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January 2018

Date Title
1/26/18 The GOP tax cut
1/26/18 President Trump goes to Davos
1/25/18 Using skin cells to make stem cells
1/22/18 Cornyn: Democrats shot themselves in the foot
1/22/18 Manning for Senate?
1/22/18 The Women's March
1/22/18 "Complict"
1/22/18 California resisting federal crackdown
1/22/18 Chuck Schumer draws a false equivalency
1/22/18 Obama shutdown comments
1/20/18 Shutdown
1/19/18 "Trickle down" creating jobs
1/19/18 Writer makes a prediction
1/19/18 Unemployment claims go down
1/19/18 Dick Morris says hold on for the ride!
1/19/18 "California Man"
1/17/18 Senate showboating
1/17/18 Economists rate Trump's economy
1/17/18 President Trump's health
1/17/18 New California
1/17/18 Tuesday special elections
1/17/18 Do you want a return to Speaker Pelosi?
1/17/18 It was 20 years ago today... Bill Clinton & Monica
1/16/18 Planned Parenthood's "investment"
1/16/18 Bleep storm
1/16/18 Jeff Flake's flaky speech
1/12/18 ICE cracking down
1/12/18 Nancy Pelosi "pathetic"
1/11/18 Cutting deals with Democrats, some advice
1/9/18 The last time I will waste on Wolff
1/9/18 Maybe liberals want a bigger cut of the profits...
1/9/18 Oprah for President
1/9/18 The next immigration fight
1/9/18 Ed Royce's retirement, what it says about 2018
1/6/18 Bannon sloppy with facts and message
1/6/18 How to write a bestseller, the easy way
1/5/18 End times?
1/4/18 I am one of many calling this book "fiction"
1/3/18 Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch announces retirement
1/3/18 A little Churchill quiz
1/2/18 Looking back at 2017

December 2017

Date Title
12/21/17 Why it was so hard to pass tax reform
12/21/17 Democrats embrace tax reform fantasy
12/21/17 Schumer hit with the big halibut of reality
12/19/17 A diet of poison
12/19/17 House passes tax bill; no Armageddon yet!
12/15/17 Sex harassment allegation downs female Dem candidate
12/15/17 Trump accusers & Lisa Bloom
12/14/17 Brave New Films: Women being used, for politics!
12/11/17 Howard Dean talks about the moral high ground against Republicans
12/11/17 Now this is how you respond to former President Obama
12/7/17 California is China Dreaming
12/6/17 A "gift to the rich"
12/6/17 King David's capital
12/5/17 Big Man On Campus fights free speech
12/4/17 Passing tax reform
12/1/17 The Kate Steinle Verdict

November 2017

Date Title
11/30/17 Meghan Markle's special problem...
11/30/17 About those tweeted anti-Muslim videos
11/30/17 With the Clintons, the '90s live on!
11/30/17 SCOTUS follows its job description
11/30/17 Defending Garrison Keillor (sort of)
11/29/17 I'm Dreaming Of A Polite Christmas
11/28/17 Franken: I can't say I haven't
11/27/17 2020 Democrat candidates not impressive
11/27/17 Supreme Court takes up California free speech case
11/24/17 Ivanka slammed for "White Thanksgiving"
11/24/17 More (mostly) unsurprising news
11/20/17 President Trump fires back
11/18/17 Supreme Court picks revealed
11/18/17 Banning abortions because of a fetal diagnosis of Down syndrome
11/18/17 A reason to impeach?
11/17/17 No more "special" treatment for Hillary
11/17/17 Al Franken Scandal Day 2
11/17/17 Articles of impeachment filed
11/17/17 Senator Bob Menendez isn't headed for prison
11/16/17 Judicial activism in Hawaii hits brick wall
11/16/17 Federal judge dismisses an atheist group’s lawsuit
11/16/17 Sexual harassment claims reach Congress
11/16/17 Clinton crimes "20 times bigger than Watergate"
11/16/17 Senator Johnson says he is a "NO"
11/15/17 Reconsidering the Clintons
11/15/17 Trumpism on the merits...
11/15/17 Who is mentally unstable?
11/14/17 "Citizen of the Year"
11/9/17 Assault Weapons Ban reintroduced
11/9/17 Republicans: you can't make them like you
11/9/17 Republicans need to wakeup
11/8/17 Dismal Failure wins in NYC
11/8/17 Bill Clinton says rural folks more gullible
11/8/17 Evaluating Election Day Results
11/8/17 Cruz gun law filibustered by Democrats
11/8/17 Donna Brazile: she crossed the streams!
11/6/17 Pray for Senator Rand Paul
11/6/17 Donna Brazile hits back at Clinton campaign
11/3/17 Planned Parenthood sparks outrage
11/3/17 The GOP Tax Plan
11/3/17 Hillary bought nomination. Anybody surprised?
11/1/17 Senate confirms "controversial" Catholic judge
11/1/17 Trump Derangement Syndrome may be curable