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Politics Archives

April 2022

Date Title
4/22/22 Earth Day
4/20/22 Just how blackmail-able is President Biden?
4/20/22 The ridiculous things leftists do
4/19/22 Elon Musk's Invaluable Service
4/19/22 Two mass shootings reveal Democrats' anti-life views
4/18/22 Democrats are struggling to reach voters and they don't know why
4/18/22 Not Your English Class
4/15/22 California: Legislating reality away
4/15/22 A brazen political payoff
4/15/22 BLM Founder on IRS
4/14/22 The Reviews Are In: A Bird Poop Kind of Speech
4/13/22 Desperation: Democrats throw the kitchen sink
4/13/22 Who were DHS imposters targeting, and why?
4/12/22 Biden announces new antigun rules
4/12/22 Biden's Economy: Inflation Rises, Americans feel pain
4/7/22 The Disney you knew is gone
4/7/22 New Biden Policy: What can I do to make things worse?
4/6/22 Big updates on Sussmann case, Hunter Biden investigation
4/5/22 Hey California, New York! Slick marketing isn't going to fix your mess
4/5/22 Disney expands operations into countries that outlaw homosexuality

March 2022

Date Title
3/31/22 Hillary: It's not jail, but a baby step in the right direction
3/31/22 Maryland’s crazy, horrific, genocidal, Senate Bill 669
3/31/22 Biden reveals $5.8 trillion proposed budget
3/30/22 Federal Judge Rules
3/30/22 Continuous cleanup
3/30/22 Power is slipping away from Democrats and they know it
3/30/22 DeSantis signs Parental Rights in Education bill
3/25/22 The coolest story EVER: President Trump sues Hillary
3/25/22 Trudeau Update
3/24/22 Project Veritas shows how the Biden “Justice” Department did it
3/24/22 Equal Opportunity Denouncer
3/23/22 Disney pushes ahead with woke leftism
3/22/22 Crazy enough to make my newsletter
3/22/22 Hunter Biden Story Update
3/18/22 Mass Migration Event
3/18/22 Signs even San Francisco can get their head out of the clouds
3/17/22 Another Biden Word Salad
3/17/22 Durham is investigating DNC email "hack"
3/10/22 Extremely Depressing Poll
3/10/22 About that Florida Bill
3/10/22 The latest example of the Left trying to silence opponents
3/8/22 Targeting DeSantis
3/8/22 Arrested, Jan 6 Defendant still hasn’t been charged
3/4/22 Huckabee: Biden said 'everything opposite' of his party during SOTU
3/4/22 Wisconsin special counsel: nursing home election fraud
3/2/22 Moderate Democrats: Out of touch with most Americans
3/2/22 Wisconsin 2020 Update
3/2/22 Biden’s new approval rating is ‘disastrous’: Mike Huckabee
3/2/22 State of the Union Responses
3/2/22 Ukraine: A Seventh Day of Violence
3/2/22 Biden delivers his State of the Union speech from an alternate universe

February 2022

Date Title
2/24/22 "Russia hoaxer" Joffe knew and visited Obama
2/23/22 We know: Spygate was "A Hillary Clinton Enterprise"
2/21/22 Trudeau’s “Emergency Powers” come up for a vote
2/18/22 Durham responds confidently to Sussmann's attorneys
2/18/22 Black Lives Matter Under Investigation in Kentucky
2/18/22 New Undercover Expose Video from Project Veritas
2/18/22 A History: Hillary and spying scandals go way, way back
2/18/22 The Highest Misery Index in a decade
2/16/22 Let's play 'Did You Know?'
2/16/22 Trudeau cracks down
2/16/22 Hillary's campaign BUSTED, Part 2
2/16/22 Morning Edition - February 16
2/16/22 Hillary's campaign BUSTED in Durham investigation
2/16/22 “Crackpipe-gate”
2/16/22 One "connected" law firm represents most Durham targets
2/16/22 Must-Read Essay
2/16/22 Inflation Explained
2/10/22 What Would We Do Without “Factcheckers”?
2/10/22 Nehls: Capitol Police chief told "bold-faced lie":
2/9/22 How are we getting all these leftist DAs?
2/9/22 O Canada
2/9/22 Democrat Joe Manchin Endorses Alaska Republican
2/9/22 Pelosi's Private Jet Habit
2/9/22 Here’s $30 million of your tax money at work
2/9/22 The Big Mistake in Georgia
2/8/22 One more reason the fake news is fake
2/4/22 Trudeau Fail
2/4/22 Blame Climate Change
2/4/22 Worst President Ever
2/3/22 Thin Blue Line
2/3/22 Hunter Biden in the News
2/3/22 Durham vs. Horowitz involves more than cellphones
2/3/22 Ben Ray Lujan
2/3/22 BLM Week of Action
2/1/22 Update on the new kinder, gentler Taliban
2/1/22 Infrastructure Talk
2/1/22 Poll: Impeachment support is growing
2/1/22 Of course, it does

January 2022

Date Title
1/27/22 U.S. Capitol Police quietly investigating individuals
1/26/22 Iowa School Choice Week
1/26/22 Another Ukraine blunder
1/26/22 New video tells more about Ashli Babbitt's final minutes
1/25/22 The leftists in power show us what a "psy-op" is
1/25/22 “How to deal with sadness and frustration under Biden,” by Jen Psaki
1/25/22 Two Reminders
1/25/22 Biden's weakness
1/24/22 The Grim Consequences of having Joe Biden as President
1/22/22 As Hillary eyes White House, her role in Russia Hoax becomes clearer
1/22/22 Support for unfettered abortion is waning