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April 2018

Date Title
4/19/18 Trump tries again to reform our immigration laws
4/18/18 More people share Trump's frustration with "justice" (UPDATED)
4/18/18 View of Republican policies changing
4/17/18 Michael Cohen's third client
4/16/18 Time for the FAIR Tax
4/15/18 Mueller goes fishing
4/14/18 Hollywood fantasy this November
4/14/18 The Commander-in-Chief
4/13/18 Roasting Mark Zuckerberg
4/13/18 London council moves to ban prayer near abortion clinics
4/12/18 Today's "must-read" op-ed
4/12/18 Facebook is a utility!
4/11/18 News roundup for April 11 - Evening Edition
4/11/18 Zuckerberg struggles
4/11/18 Paul Ryan steps down
4/10/18 Have decency and civility become obsolete?
4/10/18 London Mayor sets new standard for stupidity
4/10/18 Are the rich paying their fair share?
4/10/18 News roundup for April 10
4/10/18 Unemployment dropping
4/9/18 Michelle Obama takes a swipe at President Trump
4/9/18 One man speaks out for the majority on the Second Amendment
4/9/18 President Trump ditches boring script
4/9/18 "Fake news" is getting even faker
4/7/18 The truth about mass shooting deaths
4/6/18 Illinois town disarming citizens
4/5/18 President Trump sends National Guard to the border
4/5/18 Wasserman Schultz and Pakistani IT family back in news
4/4/18 The YouTube Shooter
4/2/18 Infuriating spending
4/2/18 Alan Dershowitz on equal justice and special counsels
4/2/18 Only in Hollywood would this come as a shock
4/2/18 The Left cannot leave children alone
4/2/18 Go away Hillary

March 2018

Date Title
3/30/18 Who is John Huber?
3/30/18 "The fruits of his reconstruction"
3/30/18 VA Secretary fired
3/30/18 Not a Children's Crusade
3/28/18 Census fury
3/28/18 Know the facts about guns BEFORE you open your mouth
3/28/18 This is what the "blue wave" will mean if it comes...
3/27/18 Stunning Uranium One deal overlaps with other stories
3/27/18 Dow sets record again
3/27/18 One final idiotic opinion from John Paul Stevens
3/27/18 Genocide
3/26/18 Facebook apologizes
3/26/18 Hillary's excuses continue
3/26/18 The Stormy Daniels interview
3/25/18 A good guy with a gun
3/24/18 I don't envy Republicans come Election Day
3/23/18 John Bolton returns
3/23/18 2200 pages of frustration
3/23/18 Trump condemns system, signs spending bill to protect military
3/20/18 Self-identification makes ICE's job easier
3/20/18 Hillary's apology
3/16/18 Bipartisan school violence bill passes the House
3/16/18 Police and FBI not up to the task again in Florida
3/14/18 Is the "Blue Wave" coming?
3/13/18 Today's Special Election
3/13/18 Tillerson out
3/13/18 The Legend of Elizabeth Warren
3/13/18 The Dream Ticket?
3/12/18 Liberals scream for more gun control
3/11/18 Presidential pardon issued
3/10/18 Joy Behar apologizes
3/9/18 This Parkland shooting revelation doesn't restore my faith in the FBI
3/9/18 Anti-gun politicians and bias
3/6/18 FBI kept another Clinton tie secret
3/5/18 Conservative speech under attack
3/5/18 California Democrats boo Feinstein, like 'em loony
3/5/18 New gun laws
3/5/18 A case of mistaken identity
3/4/18 Pelosi attacks ICE
3/4/18 President Trump makes economic waves
3/3/18 Poll: Backlash against anti-gun Hollywood growing
3/3/18 CNN ignores history again
3/2/18 Culture changed, not access to guns
3/2/18 NAACP in on Broward County's no-arrest policy
3/2/18 Political Left exploiting the survivors
3/2/18 Hillary staffer goes to CPAC
3/2/18 Hate wins
3/2/18 NRA responds to President Trump
3/1/18 Teen employment plummets after higher minimum wage
3/1/18 Reacting to tragedy
3/1/18 Supreme Court to rule on political Fashion Police

February 2018

Date Title
2/28/18 If you read the President's full quote you would get a different story...
2/28/18 Broward County, Florida: another swamp that needs draining
2/28/18 Chicago's example
2/27/18 Monica Lewinsky, 20 years later
2/26/18 Dana Loesch takes aim and fires with words
2/24/18 These sheriff's deputies are covered in shame
2/23/18 One reason why the bonuses weren't "pathetic crumbs" Nancy...
2/23/18 ICE needs to keep it up, not pull back
2/22/18 Memo to Jeff Sessions
2/20/18 Stop passing useless laws
2/17/18 Cooked gun statistics
2/16/18 Honesty is sadly a career-killer in Washington
2/16/18 Is America the only place?
2/15/18 A thought about Rob Porter story
2/15/18 The snow-spangled banner at Olympic Games