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November 2019

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11/8/19 Time to stop calling Ciaramella a "whistleblower" (there's a better term)
11/5/19 Are the "whistleblower" and the West Wing spy the SAME PERSON?
11/1/19 Democrats can rationalize ANYTHING, and that explains their "rules"

October 2019

Date Title
10/31/19 Seeking the truth
10/31/19 Here's the "whistleblower"...THIS CHARADE MUST STOP NOW!
10/30/19 YES/NO Poll: Would you vote YES on impeachment or NO?
10/30/19 Swampy "impeachment inquiry" witnesses offer OPINION, not evidence
10/29/19 Adam Schiff confronts empty witness chair in impeachment quest
10/28/19 With the intel community and the media, "strategic leaking" was a two-way street
10/26/19 Why Schiff's secret "impeachment inquiry" ISN'T like Benghazi hearings
10/25/19 A full-scale criminal investigation
10/24/19 Republicans grow spines, crash secret "impeachment inquiry" hearing
10/23/19 "Impeachment" then and now: Hillary's overreach now typical for Dems
10/22/19 Morning Edition - October 23
10/21/19 Impeachment: not to be trivialized
10/21/19 The media twist words again; Mick Mulvaney was right on Ukraine
10/18/19 Democrat outrage
10/18/19 Democrats Built This
10/17/19 Today's episode of MISSION: IMPEACHABLE, starring Adam Schiff
10/15/19 Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz ejected from Schiff's kangaroo court
10/14/19 Catching up from Taiwan
10/10/19 Impeachment talk
10/10/19 "What if they gave an impeachment and nobody came?"
10/9/19 It's a kangaroo court, and Adam Schiff is Captain Kangaroo
10/8/19 Dems on Impeachment: It's to make sure "the proper party remains in power"