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November 19, 2022

"My grandson Ben in the Army stationed in Germany surgery on his ankle today (May have already happened) Prayers for complete healing!"

Thanking God for seeing me and my family through their many ordeal both health and safety! Thank You, God for Angels who emerged to lend an arm, a chair after surgery this week!

My father Emory is on hospice care. Please pray for peace and comfort for the days ahead.

That our children and grandchildren remember to keep God in their lives and NOT forget the manner in which they were raised. GOD, from whom all good things flow

Senior Twin sisters in separate hospitals. Teresa with congestive heart failure, diabetes and kidney failure. Please pray God’s will for her going to a safe place to live. Connie removed from ventilator as family told she's not coming back unless God decides otherwise. Please pray for peace and salvation for their families. Thank you and God Bless.

Prayers fir Sara and Yvette to insist demand immediate hernia surgery, seek responsible medical care before more major surgery will have to happen. Time is critical this be addressed while organ is alive and vital??


For my son, T.J. that he may learn to use a better tone when speaking to his family , and that he may learn to be more focused and less overwhelmed concerning his job. Thank you prayer warriors.

We should all pray for America that our borders remain safe and secure. The people who live along the border are fearful, the border agents lives are on the line everyday. Lets pray in Jesus's name. Amen

Please continue to pray for our country and our strong conservative leaders. That they will turn our country in the right direction with Gods help. God bless America.

To the parent of Nathan. I believe the Lord hears your prayers. None of us are perfect. I know I sure stumble with many of my prayers. But I trust God and He hears our hearts. Please don’t feel you have to apologize. Keep posting on this prayer chain. My husband and I pray every night for each one of these requests from our beautiful brothers and sisters in Christ. We are praying for you and Nathan in God's perfect will.

Please pray for my husband, Pastor Matt. He is having lower back problems and is unable to walk without crutches. He is supposed to go on a mission trip to Cuba in mid-December. Please pray the issue will be cleared up and he can still go on the trip. Thank you for your prayers!

To the one asking for prayers for Nathan: God knows your heart. Thank you for loving Nathan enough to lift him up to our Father. God bless you.

For access to life saving medication for Ron

Hi friends i have been coughing for 2 weeks thankfully told not pneumonia. Set me back for organizing home after move. Love to all. Crito

My wife is not well

"Please pray for my son ( Jimmy ) he si still healing from a long turm in the hospital. He got a job driving a cab but the company is struggling. He also needs to find housing other than the hotel which is taking all his income. Please pray GOD's will in his life.

He has had a ruff life brought on be wrong choosing, it almost took is life threw his health. He is now trying to make it threw God's will but hardly doing so . "

Please continue to pray for Carmen for healing and other issues that God knows. IJN

For the person who may not have the best wording for my prayer requests fir Nathan its what is in your heart as you pray, not what others think about the wording. I used to think my prayers werent as pretty as some others but now I know God accepts the prayers of those with a contrite and loving heart. Your words are from your heart.

Prayers for Nathan that his heart will be healed and for his mother who only wants what is best for her son

Please continue tor pray for Keith that he will rebuke the devil and return to his faith, his friends, and his family

"John..back pain.cant lay down.

Brandon for safety driving over the road.

Provision for food etc..myself not to stress over my sons issues "

Prayer for GL, young alcoholic. He was moved yesterday from detox and will spend one week with drs to address any medical issues. Then it will be off to boot camp. Please pray he doesn't have permanent damage. Meanwhile, we have a substantial financial mess to clean up. I am getting help from his siblings processing it all. There are things I must deal with myself and it is overwhelming. Please also pray for me that I can complete all of this. Lord, please bring wonder Christian people into GL's life at this critical time. Thanks

For Nathan's Mom. Blessings. When I have prayed for your Nathan, I've always prayed for God's will, for the Lord to bring him the right Christian wife at te right time, and to make Nathan the right Christian husband for her. That's what I got out of your request. Continue to pray for you too.

Please continue praying for Ryan over a week in hospital and looking at 2 more weeks then rehab to clean his right leg which has 8 cuts to allow bacteria to be flushed . Also a port in chest area with anti biotic drip . Pray for complete wholeness /health and grateful heart not depression . God is good all the time . Thankful for prayers , Drs , and nurses .

"Prayers parents for their health. My brother and sister for a complete healing from cancer."

"Please pray for my nephew, Jim. We havent been able to contact him since October. Jesus please keep him safe and let him feel your love and comfort. Thank you"

Please pray for my entire family, for the safety of those serving our nation both here and abroad. Also for all of my other children and their spouses and all of my grandchildren.

Please pray for a breakthrough for my son,Mike. Thank you

"This is for the (I'm guessing) mom who has been requesting prayer for her son Nathan who suffered a broken heart over a failed relationship where he he had hoped to marry. Please don't ever apologize for requesting prayer for a loved one ! Jesus wants us to bring all these concerns to Him . His Word says He is close to the broken-hearted & crushed in spirit. And these kinds of hurts CAN cripple anyone for future relationships. I know ! The last man I dearly loved ,whom I lost to leukemia, tried for more than 3 years to keep me at bay for fear of being hurt again. Know that most of us on the prayer tree as well as Jesus, Himself care very much about Nathan, & we will continue to pray for his emotional healing.

God bless you & remember that Jesus said to keep on knocking !!! Blessings, Peggie Potter"

"Please pray for my 90 year old mom, Shirley. She had hip replacement surgery and was recovering well until a few days ago when she had severe pain in her lower back and she stopped having an appetite and started getting nauseous. Her throat isnt working right so it feels like she cant swallow food. She got admitted to the hospital last night. X-rays show she has a fractured crushed vertebra. This is what is causing the pain. We do not know how this happened. The doctors say she has swollen, irritated bowels because her surgery team put her on too many laxatives. She still feels nauseous and is hardly eating anything. Nothing sounds good for her to eat. Please pray that she heals completely from all of these problems and that she can once again live independently at her home without pain. Please God, help my mom to get better. Thank you Jesus for all of the blessings you give us. "

Please pray for a good friend of mine, Cy. Cy has stage 2 colon cancer and had two operations since 10/21/21. She will have her #6 chemo on 11/28. Doctors will review her condition after that. Please pray for a cancer free result and help her a complete recovery. Thanks.