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Politics Archives

July 2022

Date Title
7/18/22 Soros: Reports of his death are greatly exaggerated
7/18/22 Count 'em: 21 ways the 2020 election was flawed
7/15/22 Some clarification on the 10 year old abortion story
7/15/22 Biden in Israel
7/14/22 Schiff anticipates investigations by GOP-led Congress
7/14/22 A new EV report is worth reading
7/13/22 Tuesday's J6 hearing: more lying about election, "insurrection"
7/12/22 Kangaroo court: Cipollone NOT ASKED about Hutchinson
7/11/22 Biden issues Executive Order on Abortion
7/11/22 Dumbest Tweet of 2022
7/11/22 Latest example from the Unhinged Left
7/11/22 Hunter Biden in the news again
7/11/22 Voters are feeling “Biden Remorse”
7/11/22 Jan. 6 committee really is "McCarthyism on steroids"
7/11/22 The costs of inflation
7/10/22 Sunday Standard - July 10
7/9/22 The strongest economy in history...
7/9/22 Laugh of the Day…Or Maybe the Century
7/9/22 Mr. “Return to Normalcy”
7/5/22 News Recap
7/1/22 "Sham trial," part 2: Cassidy Hutchinson's backstory

June 2022

Date Title
6/30/22 Megyn Kelly: "I know a sham trial when I see one."
6/29/22 "Emergency" January 6 hearing is an absurdity
6/28/22 No rules for the Jan. 6 committee and 'Justice' Dept.
6/28/22 Remember: The Adults are in charge
6/28/22 Democrats are fanning the flames of unrest
6/28/22 Biden KNEW of Hunter's shady Chinese business
6/27/22 And don't come back: Jan. 6 committee is a DISGRACE
6/24/22 A great day for the pro-life movement
6/24/22 Democrats react to SCOTUS gun ruling
6/24/22 Senate passes major gun bill
6/24/22 "Jane's Revenge"
6/24/22 Jan. 6: Dems undercut own argument with another FBI raid
6/23/22 Florida's almost-Governor now being defended by Marc Elias
6/22/22 Morning Edition - June 22
6/21/22 Day 4 of the January 6 hearings: still full of Schiff
6/20/22 Disney's "Lightyear" stumbles at the box office
6/20/22 Hillary Clinton makes 2024 news
6/20/22 What the Jan. 6 committee won't say about Trump's election challenges
6/17/22 Narrative-busting stories
6/17/22 Acts of Domestic Terrorism
6/17/22 Thursday's January 6 hearing: Pence's role
6/17/22 D'Souza vs. Barr: Let the election fraud debate begin!
6/17/22 Bad economic news
6/15/22 The pause that refreshes: Jan. 6 hearings postponed
6/15/22 Democrat J6 Committee Chair says NO
6/14/22 Curious: Does Jan. 6 committee WANT to stop Trump from running?
6/14/22 DeSantis defeats Trump in Newsletter Reader 2024 Poll
6/13/22 Not ready for prime time: weekend response to January 6
6/13/22 SHOCKING! This Chicago DEMOCRAT Congressional Candidate is Pro-Life!
6/13/22 "Breakthrough" deal on guns is reached in the Senate
6/13/22 Better than expected ratings for Democrats’ anti-Trump show trial
6/13/22 So much for free speech
6/10/22 The January 6th Committee Good Time Variety Hour
6/10/22 Jan. 6 committee hearing even more dreadful than imagined
6/10/22 Biden's base of support is cracking
6/9/22 The threats from Democrats
6/9/22 Biden on Kimmel
6/9/22 Dems control primetime for sham Jan. 6 hearings
6/8/22 Jordan: FBI "purging ranks" of conservatives
6/8/22 Breaking: John Solomon obtains secret Jan. 6 report
6/7/22 Good news
6/7/22 Navarro, Part 2: Big arrest was lead-in to Big Show
6/7/22 Hopeful signs
6/6/22 Political News Round-Up
6/6/22 CISA report: Concerns about electronic voting systems
6/6/22 Peter Navarro's abusive arrest shocks some non-GOP
6/2/22 The “Protect Our Kids Act.”
6/2/22 The “racist anti-racist” movement
6/1/22 Biden's poll numbers are low, really low
6/1/22 The police response and more Uvalde shooting news
6/1/22 State Department document proves that John Kerry and others secretly met with Iranian officials during Trump presidency

May 2022

Date Title
5/27/22 Michael Moore calls for a repeal of the Second Amendment
5/27/22 The Price of Gas
5/27/22 Mike Rowe: Targeted for his beliefs
5/26/22 Primary Election Roundup
5/26/22 Other People’s Kids: An American Tragedy
5/25/22 Uvalde Tragedy
5/24/22 White House Emergency Hazmat crew is deployed
5/24/22 Joe Biden's Worst Week
5/24/22 A look at how BLM spent its money
5/24/22 Primary Day
5/24/22 A "Pandemic Treaty"
5/20/22 It isn't all bad news
5/19/22 Jankowicz resigns; now Ministry Of Truth MUST GO
5/18/22 Biden criticized for politicizing Buffalo tragedy
5/12/22 With Roe protests, the Democrats are building Frankenstein
5/12/22 The new WH Press Secretary thinks I am a racist
5/11/22 Election Results
5/9/22 The Democrat Agenda: a series of doomed futile and stupid gestures
5/9/22 Roe-related violence on the Left
5/9/22 George Soros gets involved in 2022 races
5/5/22 Morning Edition - May 5
5/5/22 Democrats have no use for Democracy
5/3/22 Huckabee: This has to be stopped
5/2/22 Biden’s Marie Antoinette moment
5/2/22 Blame-shifting on the border and more on Biden's Ministry of Truth

April 2022

Date Title
4/29/22 New Democrat Idea: Fighting crime
4/29/22 "Disinformation Governance Board"
4/26/22 Federal Judges: The best recourse to stop the Biden Administration