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October 24, 2022

We are stronger together.  

Our hope is that our newsletter readers and social media followers will consider these prayer requests each day. To submit a prayer request please, go here. If you are asking for a prayer for yourself or someone else, please use a first name to make it easier for our prayer warriors.

If there is an update to a prayer request that you would like to add, please choose "prayer answered" on the prayer request form.


I pray for my husband's health, happiness and safety in Jesus name. - AK

Pray for Ali reoccurring brain tumor

Please join me in praying for Dennis. He has Stage 4 liver cancer. He needs a brain scan to make sure the cancer has not spread. I ask In The Name of Jesus, that Dennis will be completely healed.

Positive solutions for LeNores macular degeneration in her right eye. She is 80 and in relatively good health-not diabetic or overweight.

Husband is having pacemaker implant Tues Oct 24 for Tachy-Brady syndrome. Thank you for prayers.

My friend Danielle. She is having gal bladder surgery this coming Tuesday, and is very worried about it. Please pray for successful surgery, with little pain

Please pray for my good friend Brian. He had brain surgery this past week and found out he has terminal brain cancer. Please pray Gods will be done and also that Brians son would be comforted and turn to Jesus for strength. Also please pray for strength for my son who is helping with the situation and extremely tired and stressed.

Please pray for my husband and me as we navigate so many losses.

Carmen for a complete healing.

BarbaraAnn: need prayers for spinal spondylosis and cysts causing great pain in spine and both legs. Thank you.

"please pray for kelly to find a job and be healed of tremors"

Salvation for my friend, Evan. Thank you for praying for him!

"Darlee Jones for healing of severe back pain from fracture in the thoracic spine and for healing of bronchiectasis and pseudomonas pseudomonas in the lungs which is causing shortness of breath so severe that I can no longer walk or take care of myself. I'm 82 and pray constantly for healing if it's Gods will or to be able to tolerate the pain and discomfort.mmm mm mm"

"Joel Villarreal my Son in-law, who lost his wife, my daughter Linda M. Villarreal in a tragic car accident; both were in the vehicle that was hit, my daughter took the brunt of it from the passengers side.

He lives with the nightmare of that event daily and thinks of suicide and yet after about 2 months after burying our daughter, his wife, I think he is straying wayward looking for comfort. His wife was the best part of his life and they had a good relationship with the LORD... she taught him much in these ways, and of life. I do believe she was the bedrock! Need prayers for him to find peace and healing for his mind. "

Prayers for Joe to stop his addiction to Fentanyl, which is getting worse. Prayers for his mind to be released of constant thoughts of suicide, depression, hopelessness, and worthlessness. He is bipolar and has drug-induced schizophrenia. He is so worthy! The son I really know is being held captive deep inside by the claws of addiction and the devil. Praying for 7 years. Please God, let this be the year he stops his addiction and returns to you. A prodical son to come home to Jesus and for his salvation. Thank you.

Please pray for my husband whose white blood cell count is high. This happened last summer and he was hospitalized with lung problems. Then was sick again over Christmas last year. Now he's having the same problem again. Seeing a hematologist on November 10th. Please pray they find an answer and it's something that can easily be treated. He also battles depression and this is really bringing him down. Not having any answers is very frustrating for both of us.

Pray for my anxiety over waking up to early Myself Anita Fuller

Please pray for Andy B. For surgery to be successful and complete healing.

My son, Mike, 47 years old has been fighting cancer for over a year. He's been in the hospital for a week, this time. Drs. have found the cause of fevers and migraines and how they will treat him now...leukemia in his spinal fluid. He will go home to his family, today. Praise God!

I'd like to ask for prayers for myself. That I make better decisions. And that i can be the man that God wants me to be.

Pray for Rebecca in her new position at First Choice Pregnancy, ProLife. And for Jill, Angelica and Anita through their good work.

Prayers that people will humble themselves, so that God will heal our land.

Prayers that Ken is well and that he will let us know.

Prayers for peace and joy for Danielle.

"Governor Huckabee, Thank you so much for the daily Bible verses. This one means so much to me! I suffer from extreme anxiety. This verse brings me so much consolation, and peace inside. I didn't see anywhere else to send you this message; so I cheated a little bit. God Bless, J.E."

I'm going in for a biopsy on Tuesday on my left bosom please pray that everything is okay and that's malignant

Please pray for Carmen for healing and other issues, God knows the issues.

Prayers for my son N. He is still having serious issues with his back. Disabled army vet. Waiting on MRI. Please pray for his complete healing. Thank you so much. God bless everyone here. God is only answer for help for our families, for our country.