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October 2018

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10/1/18 Kellyanne Conway says she was sexually assaulted: one woman responds
10/1/18 NAFTA replaced with new deal

September 2018

Date Title
9/29/18 Kavanaugh and the case for mistaken identity, Part II
9/28/18 The Kavanaugh hearings and the case for mistaken identity
9/28/18 Senate Judiciary Committee schedules vote
9/28/18 My Pilot Script for ABC's "The FBI: 2018"
9/28/18 Oh, no --- The never-ending confirmation process
9/27/18 HHS cancels contract with company associated with Planned Parenthood
9/27/18 Kavanaugh shouldn't resign, but I can name a few Senators who should
9/27/18 About the credibility of Kavanaugh's third accuser
9/27/18 Ease of picking up false Kavanaugh story shows this is a farce
9/26/18 President Trump's speech to the UN
9/26/18 About that "Murphy Brown" reboot
9/26/18 This is why the left has to keep the hate going
9/25/18 Emotional interview with Judge Kavanaugh and his wife Ashley
9/24/18 Behold the grand puppet master
9/24/18 Rod Rosenstein, just leave already
9/21/18 RESPONSE TO READER COMMENTS on "One Woman's Take..."
9/20/18 Jonathan Turley on Kavanaugh case: Testify BEFORE any investigation
9/20/18 Hillary continues to beat her dead horse
9/20/18 Salem Witchcraft Trials revisited
9/19/18 The latest on 11th hour accusation against Judge Kavanaugh
9/18/18 Free speech works both ways
9/18/18 One woman's take on the shameful Kavanaugh confirmation process
9/18/18 Judge Kavanaugh update: the real and the fake
9/18/18 More about John Kerry violating the Logan Act
9/17/18 Instead of tweeting, Presidential "fireside chats" --- what do you think?
9/17/18 Three legal experts take on the special counsel
9/17/18 #MeToo movement threatens Kavanaugh confirmation
9/14/18 Senate Democrats sink lower
9/14/18 More about Strzok , Page and Hillary's emails
9/13/18 More desperate attempts to villify Kavanaugh
9/12/18 Tax Cut 2.0
9/12/18 Blame
9/12/18 Some fake news proven to be well, fake
9/10/18 About Obama's self-serving speech
9/10/18 Evening Edition - September 10
9/10/18 Trump to close PLO building
9/7/18 "Psycho" not "Spartacus"
9/7/18 Updates on anonymous op-ed
9/7/18 First Lady speaks out on anonymous op-ed
9/6/18 About that anonymous op-ed
9/6/18 Congress' childish antics
9/6/18 As promised, more on Hillary and the "investigation" of Uranium One
9/6/18 Day two of Kavanaugh hearings
9/5/18 Watch: Brett Kavanaugh is very qualified for position: Andrew McCarthy
9/5/18 Sessions is too nice and Huber is too slow
9/5/18 Theater is ruining politics
9/5/18 Lisa Blatt's opening statement
9/5/18 Comment of the day from Sevy Gangemi
9/4/18 Food for thought, No food for Senators
9/4/18 Today's Newsletter September 4 Edition
9/4/18 Kavanaugh hearings begin
9/4/18 Breaks my heart to say it, but Sessions needs to go
9/4/18 The crassness of Trump’s critics
9/3/18 Of funerals and forgiveness: recall that McCain gave Trump "dossier" to the FBI
9/3/18 Further Thoughts on Labor Day

August 2018

Date Title
8/30/18 Optimism and confidence are rising
8/30/18 Finding a safe space at Facebook
8/30/18 Wow, didn't know that: Trump already has Sessions' resignation letter
8/29/18 Both sides need to stop politicizing tragedy
8/29/18 About those polls
8/28/18 Just for fun, 12 questions for Bruce Ohr
8/28/18 Flirting with the Democrats
8/27/18 Gregg Jarrett speaks with startling clarity about DOJ scandal
8/27/18 Forgetting history
8/24/18 FOLLOW-UP on Democrats' plan for all-out war on President Trump
8/23/18 It is more than "one girl"
8/23/18 Vast number of emails remain unexamined
8/23/18 So why won’t Trump voters turn on him?
8/23/18 Manafort Juror speaks out
8/23/18 Dems ready to launch all-out war on President Trump
8/22/18 Prayers and deepest condolences today for the family of Mollie Tibbetts
8/22/18 Bill Maher stands up for free speech
8/22/18 Manafort and Cohen: what does it mean?
8/21/18 News breaks on Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort
8/21/18 Make America's judicial system great again!
8/21/18 Breaking news: Manafort jurors say they can't reach consensus on "a single count"
8/21/18 The attempted take down of Brett Kavanaugh
8/20/18 Accountability not chaos
8/19/18 Good economic news
8/19/18 Your Weekend Hypocrisy Round-up
8/17/18 California hate crime
8/15/18 Keith Ellison wins Minnesota AG primary despite abuse claims against him
8/14/18 FOX & friends: I react to Houston restaurant backlash after posting AG Sessions picture
8/13/18 My conversation with Jeanine Pirro
8/10/18 NYC regulations
8/10/18 Government spending in the 4th Quarter
8/8/18 The West Hollywood Walk Of LAME
8/8/18 Comment of the day
8/7/18 Shocking new poll
8/6/18 "Must Read" and "Must See" stories
8/6/18 Who, exactly, is “destroying democracy” again?
8/5/18 Headline of the Day!
8/5/18 From "The Jokes Write Themselves" Desk
8/3/18 About that Tennessee Primary
8/3/18 July Job Growth
8/3/18 Tangling with the press
8/3/18 Columbia University sociologist sets the record straight about Trump supporters
8/2/18 Hawaii Senators are a train-wreck