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April 26, 2023

Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff!   

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4 Grant thee according to thine own heart, and fulfil all thy counsel.

Psalm 20:4 KJV

Prayer Tree

We are stronger together.  

Our hope is that our newsletter readers and social media followers will consider these prayer requests each day. To submit a prayer request please, go here. If you are asking for a prayer for yourself or someone else, please use a first name to make it easier for our prayer warriors.

If there is an update to a prayer request that you would like to add, please choose "prayer answered" on the prayer request form.


Please pray for the family of Kaci & Mason from clay co NC. They loss their 4 year old to a automobile accident. Not only they grieve but the child's twin brother & older brother.

Pray for my 86 year old dad who is grieving over the loss of my mom 1month ago. He was just diagnosed and began treatment today for COPD as well.

Please keep praying for our Grandson, Kane. He had another seizure about three days ago and the neurologist wants to add another medication. His parents are questioning what to do. The medications you take have so many side effects. Lift him up to Jesus. Thank you.

Prayers for healing from recent back surgery. John

Please pray for my healing and regain of my strength Amen

Please pray for Diane a neighbor who is having 2nd chemo treatment for cancer, that it be effective and that she tolerates it well.

Please pray for Michele. She lost her dear brother and now has to be personal representative for his estate. She feels overwhelmed and anxious about doing a good and timely job.

Grace, salvation, love and guidance to Andy, Melissa, Katie & Marshall

Heather Mull has a great report from her pet scan tomorrow in your name I Pray Lord Amen

Family member for their healing and strength. 

Pray for my wife who has 4 stage breast cancer. She is losing hope and needs all the prayers she can get.

Prayer request for Susan in process of contentious divorce. Children ages 8 and 4. He is very controlling and will try to leave her with NOTHING. She's been out of the work force for 8 years raising their sons.

Prayed for sin Davo, hit by car over 5 years ago, knee injury. Insurance did not want to pay for new surgery which trialed an implantation of a wire and gave great relief. After many prayers they agreed to implant this new device in May. Thanks be to God.

BIL has been diagnosed with stage 4brain cancer. Fast spreading. My SIL and him are both believers. Pray for healing and peace.

A financial miracle for the S family so they may pay off debts and bless our church and others

That Brandons office recovers financially from 2020 and thrives in this downfallen economy

For the Grimm family. Their young father has bone cancer and he needs a miracle for healing!

Coach Pat to find a wife and start a family of his own

Iris to be healed from Diabetes & neuropathy. It is taking my strength away in my feet , legs & hips & I stay fatigued.

For Sarah Tondello to safely deliver a healthy baby girl

Prayers for Tracy, she has chronic pain after breast removal from cancer surgery and the chemo gave her neuropathy. She's worried about who will take care of her as she gets older. Her children don't seem to want to help. She's recently started attending church snd Bible study. Praise God!

Prayers for my daughter Kaydra still struggling after a heartbreaking breakup. We are praying for God to remove her overthinking so she can have a little peace. She feels her life is over, we cry out to God to remove this burden from her as she has surrendered it as much as her mind will allow. She prays multiple times a day, we know God works in his own time, but I'm fearful for her at this point. I know she is in God's hands. Thank you

This is for the woman who has been trying to conceive for four months. Please take heart. Your doctor is right. You should give it a year of trying before starting any treatments. My husband and I tried unsuccessfully for a year and then had ourselves checked out. We were both diagnosed with problems and went through treatment for our issues. It took just over six years of medical treatments before we finally conceived. Now miracle baby is 38 years old. Be patient and continue praying. I will join you in prayer for you to have your baby.

Please pray for Janice. She has lung cancer that has spread to her adrenal glands. She's had radiation, immunotherapy, and is now on her second round of chemo. This round of chemo has left her very sick. She has sores in her mouth that prevents her from eating. She is down to 101 pounds. Please pray that this round of chemo is successful in just completely getting rid of the cancer from her body. Pray for her mouth sores to be healed so she can eat. Pray that her faith continues to be strong while she goes through this ordeal. Pray for strength, courage, and peace. Thank you and bless you for your prayers.

"Please pray for my profoundly autistic son, N and his staff at his group home. N has been having aggressive outbursts, and has hurt staff. He's so miserable and we cannot figure out why. He has zero functional communication. Prayers are so appreciated."

Pray for my son Warren, his mind races and he is battling as we all are, the devil trying to bring us down. He has a girlfriend but is doubting it, she is the best thing that has happened to him, I pray God will have his will in this relationship. Thank you, I pray for all requests daily.

Prayers requested as I look for a job, I can retire from my current job and wish to find something else. My current job is political, and I would like to get away from it. May God's will be done. Thanks so much - Karen

Please continue to pray for Carmen for healing and other issues that God knows and is answering! God bless you all always. Thank you for your prayers!

I'm asking for continued prayers for Brian and Cherrie who are trying to get custody of grandaughter.She currently lives with her father and his parents and it's a bad situation.She is almost 14,is scared and stressed most of the time and she has recently begun cutting herself.We are so worried for her but the hearing isn't until July.Please ask God to keep her safe and that his will be done in this situation.Thank you all and may God bless us all.

Please pray for Lisa and Danielle.God knows the details.Thank you all and may God bless us all.

Please pray for Stephanie,she is the only one working and everything is on her shoulders.Husband doesn't/won't work and it's all on her.She is so stressed most of the time.Thank you all and may God bless us all.

Please pray for Chad that the Good Lord will send him a nice woman to meet.I,his mom, would love to see him settled down and happy.Thank you all and may God bless us all.

for myself, I have to go through some serious tests health, praying for good outcome, nothing wrong 

Thanks to all who prayed for my 11 year old son who ran head first into a sharp, metal shaft from our pony cart. God protected our son from otherwise certain severe harm! Our son’s baseball cap bill hit the metal shaft and bent. Then the shaft hit the padded band around the hat. This shaft could have impaled our dear son, but instead he was saved from harm. Thanks be to God! Thanks for praying for our son and for peace for our family. Our son told us the truth. He only has a lump on his forehead. Will you please pray that he will continue to heal?

"I have a friend who has 3 sons and 2 are suffering from paranoid schizophrenia. please pray for her and her sons"

Share What You Are Grateful For:



God's blessings as I miss my husband after 66yrs of marriage and my family looking out for me since their dad died.

God wakes me up every day to enjoy His creations and creatures on my farm! He also keeps me and animals safe! He blesses me everyday with His unconditional love, protection, strength, His word, as well as forgiveness! I am His child!

I am grateful that God gave me a Mother who always loved and prayed for me, even at my worst.

"I am eternally grateful that God never changes and that His mercies are new every morning. It occurred to me as I was reading each prayer request that His people who are called by His name are humbling themselves and petitioning Him daily. I am thankful for their obedience and steadfast faithfulness. I am also amazed and grateful for how often, the Governor's daily Scripture verse, ""miraculously"" speaks into all circumstances and needs.

This Scripture has been in my mind all day. ""For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable [for He does not withdraw what He has given, nor does He change His mind about those to whom He gives His grace or to whom He send His call]. Rom 11:29 (AMP). Glory to the Loving, Living, Most High God, ""the God who sees us, listens to us, waits patiently for us and who cares about our every need!"" "

Wonderful neighbors, friends helping me while I recover from rehab in home care!

I am grateful for everyone who prayers and for Gods touch on those who need those prayers.

I am so very grateful for my life. God has blessed me each and everyday with His Love! Barb S.

The Lord answering my prayers for my brother, Tennis and his wife, Carolyn Monter. Carolyn has had 3 strokes in the last year a d Tennis needs spinal surgery but he's been trying to take care of Carolyn by himself this last year. Their insurance paid for 3 separate rounds of rehab, but she needs more rehab. Prayers were a swerved yesterday, Carolyn is now in rehab for the next 120 days! As soon as she is well again, Tennis needs spinal surgery. I know that the Lord will take of that too. They are both 83 years old. Thank you, Lord, for all the blessings you have a d will give them both.

Our opportunity to give care and love to a sweet family who had 10 min. to grab what they could and get on one of those crowded planes at Kabul airport last year...Our Church has formed a group of young couples and older women to shepherd them, care for them, help them, and love them. We are grateful for such a sweet family, who just had a healthy baby boy born, and pray God will bless them with an understanding of who God is, over time, and turn their hearts toward HIM.

Am 93 and am grateful for every wonderful day that I have

That my cancer diagnosis lead us to a way to help and heal others. We pray all cancer patients are saved the way I was!

HYMNAL: When We All Get To Heaven

Author: E.E. Hewitt


1 Sing the wondrous love of Jesus,

Sing His mercy and His grace;

In the mansions bright and blessed

He'll prepare for us a place.


When we all get to heaven,

what a day of rejoicing that will be!

When we all see Jesus,

we'll sing and shout the victory!


2 While we walk the pilgrim pathway

Clouds will overspread the sky;

But when trav'ling days are over

Not a shadow, not a sigh. [Refrain]


3 Let us then be true and faithful,

Trusting, serving ev'ry day;

Just one glimpse of Him in glory

Will the toils of life repay. [Refrain]


4 Onward to the prize before us!

Soon His beauty we'll behold;

Soon the pearly gates will open–

We shall tread the streets of gold. [Refrain]

Join Me: The Mediterranean Experience


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