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December 2018

Date Title
12/14/18 Public Safety Commission report on Parkland shooting released
12/14/18 AOC for President
12/12/18 The truth about Michael Cohen's plea
12/12/18 A Tale Of Two Trump Voters
12/11/18 Impeachment: keeping our heads while others are losing theirs
12/11/18 Recommended reading: excellent essay on special counsel mess
12/10/18 Comey and (especially) Cohen: what all this means for Trump
12/9/18 Extraordinary week in Washington
12/8/18 So much breaking news
12/6/18 Ainsworth: VANITY FAIR readers get dose of reality on Trump/Mueller
12/5/18 Mueller releases "sentencing memo" on Gen. Michael Flynn
12/4/18 President Trump, Asia Bibi is a Christian under threat of death in Pakistan -- please help her
12/4/18 Judicial Watch keeps an eye on Mueller investigation

November 2018

Date Title
11/30/18 Trump and Russia: Liar Michael Cohen makes a sorry witness
11/30/18 Hillary and Uranium One resurface
11/29/18 Abortion in America
11/29/18 Trump is armed for bear; time to declassify it all!
11/27/18 Witnesses aren't saying what Mueller wants to hear
11/26/18 This wild story about federal agent's misconduct makes a point
11/26/18 A dangerous situation along the border
11/25/18 Standing strong for America
11/25/18 Capitalism
11/23/18 Black Friday
11/21/18 Election stories and comments keep coming in
11/20/18 Dan Crenshaw
11/20/18 One woman's view: the disaster that is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
11/19/18 "Gender correctness" ruins scientific research and teaching
11/19/18 Today's Newsletter November 19 Edition
11/17/18 Reader response: helping us make sense of the Arizona Senate race
11/15/18 Mr. President, please make this your priority for the next two years
11/14/18 Hillary in 2020, part II: Cue the pollsters and focus groups
11/13/18 Impossible Truism: Votes counted after Election Day always increase Democrats' total
11/12/18 No ID Needed to Vote In LA: Observations From an L.A. Pollworker
11/12/18 The candidate who will absolutely, positively run in 2020
11/10/18 Veterans Day 2018
11/9/18 Matt Whitaker seems like an EXCELLENT choice for acting AG
11/8/18 Leftists got control of Congress but still can't control themselves
11/7/18 SNL "joke" was a kick in the stomach to Sara Carter
11/7/18 Observations about some of the races
11/7/18 What to make of Election 2018
11/6/18 Real class and maturity
11/6/18 "Against"
11/6/18 Go Vote
11/5/18 Election Day is tomorrow
11/5/18 CIA "intercepted" whistleblowers' communications with Congress
11/5/18 A message for young newsletter readers
11/4/18 Watch The Event 2018 LIVE NOW
11/4/18 Campaign news from around the country
11/3/18 The Final Weekend
11/2/18 One woman's view: Why did media drop Kavanaugh story like a hot potato?
11/2/18 Warming up to Mad Maxine?!?
11/2/18 Today's Newsletter November 2 Edition
11/1/18 Riddle me this: Why is special counsel Robert Mueller like a duck?

October 2018

Date Title
10/31/18 Legal pros and cons of Trump's "birthright" executive order
10/31/18 A word to ALL AMERICANS about the Arizona Senate race
10/30/18 Don't let the stock market scare you
10/30/18 Bloomberg writer discovers: most of America isn't obsessed with politics
10/30/18 Arizona voters: you are being duped by the Kyrsten Sinema campaign
10/30/18 Left-leaning celebrities threaten violence against Republicans
10/30/18 Some socialist countries changing course
10/30/18 Oregon demonstrates immigration policy run amok
10/29/18 Stop exploiting victims
10/27/18 Evening Edition - October 27
10/26/18 Today's Newsletter October 27 Edition
10/26/18 Wow, that didn't take long --- they got him!
10/26/18 Does tossing verbal bombs lead to making real ones?
10/25/18 Pipe Bombs
10/25/18 Huck's Heroine
10/25/18 In case anybody's wondering, I'm not just preaching to the choir
10/25/18 MyFaithVotes
10/24/18 Does Obama deserve credit for the economy? No.
10/24/18 Abortion pills by mail
10/24/18 "Nationalist"
10/24/18 Democrats: Throw money at it
10/24/18 Rosenstein hearing postponed as Papadopoulos offers plenty
10/24/18 Transgender regret
10/24/18 Theaters dropping "Gosnell"
10/23/18 20 Questions for Rod Rosenstein
10/22/18 Trump defies expectations, will conservative voters?
10/22/18 More praise for Judicial Watch as they challenge Dr. Ford's attorneys
10/19/18 Two issues to help undecided voters make a decision
10/19/18 Nellie Ohr finally testifies Friday; also, why we love Judge Royce C. Lamberth
10/19/18 Halloween comes early this year, Democratic field is frightening
10/18/18 Bias at Facebook and Google
10/18/18 One woman's view: UPDATE on Sen. Susan Collins --- the backlash
10/17/18 Glenn Simpson took the Fifth, but we know what happened anyway
10/16/18 Hillary Clinton, the gift that keeps on giving
10/16/18 Can Elizabeth Warren really continue to claim she's Native American? I think not.
10/16/18 Glenn Simpson will show up for Congress after all but plead the Fifth
10/13/18 Senate Republicans are on a roll
10/12/18 The mask is off the Democrats...
10/12/18 Rod Rosenstein refuses to testify before Congress; Glenn Simpson, too
10/11/18 Susan Rice's son attacked over his political views
10/9/18 Will Democrats finally be held accountable?
10/9/18 A history lesson for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
10/9/18 Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer
10/9/18 Taylor, why'd you do it?
10/8/18 Responses to reader comments
10/8/18 One woman's view: Sen. Susan Collins is my hero; hope she has tight security
10/5/18 With Kavanaugh, Leftists show us what they really are