May 12, 2023

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22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.

Galatians 5:22-23 NIV


Prayer Tree

We are stronger together.  

Our hope is that our newsletter readers and social media followers will consider these prayer requests each day. To submit a prayer request please, go here. If you are asking for a prayer for yourself or someone else, please use a first name to make it easier for our prayer warriors.

If there is an update to a prayer request that you would like to add, please choose "prayer answered" on the prayer request form.


Please pray for all the family that were affected by the shooter at the Allen Outlet Mall and the family of the victims in Brownsville

Please pray for good results from my son's eye surgery on his good eye. Pray for healing and good vision.

Annabelle Dykes and her family. Annabelle is a 6 year old little girl in my hometown Valdosta, Ga. She is facing her second time wild cancer. Her first round was just at 15 months old. Please pray for this sweet family for peace, financial needs and over all all the things that come with this journey. 

Prayers for God to bless all my enemies because too many to list. Thank you.

Please pray for Pam, Paula, Phyllis, Max, Rita, Mark, and Kari to have their cancer cured.

Please pray for help in following Jesus and pray that an infection will clear. David

Please pray for inner peace

"Please pray that my daughter Hannah, a prodigal encounters her Lord and Savior. She has left her first love to serve the enemy. She is now married to an unbeliever and they have a two-month-old baby girl, Alora.

Praying that Hannah, Charlie, and Alora will be saved.

Thank you and sending you love. "

Please pray for my daughter, Clarissa

Lord in Your Name Jesus Deb is healed! All cancer, any disease leave her body today in Jesus Name Amen...bless her son in any advice he gives her to be speaking Your Wisdom and Truth I Jesus Name Amen

Please intercede with me in prayer for all those suffering from drug addiction, homelessness, and suicidal thoughts. Lord, hear our prayer and have mercy. Show us how to help them.

Please pray for Eddie A who is struggling with health issues.... Prayers for Megan R's Dad who is still dealing with post cancer surgery.... Continued prayers for Terri Lynn K and her health issues.... Prayers for Holland First Baptist Church pastor search committee.... Prayers for all the Federal and State men and women patrolling our border....

"Please pray for my neighbor Donna.

She has just been diagnosed with bladder cancer."

Please pray for ease and comfort for my husband PJ. He is very worried about some issues, and our dear Lord knows what they are. Pray that he can continue to forgive those who have sinned against us and move forward with God's blessings and mercy.

Please pray for my sister Ann who's husband Dennis went to be with the Lord. Pray that my niece Sherry, healing of her Lyme disease and Fibromyalgia that she will be able to be with her mother in this time of grief. 

Please pray for my son in law who has stress and mental health issues and also for my niece who has cancer. Please also pray for my brother in law who has cancer. Please also pray for my aunt who lives near the border in Elpaso,Texas. She is 87 years old and has a big fence around her home and a gate so she can buzz friends and repair men in. She lives alone with two cats. With title 4 expiring, I am worried about her. She also has had shings for 11 months. Please pray for my husband who has Parkinsons disease which is getting worse. Thank you for praying for these intentions.

Please pray for my daughter Jennifer who lost her baby on Easter. She is having a hard time dealing with the miscarriage. Thank you!

I ask for prayer for my son and daughter-in-law who are going through IVF. I posted the wrong date for their appointment. It is Friday, May 19th. Please pray that they get good news. Pray for God to calm their nerves and fears. Also, please pray for a little boy name Chase. He had a seizure and had to be airlifted to Children’s Hospital. Has shown some improvement but still not sure what all is going on. Pray for his parents and for wisdom for the doctors and nurses. God Bless you all and thank you so much for the prayers and support!

Please be with my adopted niece who needs some love and support.

Tessa my 12year old granddaughter is facing some serious health issues. 

Keep praying for my step daughter.(Nichole) Colonoscopy showed cancer. Will be having ct scan and MRI. Will then see one of many doctors and then oncologist next. They will then determine if they will do chemo or radiation and/or surgery if needed. Pray for full healing.

Please pray for a friend who is facing a cancer diagnosis.

Please pray for my husband J. He suffers with back and leg pain constantly from an fall several years ago that fractured his back in 3 places. He also has the beginnings of dementia and it also causes him anxiety because he doesn't understand. We are both disabled seniors and I need prayers too for myself so I can be able to take care of him and our home which I'm having a hard time doing. We have no one else who can help, our kids are far away or too busy. t

Pray for my sister L. We are both believers, but she has refused to talk to me for many years and will not tell me why.

Salvation for our 2 daughters, ages 45 and 25, who are into energies, crystals, new age, and weed. We raised them in a Christian home so they know what is right. They both also have need of physical healings. 

A hedge of protection to all the law enforcement agencies and the military who are protecting us at the border and throughout the United States. This is supernatural warfare. Heavenly Father, please send legions of angels to protect all of us. Amen. Marie - A Prayer Warrior

"Jennifer Lynn, my daughter is going through radiation treatments on a node on her neck, which lite up on her last cancer run.

As for asking for a total hysterectomy, the doctors said it wasn't a good idea, because of the possibility of rupturing an intestine or her bladder. (Internal radiation treatment of her cervix, Cancer gone )

Prayers for her eating to get better, her kidneys to function properly(because of internal radiation treatments) and to remove the stents in her bladder in the future.


Please pray for my brother Bud who has just been diagnosed with cancer. Please pray for wisdom regarding effective treatments. Thank you.

Please pray for my friend Pam. She is having several serious health issues and is getting very discouraged. Please pray for her health and strength.

Please pray for Roberto. We prayed him through his fall and brain bleed. After months of recovery, the oncologist diagnosed MDS which is blood cancer. He has had one round of chemo that left him exhausted. He needs at least three more rounds. God Bless Him!

Prayers are needed for my husband, Robert, who has been looking for a job for over 6 weeks already. Thank you, God, for opening the doors for a great job that will be the absolute best one for him. Thank you for answering our prayers.

Please say some extra prayers for our dear friends Al and Mary in GA. Al has been in the hospital for 35 days with pneumonia/heart issues. Pray for his recovery so he can go home, and for continued strength for Mary. Also, please pray for my sweet friend of over 40 years, Deb, who was just diagnosed with lung cancer, for strength, healing and peace. Thank you prayer warriors! Blessings, J

For Brandon that his practice takes off and he is able to bless and heal many people through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Please continue to pray for Carmen for healing and other issues that God knows and is answering. God bless you all always. Thank you for your prayers.

Our friend Meg had to take an unplanned flight to Boston. Her mother who is 91 yrs old came down with Covid. Meg's brother had covid and went to visit their mom and her mom was infected by her son. Please pray that she will recover quickly. She had already been prescribed the medication for Covid so hopefully that is working for her. We have not heard back from Meg regarding her mom. Please pray that she will be healed. Thank you so much!!

Prayers that Patti will find peace and joy in Psalm 119.

Prayers for immediate healing for Noodle and caregiver.

My friend Mark's pet scan today showed no trace of cancer. Thank you to this group and Thank you Jesus!

prayer for Sarah, who has much to do herself and her disabled son, for Teresa and her daughter who desperately need salvation, for Tina or her daughter who is been involved in demonic cults, and for her two small grandchildren who are living in bad situations. A prayer for Mary's chemo over and now surgery and that it will be successful. prayer for Judy suffers from much RA pain, and losing her home, and needs a place to live and revival of son and daughter saved but backslide." control his anger.

Prayers for the people to repent and for God to save our nation!

Prayers for wisdom for our leaders!

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"I am grateful to my Heavenly Father who loves me unconditionally. Amen. Marie "

"Dear Father In Heaven I am grateful for this prayer community. You always hear us answer our prayers bring us your promises and blessings to make the right decisions Thru your guidance and love. I trust in the Lord with all my heart not leaning on my own understanding.

Grateful my son is growing into a healthy responsible adult. Truly trust the Lord has Trevor in his grip and loving support. As well as my Mom sister Tammy. Husband and dad and grace we can count on. Believe and receive in Jesus Christ we pray Amen "

the lumbar epidural I had yesterday. The pain seems to be subsiding a little already. I'm thankful for the great doctor and his two assistants who joked with me through the procedure as it calmed my nerves.

Grateful for great primary care nurse helping me work through chronic problems

HYMNAL: My Jesus, I Love Thee

Author: William R. Featherston


1 My Jesus, I love thee, I know thou art mine;
for thee all the follies of sin I resign;
my gracious Redeemer, my Savior art thou;
if ever I loved thee, my Jesus, 'tis now.


2 I love thee because thou hast first loved me
and purchased my pardon on Calvary's tree;
I love thee for wearing the thorns on thy brow;
if ever I loved thee, my Jesus, 'tis now.


3 I'll love thee in life, I will love thee in death,
and praise thee as long as thou lendest me breath,
and say when the deathdew lies cold on my brow:
If ever I loved thee, my Jesus, 'tis now.


4 In mansions of glory and endless delight,
I'll ever adore thee in heaven so bright;
I'll sing with the glittering crown on my brow:
If ever I loved thee, my Jesus, 'tis now.


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