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November 22, 2022

We are stronger together.

Our hope is that our newsletter readers and social media followers will consider these prayer requests each day. To submit a prayer request please, go here. If you are asking for a prayer for yourself or someone else, please use a first name to make it easier for our prayer warriors.

If there is an update to a prayer request that you would like to add, please choose "prayer answered" on the prayer request form.


Please pray for my daughter Shelly that God would restore her mind and she would get her daughter Sienna back.

"Prayers for wisdom for Kara, Bill, Buddy and Bill."

Sarah Huckabee Sanders for the protection, wisdom, guidance ,blessings from God as she becomes our next Vice President of these United States of America...

Paul Michael Ferrante. My son has been diagnosed with severe mental issues. And we pray for help with his condition, that God puts people in his way that we can help him that he is restored to the beautiful sun we once had.

Barron Trump, I ask for God's wisdom, protection, guidance in his growing up years

"I read each of these prayer requests and my heart hurts for each of you. God bless and keep each one of you. May our Lord God hear our pleas.

He cares for each one of us. May our good, good Lord bring His healing, restorative power to each one of you. He is able!"

Please pray that Wayne will recover from complications from surgery soon pray for a complete healing.

Please pray for me (Pat). I have stage 4 intestinal cancer. I also have to be out of my apartment by Dec 31st. I have very low energy and very few friends to help me. My (now ex) left me. We are now divorced. My husband was very prominent in our church. He badmouthed me to many people in the church. Out of 3,000 people in the church I have just 5 people that will still fellowship with me. God led me to a new church an hour away. It is too far and too expensive for them to travel up. I've been watching service online for 5 years now. I’m very discouraged and overwhelmed. Thank you

Please pray for my grandson Dakota. He is 21, has depression and sheltered himself in my daughter's house with his computer. He had a job when he was younger, but not now. He accepted the Lord and was baptized as a preteen. His parents divorced and have not pressured him to get out in the world. My prayers request is that he finds a desire to fulfill God's plan for himself. I continue to try communicating with him and get little response.

Prayers for favor for Lisa and Wayne.

To the mother of an 11 year old, who is caring for her elderly mother. I have been where you are. When your mother is no longer with you, you will be so thankful for the blessing of being able to care for her. Your son is learning what it means to be a caring individual. At his young age he can't understand it all now. But he loves you and will grow up to be an awesome man. It happened to my son! Love, Mary

Praying for Donnie. If you don't get answers soon, contact your senator's office. My husband is a vet and we finally got results after two years when I contacted our senator's office.

Do you pick and chose prayer requests? Mine has been ignored concerning our grandson.

Please pray for my husband, Robert. He has been having a lot of congestion, coughing and general tiredness. He just started a new job and can't take any time off so he really needs God to intervene and heal him. Thank you for your prayers!

For my husband Mark Patten who has major chest and lung problems after having covid. Please pray that they can help his breathing problems and help with the long covid he has had for two years, heart, lung and kidney disease and walking problems because of covid. Thank you.

Prayers for blessings for Debbie.

Please pray for my daughter K, struggling with many issues, fearful she is going to have a breakdown. May God's will be done. God Bless

Prayers for God to have his will in my son Warren's life, that he will learn to be more patient, for God to slow down his mind, while waiting on God to show him the path He wants him to take. The new job seems to be going good, pray this continues. Also that God will bring him a Christian woman to be his life partner. All the glory and thanks to Him, in Jesus' name Amen

Prayers for Nathan to be shown Gods healing from past trauma, soften his heart to give a relationship another chance. May God lead him to the man he wants him to be, and may Gods will be done. I ask in Jesus' name Amen.

Pray for hearts that are hardened, that they may come to know God's words are true for Ron, Mariann, and more. Thank you Jesus for our salvation.

Don McFarland - Don has many health issues, but his many excellent doctors are keeping his issues under control. Please pray that he will soon be walking without a walker and that his health continues to improve.

Prayers are on-going for James, John, Joe and all those on this prayer list dealing with addiction. In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ we pray for strength, perseverence and total healing. Amen

Please continue to pray for Carmen for healing and other issues that God knows. Thank you for your prayers; i pray every day for all prayer requests. IJN

Prayer fir GL, young alcoholic. I was able to talk to GL this evening. Thank you Jesus! He is settling into rehab boot camp well but is having issues with his pancreas and liver. Please pray the Lord will put his healing hands on GL and that he will long for a relationship with him. I am thankful for all you prayer warriors and feel privileged to be a warrior myself!

Hi Praise be to God! My mother's life was saved today! She is 90 and had dangerously low blood sugar of 36. God let me be there to see uThank you God for helping my mom!!!!

Prayers for blessings for Terry, Peg, Barb, Marge and Sam.

Plz pray for healing for my grandson not eating, my other grandson obeying, my son & daughters health, & my heart palpitations.