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October 31, 2022

Prayer Tree:

We are stronger together.  

Our hope is that our newsletter readers and social media followers will consider these prayer requests each day. To submit a prayer request please, go here. If you are asking for a prayer for yourself or someone else, please use a first name to make it easier for our prayer warriors.

If there is an update to a prayer request that you would like to add, please choose "prayer answered" on the prayer request form.


Please pray that on Nov. 8th Americans will vote for strong, conservative leaders that will turn this country around. America is headed in the wrong direction. We need God back in our hearts.

Please pray for my mom and my aunt. My mom is still rehabilitating from a hip fracture. My aunt has afib and a possible ulcer, but the doc said there's a slim chance it could be cancer. Due to her insurance, she has to wait several weeks before getting the necessary tests. Thank you all and IJN, Amen

Please pray for Carmen for healing and other issues, God knows the issues.

Please pray for my brother George. He needs healing for his mental illness and he needs housing. We can't find anyone to rent to him because of his offender status. He really needs monitored care but offender status limits his choices. He has paid his dues to society and deserves healthcare and housing for his mental condition. Thank you for your prayers.

Please pray for my cousin, Aileen, who has an aggressive form of cancer.

My dream job I landed a short 7 months ago has vanished due to a corporate merger. Please offer prayers that I will land a new position quickly. (One that equals or exceeds the compensation I had.)

Prayers for a fair and free election on November 8th.

Young man with pancreas issues

My husband Josh and I were involved in a head on collision which resulted in him having a stroke. We need his body and mind to heal to go back to work and the medical debt to be eliminated.

Please pray for me to have strength and patience while waiting for a husband. Pray that God closes doors where he doesn't want me to go and leads me where he wants me. Thank you for your prayers. Teresa

My family is under attack by Satan. Pray that they do not end up homeless. Pray for salvation for my family.

Please pray for my grandson Sawyer he has siezures and now the DR's say he needs hearing aids, hes 7 years old.

I have been having a lot of trouble with Anxiety and insomnia. I'm on medication, but some of the side effects are difficult. I'm an unemployed teacher (I know that sounds strange with the current nationwide teacher shortage). But the anxiety causes me to get so nervous about an interview that I don't interview well. I love to teach, but am concerned that I will never have another teaching job again due to the way I seem to do poorly during interviews.

L Prayers for him on Her foal. Guide Please watch over them please and guide me to do the best thing for them. Amen

Please continue to pray for my daughter L. The month of chemo only held the cancer at bay, didn't shrink it, but it didn't grow. The drs want her to do four months of a stronger chemo and radiation. Please pray to be healed of the cancer and that her physical heart be protected. She is a single mother of a 3 yo and a 2 yo. And I love her dearly! She is a strong Christian warrior!

"As a result of Covid, I have Guillaume Barre syndrome, extreme weakening of the neuro muscular system. Because of this weakness somehow I got a tear in my hip joint. There is only one difference crier in the region that can do surgery on that area( the labrum). The doctors will try an injection first to see if it helps the pain because the surgery is very complex. Please pray that if its Gods will that the hip tear heals and the injection works and for me to regain all normal muscle nerve function. I'm 65. Cindy I pray this tree daily "

"Please pray for my son Kyle as he Sufi us hung up his last experiment for his phd. He's been working a long time on the many aspects of it. Please pray it's a success ! Thank you and god bless you all"

Kelly Steppelman Verslues for healing.

"Linda in her fight with cancer. Jack who is fighting heart disease."

I will be praying for Dan-the man with diabetes and can't sleep. My son who is a diabetic needs prayer also. He can Never sleep and it is really hurting his health. Does anybody know if there is a correlation? Thank you. Also-prayers for baby Warren - how is he?

Tim F in California. Praying that time, who has been suffering from brain surgery and healing concerns that God speak with him, hear his an our voices requesting mercy for healing in his quest to a return to health.

My son Steven in the hospital with a fungal lung infection and other complications.

"My sister Sue Cunningham, she has dementia and it is getting worse. She has problem getting out of bed and bathing herself. Please pray that god will help her with her memory. Thank You. Rebecca Rhoton"

Grandson who feels he should be female. Very confused and counselor giving non-Christian advice.

Continued prayers for our country, our election on November 8th and our friends in Florida. Prayers that the citizens of Florida are getting the help they need.

Prayers for loving and forever homes for Chloe, Kendal, Angelina and Julie.

Prayers for a safe delivery and healthy puppies for Candy.

Prayers for a safe, loving family for Ava, Liz and Millie.

Prayers for healing for families whose members are using addictive substances.

Prayers for blessings for Kelly Evans.

Please pray fir health and healing if Col. Robert Throckmorton of San Antonio as Texas as he heals from prostrate cancer and regains his balance and for his wife and caregiver. Bob is a deeply Christian former military pilot.

Our sister, Debi had her entire brain tumor removed the other day and has already been allowed to return home. All praise to God and all your prayers for her healing. Thanks again to Dr. Kris Smith in Phoenix for his skill. Thank you so much- we appreciate your prayers for her more than you will ever know.

Asking for prayers for son Michael and granddaughter Brooke. Son is in Fl going through depression and granddaughter in Penna recovering from misuse of drugs for anxiety and depression.

Prayers for healing, peace and joy for Ava, Liz, and Millie.

My little boy, J, had vaccinations for Tdap, meningococcal vaccine, and and flu on Saturday and today he got a fever and bloodshot eyes and cried a lot at bedtime. He feels horrible and talked almost like he was dreaming while awake bedtime and although I think he was feeling sick and very tired it seemed unusual. Will you please pray for him that he will feel much better on Monday with no ill effects? That he will feel good and be able to play? It scares me to see my only child feel so sick and I am trying so hard to not worry. Will you please also pray for me that I will rely on God first and foremost and not give in to fear and panic? We had two family members die from Covid and I get very scared about sickness now and my mind turns too easily to worst case scenarios. I especially fear for my sweet little boy. He just turned eleven. Thank you and God bless you.

Please will you pray for my elderly mom, Shirley, that all of her many medical appointments and medical tasks will be met prior to surgery? Also, that God will guide her surgeon and that the procedure will go perfectly and she will heal quickly? She is 90 years old and trying to get approved for hip replacement. Thank you!

Will you please pray for me, J, that I will not be anxious, fearful or overwhelmed as I try to handle my mother's many medical affairs, my child is sick, my husband has anxiety, and now my dog has a medical need requiring a vet visit? My stomach is in knots and I need help to not worry and for me to give it all to God and trust him. I'm so scared and anxious of the worst that I make myself feel sick currently. Please also pray that my son, my mom, my husband and my dog will heal completely. Thanks so much for your prayers. I know God hears prayers and he is so good to answer.

My son, Mike, who is struggling in his 3 week progress to quit smoking cigarettes. He is 70, type 2 diabetic. He knows it is necessary, just difficult to do it. I am going to be 90 end of January.He is my moral support as well as the person who comes when I call. I live alone, manage well for my age.

"Prayers for continued wisdom for Lisa, Wayne and Matthew. Prayers for healing for Danielle and Lisa. Prayers for wisdom for Cindy. Prayers for wisdom for Kelly Evans."

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