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Politics Archives

December 2021

Date Title
12/21/21 Two more stories show reach of Hillary's tentacles
12/20/21 Mad at Manchin
12/20/21 Abuses of power threaten our nation
12/20/21 Appeals Court lifts ban on Biden's vaccine mandate
12/20/21 Another fabricated January 6 claim unravels:
12/18/21 20th Democrat retires
12/18/21 It will be hard to pass BBB
12/18/21 Elias admits Dems depend on "aggressive litigation" to win
12/17/21 Moving stories
12/17/21 DC Bar Assn. lower the 'bar' for felon Kevin Clinesmith
12/17/21 Office to Monitor and Combat Islamophobia
12/16/21 Schiff doctored "evidence" for 'Special Committee,' should be disbarred
12/15/21 On Pelosi's 'Special Committee,' "Liz Cheney is the new Adam Schiff"
12/14/21 Sending mail to Capitol Hill prisoners --- and other important updates
12/14/21 Another Bad Omen for Democrats
12/14/21 On eve of Bill Of Rights Day: WHAT Bill Of Rights?
12/13/21 Important Jan. 6 updates --- including where to send mail:
12/12/21 This is sad
12/12/21 My thoughts on the Jussie Smollett verdict
12/12/21 Biden's poll numbers are cratering
12/12/21 The Squad pushes for student loan forgiveness
12/12/21 Biden's inflation economy
12/12/21 What happened to "The buck stops here?"
12/11/21 A follow-up: How to help January 6 political prisoners
12/10/21 The truth about detention of Capitol Hill prisoners
12/9/21 Harvard Law turning out leftist election attorneys
12/9/21 Elon Musk: "Can this bill"
12/9/21 Court reform is back on the docket
12/8/21 Surprise announcement
12/7/21 Pelosi's Jan. 6 commission is shredding the Constitution
12/7/21 Pearl Harbor Day
12/7/21 From our "Far Overdue" file
12/6/21 Stop scaring voters
12/6/21 Media keep Russia Hoax going with "limited hangout" ploy
12/3/21 Latest taker of the red pill
12/3/21 The most serious challenge to Roe yet
12/1/21 "Infrastructure"

November 2021

Date Title
11/30/21 Fauci faces the crowd
11/30/21 Actor Matthew McConaughey says no
11/29/21 Thanksgiving: a reminder that our nation was started by people seeking religious liberty
11/28/21 "Kamikaze Democrats"
11/28/21 Sunday Standard - November 28
11/28/21 Cathedral woes point to bigger problem
11/26/21 Guilty Verdicts
11/26/21 Liberals need to learn from their mistakes
11/24/21 Credit where it's due
11/24/21 Rules for a reason
11/24/21 Waukesha Parade Horror Update
11/23/21 Persecution of Nigerian Christians Update
11/23/21 Pray for Waukesha
11/22/21 Build Back Bankruptcy Passes The House
11/22/21 Not Guilty
11/22/21 Grilled by the Senate
11/22/21 Armed FBI in combat gear raid home of "America's Mom"
11/18/21 Lawsuit on PA election law attracting attention
11/18/21 Keep this in mind when you celebrate in NYC this year
11/18/21 Pacific Northwest: No trend towards extreme weather in the data
11/17/21 Bad News: Behind the scenes, the Biden Administration is busy
11/16/21 Another Rittenhouse Trial Update
11/15/21 Anticipating more indictments in the Trump-Russia Hoax
11/15/21 Team Biden: More Spending Please
11/12/21 The CDC comes under scrutiny
11/12/21 Raid on Project Veritas "is a scandal of epic proportions"
11/11/21 How Leftists try to win arguments
11/11/21 The National Audubon Society: "get woke, birds croak"
11/11/21 Rittenhouse Trial Update
11/11/21 The Left considers tolerance of criminals in this city
11/11/21 Biden is in denial
11/10/21 Trump request is denied
11/10/21 This Biden nominee hates America, praised the Soviet Union
11/8/21 Solomon: Durham's indictments show Hillary "was in up to her neck"
11/6/21 McCarthy: Durham "has his sights set on the Clinton campaign"
11/6/21 Durham does it again with another indictment
11/6/21 AOC knows why
11/4/21 Congrats and THANKS to Virginia Lt. Gov.-elect Winsome Sears
11/3/21 Was it just fake news?
11/3/21 A good day for Republicans
11/3/21 New from Paul Sperry: How the Clinton machine pushed Alfa Bank
11/3/21 Climate hypocrisy
11/3/21 When politicians tell you they want to fix the economy, you better vote for new politicians

October 2021

Date Title
10/30/21 Poll reveals Americans want a do-over
10/30/21 UPDATE: Biden's "Build Back Better" $1.75 Trillion Social Spending Bill
10/30/21 Biden wants to make another failed local Democrat policy, a national one
10/30/21 Plot twist in Virginia
10/29/21 UPDATE on cruel beagle studies under Fauci: we got it right
10/28/21 VITALLY IMPORTANT POINT approaching Virginia Election Day
10/27/21 QUESTION: Why weren't ringleaders in Capitol Hill breach arrested?
10/26/21 The Virginia Governor's race, starring Marc Elias
10/26/21 Obama shows his disdain for conservatives in Virginia
10/26/21 Tragedy and comedy
10/26/21 Thoughts on the unvaccinated
10/25/21 SPECIAL COUNSEL UPDATE: Durham's investigation is expansive
10/23/21 AG Garland grilled by the House Judiciary Committee
10/23/21 Remember Andrew McCabe
10/23/21 Worried about the economy
10/23/21 Latest poll news
10/22/21 Comments on Biden's "townhall"
10/22/21 Fighting back works
10/22/21 Two Hillary attorneys behind Russia Hoax appear coordinated
10/21/21 REPORT: Gov't/banks to use "climate crisis" for financial control