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Politics Archives

October 2022

Date Title
10/20/22 Journalist target of armed FBI raid has disappeared
10/20/22 It happened in Cherokee County, North Carolina
10/20/22 Kari Lake takes opponent and the media apart
10/19/22 Election updates
10/19/22 Phony bravado
10/19/22 Liberals: Boycott CNN
10/19/22 "Significant, impactful and voluminous evidence" of Biden family crime
10/17/22 More on the Biden-OPEC story
10/17/22 Democrat candidate dodges debate in Arizona
10/17/22 Kanye West (“Ye”) to buy Parler
10/17/22 Poll updates
10/13/22 Biden's FBI is targeting Christians
10/13/22 Danchenko trial: Steele couldn't corroborate dossier for $1 million
10/13/22 Clinton campaign mgr. working with "Election Integrity Project"
10/11/22 That leak about charging Hunter DOES look like a Trump set-up
10/11/22 Special counsel needed to stop "controlled demo" of Hunter's case
10/11/22 Is the FBI STUCK with Peter STRZOK?
10/11/22 Democrat "Justice" policies lead to more crime
10/11/22 Fake news on the Left
10/11/22 Anti-Semitism is on the rise
10/10/22 The FBI shows force and burns its credibility down
10/10/22 This is not a stunt
10/6/22 Best Political Exchange Of The Day!
10/6/22 Incredibly unpopular
10/6/22 Liberty Counsel fights back
10/5/22 The Left’s War Against Free Speech
10/5/22 National Average for a Gallon of Gas Goes Up
10/5/22 Hurricane Ian death toll rises
10/4/22 Democrats and Adam Kinzinger, but I repeat myself, attack Pro-Life Republicans
10/4/22 Democrats are working hard to lose the support of women
10/3/22 Active-duty members of the US Army allege punishment and pressure for seeking vaccine exemptions

September 2022

Date Title
9/30/22 From the “Who You Gonna Believe, Me or Your Lyin’ Eyes?” Dept
9/29/22 Potential good news in the fight to stop Biden's student debt plan
9/28/22 Over 1 million Americans switched political parties
9/28/22 Impeachment book: Nadler admitted it was unconstitutional
9/28/22 Durham: you MUST reverse course to save our country
9/28/22 Prepare for a lot of liberal heads to start (figuratively) exploding
9/26/22 FBI whistleblower interview, Part 2
9/26/22 Proof of the Biden Economic Wipeout
9/26/22 Least Surprising News of the Day
9/26/22 Whistleblower: FBI has "bought in 100 percent" to January 6
9/26/22 A growing backlash towards Disney
9/22/22 It never ends: New York AG Letitia James files anti-Trump civil suit
9/21/22 Mar-A-Lago raid: special master gets to work
9/21/22 It happened again: FBI confiscates phone of Lindell associate
9/21/22 House Oversight: PROOF Joe Biden involved in Hunter's CEFC
9/19/22 If Trump's so bad, why do they have to keep faking evidence?
9/19/22 Volume on 11
9/16/22 Morning Edition - September 16
9/16/22 Huge FBI/civil liberties updates today
9/16/22 Violent Leftists attempt to shut down free speech
9/16/22 Texas and Florida governors outdo themselves
9/15/22 Biden's economy takes a full month of pay away
9/15/22 Primary results
9/15/22 A Republican message I agree with
9/15/22 58% of Voters Agree
9/15/22 This is surreal
9/13/22 Biden's steamroller DOJ: it's out of control
9/12/22 The fruits of Joe Manchin’s deal with the devil
9/12/22 A Different Standard for Hillary, Part 2
9/12/22 Well-deserved mockery
9/12/22 Stopping abortion is worth the fight
9/12/22 21 Years Later
9/11/22 America: The Best Place On God's Green Earth
9/10/22 Hillary's right: there IS a different standard of 'justice' for her
9/9/22 Fracking ban lifted in Great Britain
9/9/22 "Deep State" update: "Cybersecurity" a pretext for online censorship
9/9/22 Senator Manchin's approval rating back home sinks
9/9/22 Cry me a Rio Grande River
9/8/22 Energy Fight
9/8/22 The left are showing us who they are. Watch and learn.
9/8/22 Pennsylvania Senate Race update and more
9/8/22 Biden's approval drops post these comments
9/7/22 The big take-aways from Judge Cannon's "special master"
9/7/22 Gorbachev passes
9/7/22 More cover-up by the FBI of the Biden family business
9/7/22 "Take the Gen. Hayden Challenge": an update
9/7/22 Hillary Clinton is back in the news
9/6/22 Mar-A-Lago raid: Reader questions Trump's declassification "process"
9/6/22 Judge to appoint special master: what you should know
9/2/22 Biden’s speech
9/2/22 Evening Edition - September 2
9/1/22 Read this and know why they targeted Trump
9/1/22 This is worth repeating
9/1/22 Sarah Palin loses

August 2022

Date Title
8/30/22 California digs a deep, dark hole for Democrats
8/30/22 Thibault fired at FBI; criminal code twisted to "justify" Mar-A-Lago
8/29/22 Mar-A-Lago raid update, three weeks later
8/27/22 Redacted affidavit: one more thing that is unacceptable
8/25/22 Persistence pays: Stefan Halper exposed as Russia Hoax liar
8/25/22 The Mar-A-Lago raid: what was it really about?
8/24/22 More sure signs America has had it with the DOJ
8/24/22 Afghanistan: One Year Later
8/24/22 Biden knew about the raid
8/20/22 With the FBI out to get Trump, it's "deja vu all over again"
8/19/22 A tale of two frame-ups: Mar-A-Lago raid and Russia Hoax
8/18/22 GOP-trashers: Take "the Gen. Hayden Challenge"
8/18/22 Mar-A-Lago Raid: FBI Affidavit hearing is today
8/17/22 It’s Time to SWEEP the SWAMP Creatures Into the Garbage Disposal of HISTORY! | Monologue
8/17/22 Liz Cheney loses and other primary results