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November 10, 2022

Prayer Tree:

We are stronger together.  

Our hope is that our newsletter readers and social media followers will consider these prayer requests each day. To submit a prayer request please, go here. If you are asking for a prayer for yourself or someone else, please use a first name to make it easier for our prayer warriors.

If there is an update to a prayer request that you would like to add, please choose "prayer answered" on the prayer request form.


Kensley Grace 1 year old who needs healing ..has had kidney cancer treatment nd now dealing with undiagnosed issue...will be taken to Shands for testing..please pray for her and comfort and strength for her family

My childhood sweetheart of 42 years battling severe cancer!

Prayers for my Aunt Emily for healing from lung disease.

My name is Judy. Going in for a mammogram and ultrasound tomorrow to see if I have breast cancer. My doctor found a lump and I've been having some other symptoms. Praying it's not cancer.

"dear heavenly father: Please let me get rid of this powerful cough and help me with financial advice and I ask these things in the name of Jesus."

Please continue to Pray for our Pastor Randy Skeens. He's been diagnosed with several life threatening diseases. He's shown some improvements, but still needs a Healing Touch.

Please continue praying for my sons James and John. They are in the fight of their young lives against the deliberate evil of fentanyl. Brothers and sisters, your prayers are being heard, thank you so much. I pray for each of you daily in Jesus's name.

Please continue to pray for my daughter, Lindsey. The month of chemo kept the cancer from growing but did nothing to stop it. The doctors have given her some options and she’s chosen to do one week a month full on chemo with regular radiation and immunotherapy. She is now a single mom of two toddlers. She is an amazing and faithful woman. Thank you all for remembering her in prayer.

Prayers for my sister who has many health issues and chronic pain that no dr. Wants to help with. Please pray for her healing and relief from pain in the name of Jesus Christ and also reconciliation with her son and daughter.

I feel that I have hit rock-bottom with all the heartache and trouble I have in my life. Please Pray that Almighty God turns these ashes into beauty.

Kenny A going thru a very difficult time. May God be the glory in this and Kenny's comforter.

My dear friend James Constante, who is suffering from poor health with cancer and dementia.

Please pray for my Mom who is now in a nursing home due to dementia. It is not going well . All she does is stay in her room, usually dark, she thinks we have all died.

For my son, Alex, who is having a difficult time and so much anger in him. He is a young man and loves God, but I'm afraid anger is getting the best of him right now. I pray for him everyday to be joyful again and for God to heal his anger and help him through whatever it is. In Jesus's name, Amen.

Rick Hall,a serious accident. Skull cracked,followed by 2 strokes.Bleeding on brain,cant swallow . being fed by a feeding tube

Prayers for Donna and Donna. God knows what they need.

"Please pray for my Cousin Kathleen in the Uk this is what she sent me. Have been very poorly the cancer has got worse and is causing my whole stomach and cavities inside abdomen to to fill with liquid have I have looked really looked very big and swollen. Had it drained but its back so have to have a drain again inserted permanently with a tap.have been so down I couldnt tell anyone. Sorry such bad news xxx I just haven't been able to talk about it my Love so frightening.

She needs everybody's help and prayers thank you Josie."

Asking for continued prayers for Angie. The job she thought she had fell through and now she is thinking of working where her abusive ex boyfriend works. This would be harmful to her because he speaks negatively about her to everyone who will listen. She is no longer living with him and now has an apartment for her and her child but she is anxious about not having a way of paying her bills. Her family is not supportive of her. Please pray she will not make a decision that will be harmful for her and that she will listen to good advice. She needs Jesus to guide her and salvation for her ex boyfriend and her family. Plus she needs a new car.

Please pray for my mom and my aunt. My mom is still rehabilitating from a hip fracture. My aunt has afib and a UTI. Thank you all and IJN, Amen

Please pray for Carmen for healing and other issues, God knows the issues.

For healing for my little autistic niece from her extreme anxiety that she has had for the past 6 months and cannot express in words, but in behaviors such as she refuses to go to school or sometimes even leave her bedroom. Her parents are doing everything to bring school and therapists to her now, hoping that someone can breathe joy of life into her again. She is only 9 years old and needs your prayers to God to help bring back her joy and prayers for her parents to be able to figure out the cause of this anxiety for her. My niece's name is Kelani.

Please pray for our church to call for a faithful, wise, and loving pastor. May the Holy Spirit guide us as we seek to rebuild and heal.

Prayer for GL, young alcoholic. He has hit rock bottom, is a health disaster and realizes he needs medical help. Transport to a detox facility is arranged for tomorrow. Please pray he will make it thru the night and go when they arrive for him. He is alone in a big city. I am headed there tomorrow to empty his apt. We have a mess on our hands. This is much for me to handle. Please pray for me too. I will need to find help when I get there. It's all a mess. I have been crying out to the Lord and I know you warriors have been praying too. Thank you so much.

Thanks be to God! God's good all the time!

Prayers for supernatural healing for Brutus and Brewski.

Prayers for loving and forever homes for all the kids from Kids Belong.

Thank you Father!

Prayers for healing and strength for James, John and their mother.

Please Pray for Rebecca and her job, finances, Health and all the issues that God is aware of. In Jesus name.

Prayers for wisdom for Lisa.

Prayers for peace and happiness for Danielle.

Please pray for our son, Chris, whose colon cancer has returned in the form of lung cancer.

Asking to please continue prayers for my daughter Bella and her 3 little ones. The father abandoned them over 7 months ago. Almost positive she's been a victim of something awful not long ago. She's looked down on and a family relationship is broken. He gets away with it! She's become hardened. Pray she returns to our Pastor for counseling, healing and protection. I am trying to keep faith. I'm honestly trying to give it to God. I don't know if I can hang on waiting for God's favor. God help me.

Please continue to pray that our son Keith will be released from the evil that caused and is keeping him away from his friends, his faith and his family.

Please pray for my daughter Krista, she goes in tomorrow 11/10 for a ct scan. Hoping tumor has shrunk enough to do surgery... Thanks

Prayers for discernment for Lisa.

Prayers for letting go for Lisa.