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November 1, 2022

Prayer Tree:

We are stronger together.  

Our hope is that our newsletter readers and social media followers will consider these prayer requests each day. To submit a prayer request please, go here. If you are asking for a prayer for yourself or someone else, please use a first name to make it easier for our prayer warriors.

If there is an update to a prayer request that you would like to add, please choose "prayer answered" on the prayer request form.


Thank you Father! Praise The Lord!

Please pray for Carmen for healing and other issues, God knows the issues.

Please pray for my brother GS, who is having heart problems that caused a stroke. Pray that he will heal and that his relationship with his adult children and with the Lord will be strengthened.

"Prayers for my girlfriend who was recently diagnosed with Pertineal cancer. She has her initial appointment tomorrow (11/1) with an oncologist. Asking for prayers that the mass can be removed whole and that all cancer cells will be as well and that no Chemotherapy or radiation will be needed. In Jesus' name, I ask for her healing. "

"My name is Donna My son died 8 years ago while serving in the navy. Questions surrounded his death based upon what was on his electronics and what he told us. We spent most of his money trying to get to the bottom of it and the rest get some of the back surgery that I needed from injury caused by a drunk driver. Private investigators saw 2 broken parents and took advantage. Upon hearing the news of his death I immediately became I’ll. I had 2 heart surgeries after to regulate heart rhythm. I now have many illnesses and allergies. It is a new affliction all of the time. I feel selfish for asking for prayers for myself but I have come to a point that I feel I can’t help others until I get better. My heart literally broke and my body is broken too. Too many things to list. Thank you so much for your prayers. "

Pray for baby boy Aero Leal who is having open heart surgery today. I give God all the Glory. Amen.

Please pray for my son in law who has stress and mental health issues, as well as my daughter in law"s mother and my brother in law who have cancer. Please pray for my husband who has Parkinsons disease and for me since I have developed a nerve condition post left hip surgery September 15th. It's very painful. God bless you for praying for all these people.

Please pray for my mother, Lois. She just had surgery to remove a kidney with a large tumor. Please pray that got all the cancer and that her health will improve.

Let's pray for our country today and that Jesus is praised and good deeds happen instead of bad. Pray for my side pain as well please. Signed Ellentoes

Thank you to all for praying for my brother Mark, his cancer surgery wass a success! Please continue to pray for his salvation! Thank you Father !!

"Thank you to the person who asked about our 4 year old great-nephew Warren. After 2 failed bone marrow transplant to and 5 failed boosters to try for engraftment, his medical team has put him in palliative care. They are doing their best to keep his pain under control and keep him as comfortable as possible. WE ARE NOT GIVING UP HOPE FOR A MIRACLE for his healing! Our God is a mighty God and able to heal Warren if that is His will. Please help us pray for a healing miracle for him. We are hoping to see him soon. It's been 10 months that he's been in the hospital. Thank you for your faithful prayers. I know God hears us all."

Please pray that this country will stop promoting transgender identity, treatment, and surgery at such an early age. It seems that everyday there is something mentioned about it, so that we are inundated with reports about a subject that is difficult to understand. As a retired teacher of 5th grade students, on the verge of puberty, this is physical, mental, and emotional abuse of our children and youth when they are at a most vulnerable stage of life.

I prayed for everyone on the prayer list today, especially for the unemployed teacher, who has anxiety. My granddaughter, Alaina, has this problem also. She is in college studying to be a teacher. What a wonderful profession. We need christian teachers in our nation. Pray that God will give them courage to withstand the attacks of Satan. I love all of you and continue to pray for you.

My sons James and John are really struggling to stay clean. Both are still on Medication Assisted Treatment, however, James is back to using the needle to inject fentanyl, and John has been gone for a couple of days, back to his ex-girlfriend. I truly believe that your powerful prayers are keeping them alive, please continue praying for them. Just another dip on this hell-ish rollercoaster of addiction. But God is with them, and in His time, will lead them to victory over this evil affliction. I have much love for you, brothers and sisters, and pray for each of you daily.

Please pray for Mary. She is undergoing cancer treatments and having some mental issues I believe from medications.

Please pray for me I was diagnosed with papillary carcinoma cancer stage 2 and I go in to see a surgeon of tomorrow on Tuesday November the 1st and I need a healing and this is awful cancer go away Candy and puppies are fine. Thanks be to God! 

Ali continued prayers for her brain tumor..thank you

Mike, my husband. We just found out he has cancer in his esophagus tube. The Dr is optimistic that he is at an early stage and will be healed with chemo & radiation. Please pray for God’s healing and his Peace during this time.

"Edward is having biopsies done today, Monday. Please pray that all of the tests come back negative and that no further surgery will be necessary. God is Sovereign and His Will be done."

My PTSD is getting worse since Vietnam 1967

"Prayers that Candy and her puppies are healthy. Prayers for blessings and wisdom for Gloria." Please pray for Farin, I pastored him as young man. He has never accepted Jesus and is now in the final stages of pancreatic cancer. I praying first of all for his salvation and secondly for a complete healing. He is around 55 years old now. Please pray for my sister-in-law, Cherie, who was diagnosed with Parkinson's and ALS. Thank you.

Please continue to pray for my daughter L. The month of chemo only held the cancer at bay, didn't shrink it, but it didn't grow. The drs want her to do four months of a stronger chemo and radiation. Please pray to be healed of the cancer and that her physical heart be protected. She is a single mother of a 3 yo and a 2 yo. And I love her dearly! She is a strong Christian warrior!

Please pray for my next door neighbor's daughter (Lily) now in the hospital with heart problems and a mental breakdown. She is 22, is autistic and just walked out of an abusive situation which left her with no self-esteem or confidence. I understand there are no facilities in Virginia for the autistic except privately run facilities. Therefore when her medical treatment is finished she will have no where to go at this point. She needs our prayers for the answer to her situation to show her mom where to go to ask for help so she can get better. Please pray for solutions and we will give God our gratitude. Thank you

Please pray for my mom and my aunt. My mom is still rehabilitating from a hip fracture. My aunt has afib and a possible ulcer, but the doc said there's a slim chance it could be cancer. Due to her insurance, she has to wait several weeks before getting the necessary tests. Thank you all and IJN, Amen

Prayers for a sign if I should buy a certain home.

Prayers for blessings and healing for everyone on this prayer tree.

Praise The Lord! Thanks be to God!

Prayers for wisdom for Lisa, Cindy, Danielle, Matthew and Wayne.

Prayers for prosperity and abundance for Gloria and Lisa.

Prayers for Brewski and his loving family.