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July 2018

Date Title
7/18/18 Liberal star falling apart
7/16/18 Drop everything and read this article...
7/16/18 The Strzok hearing: responses to two reader comments
7/16/18 Trump and Putin meet
7/14/18 President Trump in Europe
7/13/18 President Trump speaks his mind (UPDATED)
7/12/18 Strzok hearing becomes shocking procedural mess; answers still hidden
7/12/18 The Emmy Nominations
7/10/18 Following up on that Marquette Professor story
7/10/18 Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court Justice
7/10/18 A more positive take on the Awan plea deal
7/9/18 "Elections have consequences"
7/9/18 The Imran Awan Story, or How to Bury A Scandal
7/7/18 Democrat insanity is coming
7/7/18 A timely reminder
7/6/18 Martha Cothren's Lesson
7/6/18 Hucktown
7/6/18 Americans are fed up
7/6/18 My Fox Business appearance
7/5/18 Don't buy the "conventional wisdom"
7/5/18 The Left melts down
7/5/18 Time to replace the income tax with a Fair Tax
7/5/18 Remind me again why we haven't replaced the IRS with the Fair Tax
7/5/18 We should celebrate the mutual values of the United States and Israel
7/4/18 My Appearance on America's Newsroom
7/3/18 Some more Supreme Court decisions
7/3/18 The impact of low moral standards
7/3/18 What Americans don't want
7/3/18 More leaders who resemble trees
7/2/18 Moral standards are necessary
7/2/18 The Democrats' 2020 problem
7/2/18 Keep government limited
7/2/18 My Fox News appearance
7/1/18 Leadership 101

June 2018

Date Title
6/29/18 Maryland tragedy
6/28/18 June 28
6/28/18 Today's Newsletter June 28 Edition
6/28/18 In his closed-door testimony, Peter Strzok is "full of it"
6/28/18 End of the world for Democrats
6/28/18 Radical protests spreading
6/28/18 Nancy Pelosi's delusion
6/27/18 Election Round-up
6/27/18 Supreme Court Double Whammy
6/27/18 20 Questions for Peter Strzok
6/27/18 Elaine Chao stands up to protestors
6/26/18 Election polls tighten
6/26/18 Supreme Court upholds Trump Travel Ban
6/25/18 What happened at the Red Hen was nothing like the Christian baker case
6/25/18 Immigration Poll
6/25/18 Strzok to testify: what if he pulls a "Bill Clinton"?
6/21/18 Being "passionate" doesn't excuse bad behavior
6/21/18 Hillary intended to break law, FBI intended to absolve her
6/21/18 McCabe invokes his Fifth Amendment right
6/21/18 60 organizations considering lawsuits against SPLC
6/20/18 Immigration tensions boil over
6/20/18 Horowitz hearing was Tuesday's REAL news story
6/20/18 US withdraws from Human Rights Council
6/19/18 Judge refuses to dismiss lawsuit against Twitter
6/19/18 Safaris to the Heartland of America
6/19/18 SPLC forced to apologize and pay fine
6/19/18 A response to Laura Bush
6/18/18 Rob Reiner's warning to Hollywood
6/18/18 My Questions for IG Horowitz and Robert Mueller
6/18/18 20 Questions for IG Michael Horowitz
6/15/18 Memory Lane
6/15/18 New York files a lawsuit against the President
6/14/18 The Democrats' problem
6/14/18 SCOTUS makes voting great again
6/12/18 Andrew McCarthy sees yet another double standard
6/11/18 George Soros blames Trump
6/11/18 UPS threatens strike
6/11/18 Response to readers' comments (yes, I do read them!)
6/11/18 Legal-Ade
6/11/18 "Double Standards"
6/11/18 Enlightening piece: “Race, Gender and Trump: Everything You Think You Know is Wrong”
6/11/18 Supreme Court decision on voting purges
6/8/18 Negative Nancy
6/6/18 IG report remains in the hands of those it investigated
6/6/18 McConnell cancels August recess
6/5/18 No thank you Eagles
6/5/18 Steven Hayward's climate change piece
6/5/18 Bill Clinton refuses to apologize still
6/4/18 Double Standards
6/4/18 Code violations
6/4/18 Thanks, POLITICO, but I wasn't being POLITICAL
6/4/18 SCOTUS: 7-2 Decision in favor of Colorado baker
6/2/18 "Crumbs"
6/2/18 Abbott's innovative plan to stop school shootings
6/2/18 Pen Wars
6/1/18 Breaking news: The Economy and Jobs Report
6/1/18 President Trump embraces pardons
6/1/18 This Week's News Theme

May 2018

Date Title
5/31/18 Kudos to Mrs. Garcia
5/31/18 "Right To Try" becomes law
5/31/18 "The World As It Is"
5/30/18 Eric Greitens resigns
5/30/18 "The Most Patriotic University in America"
5/29/18 Breaking news: Supreme Court rejects appeal
5/29/18 Another load of anti-Trump fake news
5/29/18 The Commencement Season