Inspector General slams Biden Administration

Cracks are appearing

Biden Advisor Susan Rice's lies

The Red and Blue divide widens


The Democrats’ long, proud history of skirting FEC laws

AOC verbally attacks Justice Thomas

Making Hypocrisy Hip

No more Mr. Nice Guy: standing up to the radical left

Morning Edition: The Real Hope

Fed up with Nancy

“QAnon Shaman” released from prison


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June 2022

Date Title
6/22/22 Morning Edition - June 22
6/21/22 Day 4 of the January 6 hearings: still full of Schiff
6/20/22 Hillary Clinton makes 2024 news
6/20/22 What the Jan. 6 committee won't say about Trump's election challenges
6/20/22 Disney's "Lightyear" stumbles at the box office
6/17/22 Acts of Domestic Terrorism
6/17/22 Thursday's January 6 hearing: Pence's role
6/17/22 D'Souza vs. Barr: Let the election fraud debate begin!
6/17/22 Narrative-busting stories
6/17/22 Bad economic news
6/15/22 The pause that refreshes: Jan. 6 hearings postponed
6/15/22 Democrat J6 Committee Chair says NO
6/14/22 Curious: Does Jan. 6 committee WANT to stop Trump from running?
6/14/22 DeSantis defeats Trump in Newsletter Reader 2024 Poll
6/13/22 SHOCKING! This Chicago DEMOCRAT Congressional Candidate is Pro-Life!
6/13/22 "Breakthrough" deal on guns is reached in the Senate
6/13/22 Not ready for prime time: weekend response to January 6
6/13/22 Better than expected ratings for Democrats’ anti-Trump show trial
6/13/22 So much for free speech
6/10/22 Jan. 6 committee hearing even more dreadful than imagined
6/10/22 The January 6th Committee Good Time Variety Hour
6/10/22 Biden's base of support is cracking
6/9/22 Dems control primetime for sham Jan. 6 hearings
6/9/22 The threats from Democrats
6/9/22 Biden on Kimmel
6/8/22 Breaking: John Solomon obtains secret Jan. 6 report
6/8/22 Jordan: FBI "purging ranks" of conservatives
6/7/22 Navarro, Part 2: Big arrest was lead-in to Big Show
6/7/22 Good news
6/7/22 Hopeful signs
6/6/22 CISA report: Concerns about electronic voting systems
6/6/22 Peter Navarro's abusive arrest shocks some non-GOP
6/6/22 Political News Round-Up
6/2/22 The “racist anti-racist” movement
6/2/22 The “Protect Our Kids Act.”
6/1/22 The police response and more Uvalde shooting news
6/1/22 Biden's poll numbers are low, really low
6/1/22 State Department document proves that John Kerry and others secretly met with Iranian officials during Trump presidency

May 2022

Date Title
5/27/22 The Price of Gas
5/27/22 Michael Moore calls for a repeal of the Second Amendment
5/27/22 Mike Rowe: Targeted for his beliefs
5/26/22 Other People’s Kids: An American Tragedy
5/26/22 Primary Election Roundup
5/25/22 Uvalde Tragedy
5/24/22 White House Emergency Hazmat crew is deployed
5/24/22 Joe Biden's Worst Week
5/24/22 A look at how BLM spent its money
5/24/22 Primary Day
5/24/22 A "Pandemic Treaty"
5/20/22 It isn't all bad news
5/19/22 Jankowicz resigns; now Ministry Of Truth MUST GO
5/18/22 Biden criticized for politicizing Buffalo tragedy
5/12/22 The new WH Press Secretary thinks I am a racist
5/12/22 With Roe protests, the Democrats are building Frankenstein
5/11/22 Election Results
5/9/22 The Democrat Agenda: a series of doomed futile and stupid gestures
5/9/22 Roe-related violence on the Left
5/9/22 George Soros gets involved in 2022 races
5/5/22 Morning Edition - May 5
5/5/22 Democrats have no use for Democracy
5/3/22 Huckabee: This has to be stopped
5/2/22 Blame-shifting on the border and more on Biden's Ministry of Truth
5/2/22 Biden’s Marie Antoinette moment

April 2022

Date Title
4/29/22 New Democrat Idea: Fighting crime
4/29/22 "Disinformation Governance Board"
4/26/22 A Reader Poll - Monday's Worst Quote
4/26/22 Must-Read story about Biden's American Rescue Plan
4/26/22 Federal Judges: The best recourse to stop the Biden Administration
4/25/22 Democrat policies lead to a new death along the border
4/25/22 Disney learns a hard lesson: "get woke, go broke"
4/25/22 Joe Biden's Bad Week
4/25/22 Obama takes heat for a recent speech, after talking out of both sides of his mouth
4/25/22 Team Hillary tries last-ditch attorney-client privilege
4/23/22 Murders and shootings dropped in this U.S. city
4/23/22 Netflix and Disney, are cracking due to self-inflicted wounds
4/23/22 Consider this not just a warning bell, but a five-alarm fire
4/22/22 Earth Day
4/20/22 Just how blackmail-able is President Biden?
4/20/22 The ridiculous things leftists do
4/19/22 Elon Musk's Invaluable Service
4/19/22 Two mass shootings reveal Democrats' anti-life views
4/18/22 Not Your English Class
4/18/22 Democrats are struggling to reach voters and they don't know why
4/15/22 California: Legislating reality away
4/15/22 A brazen political payoff
4/15/22 BLM Founder on IRS
4/14/22 The Reviews Are In: A Bird Poop Kind of Speech
4/13/22 Who were DHS imposters targeting, and why?
4/13/22 Desperation: Democrats throw the kitchen sink
4/12/22 Biden announces new antigun rules
4/12/22 Biden's Economy: Inflation Rises, Americans feel pain
4/7/22 The Disney you knew is gone
4/7/22 New Biden Policy: What can I do to make things worse?
4/6/22 Big updates on Sussmann case, Hunter Biden investigation
4/5/22 Hey California, New York! Slick marketing isn't going to fix your mess
4/5/22 Disney expands operations into countries that outlaw homosexuality

March 2022

Date Title
3/31/22 Hillary: It's not jail, but a baby step in the right direction
3/31/22 Maryland’s crazy, horrific, genocidal, Senate Bill 669
3/31/22 Biden reveals $5.8 trillion proposed budget
3/30/22 Federal Judge Rules