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December 14, 2022


We are stronger together.

Our hope is that our newsletter readers and social media followers will consider these prayer requests each day. To submit a prayer request please, go here. If you are asking for a prayer for yourself or someone else, please use a first name to make it easier for our prayer warriors.

If there is an update to a prayer request that you would like to add, please choose "prayer answered" on the prayer request form.


Andrew; addiction and loss of the will to live.

Dear friends, please pray for my adult son who just relapsed back into raging alcoholism. He also suffers from bi-polar issues, and I just believe that one issue feeds the other. Our family is grateful for your prayerful intercession, and we just want him healed. Thank you and blessings to you all.

Thank you for praying for my daughter-in-law, Angi yesterday for successful surgery. It WAS successful, and today she is already feeling so much better. Thanks be to God, and to you dear friends.

Devin Busby he's my nephew he's been diagnosed with a progressively fast growing cancer that has spread everywhere up and down his spine from his knees up in his bones they have not given him a very good report. However we know through Christ All things are possible can you please lift my nephew Devon up in prayers in Jesus name amen

Thank you, God for doctor who found a beta blocker heart prescription to help daughter Kathy in Washington who has needed this for many, many years! Praise God for protecting her and helping her through all she has gone through!

Prayers for healing and strength for Karen.

I am thankful for Gary Hamrick and Jack Hibbs two wonderful preachers of the word. I have been a Christian my entire life but once I found these two dynamic online ministries my life has been changed. Thank you Lord Jesus for bringing them into my life!

I'm battling cancer and really have little support from my husband he's verbally abusive and is no help he doesn't expect anything from me not sure if it's his way of handling the problem but I'm on edge because of it so I need prayer to handle the situation better and for healing please

Please pray for us as tomorrow we fly to Halifax Nova Scotia for our brother in laws funeral. My sister in law and brother in law have been following the Lord for years. Yet there are some adult kids, grand kids that have gone astray. Please pray that the Gospel will reach thier hearts. Also pray for me because I anixious on planes. FW Todt

Surgery tomorrow Wednesday for Beau . Glioma . Prayers for Drs /nurses and peace and trust for family

Sheila reconciliation with son ..unable to see baby grandson

Please continue to pray for Carmen for healing and other issues that God knows. God bless you all.

"Prayers for myself, Lisa, have chemo and it's giving me side effects and hard time to breathe since I also have congestive heart failure, pray for Chris and Brantley both epileptics, have seizures , that they will find the right medicines for them. In need of financial miracle. i ask in Jesus' name. Amen"

Pray for my relatives on a cruise ship in Mexico that they don't get any sicknesses on water.

for Ron - recovering from pneumonia (sick for 2-3 wks) & went back to work today even tho not fully well. Thanks!

Blessings and prayers for Anita and Eloy with the China Virus. And that Anita's parents will be okay if they get the virus...Thank you all through Christ Jesus in prayer.

I need a new career due to a bad accident. Please help me n my Wife n help me with a small business of my own, Dear Jesus? Thank You Poppa Jesus!! Amen...

"Please pray for Donna, for the healing of body and mind , peace and health for her marriage, and her family members' health."

My elderly mom is in assisted living temporarily. Her name is Shirley. Please pray that she will not get Covid, the flu, or any other contagious illness while at her facility. Please also pray that I (her daughter) can find honest, dependable, Christian people who can help take care of my mother once she comes home.

Will you please continue to pray for our sweet dog, Brutus? We are hoping that we will get good news when we take him to a specialist this Thursday. We will drive an hour away to see this specialist. We hope that his prognosis for removing his cancerous tumor is good and that a surgery will be scheduled for Friday of this week before the surgeon goes on vacation. We hope God will heal Brutus from cancer and that chemotherapy will not be needed for him. Thank you God for hearing our prayers! Even for pets that are loved!

My sister-in-law, Julie appears to be hooked on meth but she will not admit it. She sleeps in the daytime and has hallucinations about demons. She has a 12 year old daughter, M, who can be rather sassy and they are fighting a lot. Julie says she will move into her car and has already packed the car. Please pray that Julie will admit that she has a drug addiction and that she will seek help. Please pray for a restored relationship between Julie and her daughter and that Julie will become available as a dependable mother to her daughter. Please pray that God will guide M and give her positive role models.

Prayers for blessings for all of my enemies. God knows who they are.