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June 2018

Date Title
6/11/18 Legal-Ade
6/11/18 UPS threatens strike
6/11/18 George Soros blames Trump
6/8/18 Negative Nancy
6/6/18 McConnell cancels August recess
6/6/18 IG report remains in the hands of those it investigated
6/5/18 Steven Hayward's climate change piece
6/5/18 No thank you Eagles
6/5/18 Bill Clinton refuses to apologize still
6/4/18 Double Standards
6/4/18 Thanks, POLITICO, but I wasn't being POLITICAL
6/4/18 SCOTUS: 7-2 Decision in favor of Colorado baker
6/4/18 Code violations
6/2/18 Pen Wars
6/2/18 Abbott's innovative plan to stop school shootings
6/2/18 "Crumbs"
6/1/18 This Week's News Theme
6/1/18 Breaking news: The Economy and Jobs Report
6/1/18 President Trump embraces pardons

May 2018

Date Title
5/31/18 Kudos to Mrs. Garcia
5/31/18 "Right To Try" becomes law
5/31/18 "The World As It Is"
5/30/18 Eric Greitens resigns
5/30/18 "The Most Patriotic University in America"
5/29/18 Another load of anti-Trump fake news
5/29/18 Roseanne stuns with tweet, destroys her own show
5/29/18 Breaking news: Supreme Court rejects appeal
5/29/18 The Commencement Season
5/27/18 Background on John Brennan and the CIA
5/26/18 President Trump can walk and chew gum
5/26/18 Economy will likely decide Democrats' fate
5/26/18 Ridiculous Lawsuit of the Week
5/25/18 Breaking news
5/24/18 Trump and Congress deliver legislative victory
5/24/18 "The Free Marketplace of Ideas"
5/24/18 Gasoline prices are rising
5/23/18 The Trump Economic Boom
5/23/18 The problem with Illinois
5/23/18 Another round of primary results
5/22/18 The latest Supreme Court ruling
5/22/18 Stop blaming the gun
5/22/18 Hillary keeps talking
5/21/18 President Trump keeps a promise
5/21/18 President Trump orders Justice Dept. to investigate itself
5/21/18 What is behind the rise of school shootings?
5/19/18 Tragic Friday
5/18/18 Texas Musicians Museum Update
5/18/18 President Trump and the VA
5/18/18 Trump: MS-13 are "animals"
5/18/18 Senate confirms Gina Haspel as CIA Director
5/18/18 Warren reveals her plans
5/17/18 The "Blue Wave" begins to break
5/17/18 The John McCain story
5/16/18 Tuesday primary results
5/16/18 Hypocrisy in politics
5/16/18 Keeping Senate in session
5/15/18 The Seattle employee tax
5/15/18 Sessions strikes down Obama policy
5/14/18 A look at waterboarding
5/14/18 Senate Judiciary Committee addresses Comey "contradictions"
5/14/18 The attacks continue as the intolerance brigades ramp up....
5/14/18 U.S. Embassy Jerusalem Dedication Ceremony
5/14/18 Mark Harris Wins
5/11/18 Less than grateful government
5/11/18 Circumventing the Electoral College
5/9/18 Not a genius
5/9/18 Tuesday's primary elections - a recap
5/9/18 Schneiderman was an open secret in Democrat political circles
5/8/18 NY State AG Eric Schneiderman resigns
5/8/18 Consequences of historical ignorance
5/8/18 Record month of revenue
5/8/18 Rosie O'Donnell in hot water
5/8/18 The “Be Best” plan
5/8/18 Trump delivers on promise to pull out of Iran deal
5/7/18 Michelle Obama's big announcement
5/7/18 Why is Thanos from Infinity War a Hollywood villain?
5/4/18 President unveils new executive order
5/4/18 Trump economy #1 issue for voters
5/4/18 "Me Too" scores victory
5/4/18 Support for Democrats within this key group is slipping
5/3/18 The Democrats' "God Gap"
5/2/18 Tax cuts are more than a crumb
5/2/18 The "Blue Wave" theory has many holes

April 2018

Date Title
4/29/18 Kanye West criticized
4/26/18 Too much news! Here's the "Scandal Round-Up"
4/26/18 El Paso school officials under fire
4/26/18 New poll shows Americans agree with Trump
4/26/18 President Trump's nominee withdraws
4/26/18 "Normalizing" Trump
4/25/18 Who is tearing America apart?
4/25/18 Bernie guarantees government jobs for all
4/24/18 DNC lawsuit invites critique of their cybersecurity
4/24/18 Ape satisfies criteria for standing to file a lawsuit
4/22/18 A "sanctuary county" for gun owners
4/22/18 Government-run health care fails again
4/22/18 Free Andrew Brunson
4/19/18 Trump tries again to reform our immigration laws
4/18/18 More people share Trump's frustration with "justice" (UPDATED)
4/18/18 View of Republican policies changing
4/17/18 Michael Cohen's third client