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Politics Archives

September 2021

Date Title
9/23/21 Abortion politics
9/23/21 Border mess
9/22/21 President Biden addresses the UN
9/22/21 Stunning letter highlights border crisis
9/22/21 Growing, not hollowing
9/22/21 Public schools are off track
9/22/21 Why is Durham taking so long? HERE'S THE ANSWER
9/22/21 The latest polls for Biden
9/22/21 Pelosi caves to anti-Israel socialists
9/21/21 Today’s theme in the news
9/21/21 Durham's probe suggests biggest political hoax in history
9/21/21 Allard: The Milley Caper
9/21/21 Non-story
9/21/21 Trash Day
9/21/21 Dispatches from Afghanistan
9/20/21 Gatlin: Remnants of an Army
9/19/21 "Tax the Rich"
9/19/21 Obama judge denies Biden request
9/19/21 Biden Administration disrespects America's oldest ally
9/19/21 Botched Afghanistan pullout caused this
9/18/21 "Justice for J6"
9/17/21 Grand Jury indicts Michael Sussman for providing false information to the FBI
9/17/21 Politics and the Court
9/17/21 Now Polls Show The Public Is About Evenly Split
9/17/21 Biden Administration blocks the media along the border
9/16/21 The Democrats' Tax Hike Plan
9/16/21 Treason Update
9/16/21 Durham seeks indictment of Perkins Coie lawyer
9/15/21 New Book Reveals National Security Bombshell
9/15/21 Democrats Push For More Spending
9/15/21 Newsom Wins, California Loses
9/14/21 Here we go; Maricopa County canvass draws "fact"-checkers
9/14/21 Poll shows government fear campaign WORKS!
9/14/21 Recall Gavin Newsom
9/11/21 What’s in the new Texas election integrity law?
9/11/21 Leftist Thugs Target Larry Elder
9/11/21 Thoughts On Unemployment Benefits
9/11/21 Biden's Poll Numbers Drop
9/10/21 Important follow-up: Maricopa County "discrepancies"
9/9/21 Biden Tries To Pivot
9/8/21 An international party for the Taliban --- on September 11
9/7/21 Report: On Americans held by Taliban, Biden tells "boldfaced lie."
9/3/21 Two good stories out of Texas
9/3/21 9/11: Twin lights had BETTER blaze for 20th anniversary
9/3/21 Fighting back against leftist indoctrination in our schools
9/3/21 Time to resign Joe
9/2/21 More Afghanistan news AND some thoughts on accountability
9/2/21 Report: “Majority” of special immigrant visa applicants were left behind in Afghanistan
9/2/21 So, let's talk about impeachment
9/1/21 UPDATE: Were U.S. working dogs left behind? Depends on who you ask.

August 2021

Date Title
8/31/21 "8/31": What President Biden has done is a disgrace
8/30/21 America Deserves Better Than This
8/30/21 Biden State Dept. refuses Americans at Kabul airport
8/27/21 Setting The Conditions Of Failure
8/27/21 This is what a President who's not fit to lead looks like
8/26/21 UPDATE: If you thought Afghanistan couldn't get any worse...
8/26/21 These Democrats Are Revolting, All Right
8/26/21 WH Press Corps: Still think Biden is your friend?
8/26/21 Trump “Remain in Mexico” policy reinstated
8/25/21 "Surrenderer-in-Chief" Biden caves to Taliban orders
8/25/21 Sinema Stands Against Democrats' Massive Spending Bill
8/25/21 Absolute Chaos In Portland
8/25/21 A New Governor In New York
8/24/21 Even Socialists Admit Socialism Doesn’t Work
8/24/21 A follow-up: So, why can't Biden be court-martialed?
8/24/21 Happy Birthday Mike Huckabee
8/23/21 If only we COULD court-martial President Biden
8/20/21 Quorum Achieved
8/20/21 Narrative Shattered, Burned, Ashes Scattered
8/19/21 Accusation Of Bullying On The USWNT
8/19/21 Rating Kamala Harris
8/19/21 Afghanistan Roundup
8/18/21 Twitter, Facebook and the Taliban
8/18/21 All Of This Might Be Part Of The Biden Plan
8/18/21 Allard: Four Implications of the Afghan Debacle
8/17/21 Homeland Security perceives us as potential threats
8/17/21 Evil Triumphs
8/17/21 History Made
8/16/21 In Texas COVID fight, score one for personal freedom
8/15/21 Weekend Reading
8/15/21 Ted Cruz Saved American Democracy From The Democrats
8/15/21 Biden Reverses Trump Policy, Then He Complains About The Result
8/11/21 Dismal Ratings For Olympics
8/11/21 Shhhh!! The most underreported story of the week...
8/11/21 Imminent Threat Or Internet Bluster
8/11/21 Antifa Are Cowards
8/11/21 9/11 Group Tells Joe Biden To Stay Away
8/10/21 Cuomo Continues To Resist Stepping Down
8/10/21 Naked Hypocrisy On The Left
8/10/21 Obama's Birthday Bash
8/9/21 If elected Democrats don't want to do their jobs, they should just resign
8/9/21 Biden praised for ignoring Constitution
8/9/21 Recall Gavin Newsom
8/8/21 Ohio Special Election News
8/7/21 Today’s Rotten Easter Eggs Hidden in the “Infrastructure” Bill
8/6/21 The July Jobs Report
8/6/21 Want To Save America? Run For The School Board
8/6/21 Recall Gavin
8/6/21 Olympians Who Get It
8/5/21 No vote fraud? Let's look at Harris County, Texas