With Kavanaugh, Leftists show us what they really are
10/5/18 The impact of the Kavanaugh hysteria
10/4/18 A guest post from Doris D.
10/4/18 "This Moral Moment"
10/3/18 President Trump's Foreign Policy
10/3/18 More on the players in Uranium One, plus a timeline
10/3/18 One woman's view: Kavanaugh protesters are setting women back decades
10/3/18 Potential for a real "bombshell" story
10/2/18 Rachel Mitchell's report on Dr. Ford's case: so weak
10/2/18 Minnesota Senate candidate calls for investigation of Democratic AG candidate Keith Ellison
10/2/18 SNL makes fun of stereotype they helped create
10/2/18 FBI: stop investigating high school yearbooks and start declassifying Uranium One