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April 2023

Date Title
4/23/23 Good credit vs Bad credit
4/23/23 Legal Round-up
4/23/23 DNC: No debates for Biden
4/23/23 The dangers of offshore wind turbines
4/23/23 Some Democrats confront reality
4/23/23 Remember when Democrats cared about women's rights?
4/21/23 Cracks are appearing
4/21/23 Senator Fetterman returns to work
4/21/23 Fascinating story about the legal battle between two entrenched concepts of wokeness
4/21/23 Inspector General slams Biden Administration
4/17/23 Proof Democrat machine is behind prosecution of Trump
4/14/23 The Red and Blue divide widens
4/14/23 Biden Advisor Susan Rice's lies
4/14/23 Leaker caught; U.S. needs consistent policy for classified information
4/13/23 Ridiculous
4/12/23 Bragg sues to stop congressional subpoenas (!); White House lies again
4/10/23 Governor Abbott moves quickly to pardon US Army veteran convicted of murder
4/10/23 The Democrats’ long, proud history of skirting FEC laws
4/10/23 "Trans" community news round-up: including the assault on Riley Gaines
4/10/23 Hollywood is noticing
4/10/23 The Biden Administration is considering more restrictions for new gas-powered cars
4/10/23 AOC verbally attacks Justice Thomas
4/10/23 CBS balks at Afghanistan report
4/7/23 The Media is wearing three pairs of blinders when it comes to this scandal
4/7/23 No more Mr. Nice Guy: standing up to the radical left
4/7/23 Making Hypocrisy Hip
4/6/23 Dismiss the case against President Trump NOW
4/4/23 Trump arraignment: doesn’t it feel more like April Fools’ Day?
4/3/23 Trump’s arraignment makes mockery of our legal system
4/3/23 Morning Edition: The Real Hope

March 2023

Date Title
3/31/23 “THEY HAVE MADE ME MAGA”: Shocking Trump indictment is a call to save our country
3/31/23 “QAnon Shaman” released from prison
3/31/23 Fed up with Nancy
3/30/23 HILARIOUS: I Wrote a Book About FAKE NEWS and IT GOT CENSORED! | Sean Spicer
3/30/23 Huckabee Sanders warns Jesse about the harms of social media
3/30/23 Biden's Shocking Policy: Save the Rich and Crush the Middle Class? | David McCormick | Huckabee
3/30/23 Gutfeld: The media is to blame for copycat shootings
3/29/23 IRS may have been “weaponized” against journalist Taibbi
3/28/23 Manhattan “Trump” grand jury met Monday: no indictment
3/27/23 Why I'm Endorsing Donald Trump for President
3/23/23 Cereal Giant Kellogg’s proves how flaky it is
3/23/23 Bombshell testimony
3/22/23 If Trump is indicted today, here are TWO REASONS WHY
3/22/23 The Exploitation of Greta Thunberg continues
3/22/23 The hubris of Dr. Anthony Fauci
3/21/23 Tucker: This is an abuse of power
3/21/23 Biden issues his first veto
3/21/23 Jesse Watters: Democrats are lighting a fire they can't control
3/20/23 President Trump arrest update
3/20/23 Can Trump win?
3/20/23 President Trump
3/20/23 Life in a Blue City
3/20/23 Taibbi drops new Twitter File, “The Great COVID-19 Lie Machine”
3/17/23 Laugh of the day
3/17/23 President Biden travels to California to talk about gun control
3/17/23 New Trump Songs, Disney Wokeness Protest
3/17/23 Watch: ‘The Five’: Kamala Harris ‘giggles her heart out’ while the world collapses
3/17/23 Thugs on the Left
3/17/23 Watch: Hannity: Biden sold out the country to benefit his family
3/17/23 DeSantis takes heat
3/16/23 Tucker Carlson continues to press on J6 security video
3/16/23 Oversight Committee now examining Biden bank records
3/14/23 High inflation persists
3/14/23 Watch: Politically-charged Virginia AP test question divides America further: Lt. Gov. Sears
3/14/23 Where did “climate mental health issues” come from?
3/14/23 The Oscars
3/14/23 Watch: Tucker Carlson: This is why our big banks are incompetent
3/14/23 Watch: Former Bank of America managing director shares key insights into collapse of Silicon Valley Bank
3/13/23 Tim Scott takes aim at Biden admin response to SVB collapse: 'Corporate cronyism'
3/13/23 The truth won't hurt us
3/13/23 Sen. John Kennedy: This took my breath away
3/13/23 Tucker: This video shatters the left’s narrative about January 6
3/11/23 “Weaponization” hearings: Democrats humiliate themselves
3/11/23 Federal judge strikes down Biden immigration policy
3/11/23 SPLC nonsense
3/11/23 Chuck Schumer: The lowest of the low
3/9/23 Russell Brand and Tucker Carlson talk spirituality and fame
3/8/23 Trey Gowdy on Atlanta riots: Where is the DOJ?
3/8/23 January 6 video: “the truth is out there,” PART 2
3/8/23 Newsom continues attacks on red states
3/8/23 Revisiting "food deserts"
3/7/23 Atlanta: 23 suspects charged with domestic terrorism
3/7/23 The AOC-Met Gala scandal
3/7/23 At last “the truth is out there” about January 6
3/7/23 Criminal-coddling leftist DA’s
3/7/23 Biden for President: Will he run again?
3/6/23 CBS News tries to walk it back
3/5/23 TAKING ON THE CDC! | Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Dr. Bhattacharya & MORE
3/3/23 Sorry to report
3/2/23 AZ Gubernatorial Update
3/2/23 AG Garland destroyed in Senate Judiciary hearing; FBI agents didn’t want to raid Mar-A-Lago
3/2/23 This backfired

February 2023

Date Title
2/27/23 AZ testimony alleges longstanding election anomalies, fraud
2/27/23 Is the IRS auditing through a racial equity lens?
2/25/23 More of this, please
2/25/23 Biden gets a challenger
2/23/23 Updates on the East Palestine, Ohio, train derailment and toxic spill and fire
2/23/23 Chuck melts down
2/23/23 “Utter disbelief” at jury foreperson’s remarks in Trump GA case
2/23/23 Swalwell likes to travel on other people's money