Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) are crowing that the defeat of a constitutional amendment in Kansas last week that would have returned the right to make abortion laws to the state legislature shows that the public is pro-abortion, and this issue will really help them at the polls in November.

But Margot Cleveland at the Federalist suspects that voters were hoodwinked by a tsunami of deceptive ads paid for by millions of dollars that poured in from outside of Kansas. Also, that they will soon regret their vote when they realize the far-reaching ramifications and how the pro-abortion movement plans to use the courts to turn Kansas into “the abortion oasis of the Midwest.”

A lot of people make documentaries, but very few change minds. But the latest from Ami Horowitz just might make a real difference.

Horowitz, who’s appeared on my TBN show, interviewed a number of gays and lesbians in San Francisco, who unanimously said they support the Palestinians and hate Israel (the only free and tolerant democracy in the Middle East.)

Then he interviewed Palestinians on the street, asking them what they think about gay people. Their response: they hate them. They consider them a “disease,” and the main cause of weakness and moral and societal rot. He also asked an imam if anyone had ever sought his advice because their child was gay. He said yes; he told them the gay person should be killed. That’s not surprising, since gay people in Palestinian society live in fear of being beaten, jailed or murdered.

Horowitz said the documentary is getting traction in the gay media, and people are “blown away” when they see it. They had no idea of the truth, they just believed the relentlessly negative anti-Israel media and the sympathetic portrayals of the Palestinian cause. This documentary could actually open some eyes and minds to the truth. You can learn more about it and see an excerpt here:

Kentucky in our prayers

August 1, 2022

Please keep the victims of the flooding in Kentucky in your prayers. The rain isn’t over yet, and so far, the death toll has risen to 28.

Today, the government will release $1 billion in disaster aid for states hit by flooding, extreme heat and wildfires.

But if you want to help those who need it in a hurry, please consider a donation to Samaritan’s Purse, who are always among the first on the scene after a natural disaster.

The Cleveland Indians finally knuckled under to leftwing activist groups and changed the team’s name to the Cleveland Guardians. So how’s that workin’ out for them? Well, local TV ratings for their games have plummeted by 30%. Live game attendance in the MLB is down 6.5% from pre-pandemic 2019, while attendance at Cleveland’s games is down (you guessed it) 30%.

Who could’ve predicted that it would be a stupid business decision to anger and insult your core customer base just to please a handful of loud activists who probably don’t even patronize your business anyway? They should’ve taken a lesson from Disney, which went woke and has lost 35% of its stock value, making it officially the worst-performing stock in the Dow Jones Average so far this year.

CNN reporter Omar Jimenez was just nominated for an Emmy Award for “Outstanding Emerging Journalist.” Even if you don’t watch CNN, you know him. He was the reporter in the famous meme from the 2020 riots, the one standing in front of burning buildings and assuring us that the protests are “fiery but mostly peaceful.”

I can’t help feeling that the Emmy Award people have made a mistake. Are they sure they didn’t mean to nominate him for Best Comedy Performance?  


Here's how bad crime has gotten under blue cities’ criminal-coddling “progressive” DA’s: the New York Post reports that NYC convenience stores have now started keeping sardines and SPAM in locked anti-theft display cabinets because shoplifters are even stealing that. You know you're either starving or a kleptomaniac when you commit robbery to get a sardine and SPAM sandwich.

I don’t see how it will help, since the next step will be bringing along crowbars and just stealing all the anti-theft display cabinets.


Monday, Walmart issued a profit warning that its second quarter income would show a decline of about 13%. That set off an after-hours slide in many retailers’ stock prices that wiped out $100 billion in stock value. The S&P retailing index is now down 24% for the year. The good news: President Biden doesn’t see a recession coming.


As you know, country singers Kelly Lang and her husband T.G. Sheppard are two of my dearest friends, and they’ve been on my TBN show many times. So I’d like to share this great article with you about Kelly’s new recording, her faith, marriage and her 17-year battle with breast cancer. What an inspiration she is to so many people!

And in case you missed it, here are Kelly and T.G. on my show, telling the story of her fight against cancer…

And the inspiring song she performed that night, “I’m Not Going Anywhere.”


Congratulations to my buddy John Rich of the country superstar duo Big & Rich on the success of his new anti-leftist anthem, “Progress.” You can read more and see the video here:

John says he has no record label, publisher or marketing deal, he just had a song that really resonates with Americans (sample lyric: “Stick your ‘progress’ where the sun don’t shine.”) Figuring Facebook and Twitter would censor it, he released it via Rumble and Truth Social. And it immediately topped the download charts, knocking Lizzo out of the #1 slot. That really is progress!

More ESG funds

July 27, 2022

Have you heard of an ESG fund? That’s an investment firm that invests based on a company’s “environmental, social and governance performances.” In other words, it's a rare example of “progressives” actually putting their own money where their mouths are, instead of someone else’s. They get to virtue-signal by betting their savings that “progressive” companies will actually return a profit. I’m glad I didn’t believe that and invest in Disney. 

But just as socialists eventually run out of other people’s money, even ESG firms can’t lose their clients’ money and still stay in business. And since the only S&P 500 sector showing year-to-date gains in this cratering Biden market is energy (thanks to his war on US fossil fuels and the resulting skyrocketing gas prices), Western Journal reports that these E(again, for “environmental”)SG firms are quietly buying…oil company stocks.

I guess it’s true: what’s really important to them is the green.

Notice to parents

July 27, 2022

Don’t send your kids to Goucher College in Maryland if you want them to learn anything about civics. That’s where media Prof. David Zurawik teaches, and he told CNN’s Brian Stelter that the January 6th Kangaroo Kommittee is giving viewers “a great civics lesson.”

Victoria Taft at PJ Media explains in detail why this illegally-composed, produced-for-TV, one-sided star chamber with no defense witnesses or attorneys, no cross-examination and no recognition of legal precedents such as executive privilege, plus its cherry-picked evidence and unchallenged hearsay testimony, is not a civics lesson. Unless you’re watching it to learn every conceivable violation of the traditional rules of civics and due process.

This is scary. I’m not even a lawyer, but I think I might understand Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan’s job better than she does.

For future reference: No, it’s not the job of the SCOTUS to tailor its rulings to conform to public opinion. It’s their job to ensure that laws abide by the Constitution, regardless of public opinion. That's why we don't pick Justices by popular elections or with an "American Idol"-style TV contest. 

As previously reported, Rep. Lee Zeldin, the GOP nominee for New York Governor, was correct when he predicted that the man who came up on stage and tried to stab him to death would be released without bail within hours under New York law. But PJ Media’s Matt Margolis makes an excellent point:

Zeldin isn’t just a typical New York citizen with no right not to be assaulted. He’s also a sitting member of Congress, which means that under US Code 351, an assault on him is a federal crime. After the New York “authorities” did nothing, the Department of Justice should have immediately stepped in and arrested his attacker on federal charges. So where are Attorney General Merrick Garland and the Biden “Justice” Department?

Just as with the attempted assassination of Justice Kavanaugh, the illegal protests at SCOTUS’ Justices’ homes and other threats, assaults and intimidation tactics, this Administration turns a blind eye to violence aimed at Republicans or conservatives. If for no other reason, all Americans of good faith need to turn out in November to throw these people out and end this partisan, two-tiered “justice” system. A nation based on the rule of law cannot survive if the people don’t believe that the system is acting fairly and justly.

I keep imagining what it would be like if Democrats had been in power when Republican Abe Lincoln was assassinated. John Wilkes Booth would have been released on his own recognizance.

Oh, and we’d still have slavery.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams attacked the Governors of Arizona and Texas as “cowards,” accusing them of busing illegal immigrants north, where they’re overwhelming NYC social services.

Just a few things wrong with that:

(A.) The reason so many illegal immigrants are pouring into America is because the guy in the White House who shares Adams’ party threw open the border and waved them all in.

(B.) Texas and Arizona are busing them to DC. If they’re showing up in New York, that might be because the guy in the White House (who, again, is Adams' fellow Democrat) has been flying them into New York under cover of darkness for months.

(C.) Unless Mayor Adams has said anything over the past 18 months in sympathy and support for the border states and towns that were being overrun with illegal immigrants under Biden’s policies, then nobody wants to hear him whine about how unfair it is that they’re now showing up in New York.

I’ve often explained that the left can't win arguments by pointing to the success of their policies (there has never been any, anywhere at any time), so they have to constantly change terms and redefine words. This is why they’re not pro-abortion, they’re pro-“reproductive justice.” George Carlin would have had a field day with the way they keep adding new syllables to make what they’re talking about less clear.

Well, with recession obviously looming, if it isn’t here already, prepare for the White House to try to convince us that the word “recession” has now been redefined, and two quarters of shrinking GDP isn’t really a “recession” but an expansion, if they can convince Americans of that. Good luck!

In the first flush of hysteria and misinformation about the meaning of the SCOTUS’ overturning of Roe v. Wade, a number of big corporations rushed to announce that they would pay for their employees to travel to other states to get abortions. Some offered up to $4,000 in expenses, which they don’t offer to employees who get pregnant and want to keep their babies, and who could really use the money. Many people suggested (and I was one of them) that despite the obvious leftist “virtue” signaling, this really had less to do with them supporting abortion rights than the fact that childless workers put in more hours and cost them less in benefits. Your babies impact their bottom line.

But as is always the case with the media, the loudest, most leftist voices got all the attention and were amplified far beyond their actual numbers. A Conference Board survey of 300 public, private, and nonprofit corporations found that 61% have taken a public stance on racial equality, 44% have taken a position on LGBT issues, and 39% have taken a public stand on “gender equality.” But only 8% have taken a public position on abortion.

There are more details and analysis on why this is so at the link, but I think this paragraph might be the key:

“Further polling suggests that Americans are disillusioned with companies wading in political waters, as 87.1 percent said it is at least somewhat likely they would stop using the product or service of the company that advocates for something they disagree with, a May Convention of States Action/Trafalgar survey found.”

Considering a recent Harvard/Harris poll found that only 10% of Americans support the current radical position of the Democrats that abortion should be legal up through the ninth month of pregnancy, maybe most CEOs just don’t want to follow the Disney model of spitting in their customers’ faces.

Memo to the White House

July 20, 2022

It’s not good PR to brag about gas prices dropping by 50 cents a gallon when they’re still $2 a gallon higher than they were when you took office.

Also, some of that is due to a temporary reduction because of releasing oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (oil Biden wouldn’t have to release if Trump hadn’t filled the SPR, which Democrats attacked him for at the time.) That's not an accomplishment. It's like paying for your groceries out of your emergency savings.

 Dr. Anthony Fauci announced that he plans to step down at the end of Joe Biden’s term. So one more reason to hope that comes as soon as possible.

Were you one of those crazy, right-wing, science-denying conspiracy theorists who didn’t believe the government officials who preached doom and lockdowns during the COVID pandemic? Well, you were right.

Here’s some encouraging evidence that if the public speaks up loudly enough, the progressive wokesters who are ruining America will be forced to listen. Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg yielded to public outrage and is dropping the murder charge against bodega clerk Jose Alba, who grabbed a knife and killed a younger, larger man with a criminal record who was attacking him.

It’s still an uphill battle, though. Alba was first hit with $250,000 bail, which was only lowered because of the public outcry. Then he faced second degree murder charges for defending his own life. The chairman of the National Association of Latino State Chambers of Commerce said, “If it weren’t for the NY Post, Mr. Alba would still be in jail.”

So the lesson is that while public outrage can help force “progressive” DAs to do the right thing, a better way to channel that outrage is to take it to the ballot box and throw these people out of power. That will prevent them from coddling criminals and prosecuting innocent citizens who defend themselves in the first place.  

Feminist author Dr. Naomi Wolf has slowly been red-pilled over the years, which naturally has led to her being attacked and censored. But it hasn’t shut her up. If anything, it’s emboldened her to keep pushing back. Now on the censorship-free platform Substack, Wolf has been doing a deep dive into the COVID pandemic, vaccine side effects and the surprising connections between the companies making the vaccines and the Chinese communist government. Her conclusion is that this was not a pandemic and a medical response, it was an act of war.

This is a long and jaw-dropping read, and obviously, I can’t vouch for the accuracy of her research. I’m sure a lot of “fact-checkers” will try to debunk it, but they’d better be able to refute her facts and numbers and not just launch ad hominem attacks. I know the media will try to suppress it, but they won’t be able to stop it from exploding on the Internet.

I am sharing it with you with the understanding that this is important food for thought that will be widely debated, so read it now and be informed when the fallout comes.

It seems that treating patriotic Americans from military families as enemies of the state and concentrating more on diversity and transgenderism than battle preparedness is not good for recruiting volunteers to join our new “woke” military. (Full article requires free registration, but there’s a link and a lengthy excerpt here.)

Related: In his brutally hilarious way, Kurt Schlichter asks the obvious question: If the Dems think they’re going to force a radical agenda onto Americans, who’s going to do it for them when cops are quitting in droves because of their insane anti-police policies and all the young people who might usually want to join the military are no longer enlisting.

Some woke college professors are demanding that archeologists stop classifying the remains of ancient humans by gender because there’s no way of knowing what gender they "identified" as. Also, they should stop telling us their race because it somehow “fuels white supremacy.”

If you’re too lazy to click the link, let me assure you, it does not take you to the Babylon Bee.

Rep. Lauren Boebert is a petite lady, but some big-talking Congress members seem to be too terrified of her to say the nasty things they post on Twitter to her face.

She was my guest on “Huckabee” this past weekend. That story has a link to a brief clip, but here’s the entire interview, which you should definitely see so you’ll be prepared to ignore the fabricated garbage that the media likes like to throw at her.

A pregnant Texas woman (SPOILER ALERT: Women can get pregnant!) is fighting a ticket for driving alone in an HOV lane by saying her baby in the womb is counted as a separate human life under Texas law. The cops said the separate passenger has to be outside the body, which I'd bet is not in the law books.

Frankly, this is the first story of the bunch that actually makes any sense. But the reactions to it are crazier than the story. The woman said she wasn’t trying to make any political statement. But some pro-abortion activists hailed her for allegedly showing how absurd a law recognizing an unborn child as a separate human being is. Other leftist commentators attacked her for promoting the idea that a child in the womb is a separate human being, which is very inconvenient for their “kill babies until the moment of birth” narrative.

If this story sounds vaguely familiar, it's because the satirists at the Babylon Bee already created something pretty similar, proving how hard it is for comedy writers to stay ahead of the actual news these days:

During Wednesday’s House Oversight Committee hearing on abortion, Rhode Island Democratic Rep. Dave Cicilline took umbrage at the Republican claim that Democrats want to allow abortion through the ninth month of pregnancy. He declared, “The notion that anyone is suggesting that abortion should happen up until the moment of birth is an absurdity and deeply offensive.”

I would agree, except that it took about half a nanosecond for Twitter users to remind Cicilline that a Democrat bill with the deliberately misleading name of “The Women’s Health Protection Act” would have negated all state abortion restrictions and allowed for abortion through the ninth month, even at taxpayer expense. Every Senate Democrat except Joe Manchin and every House Democrat except Henry Cuellar voted for it. That means Dave Cicilline himself voted for it.

There are a lot of reasons why the House needs to be taken away from the Democrats and given back to the Republicans, but one of the top reasons is that we need Representatives who actually read bills instead of passing them and then finding out what's in them. Or in Rep. Cicilline’s case, never finding out what’s in them.

Do you like to go on vacation towing your trailer? Then you’re really going to love being forced to drive an electric car. Getting there will be half the ordeal as you see America close up, stopping every 100 miles to recharge your battery or waiting alongside some of the nation’s most scenic roadsides for the (gas-powered) tow truck to show up.

Or maybe you could buy a big, powerful electric pickup truck to tow your trailer. Chances are, though, your truck will be what ends up getting towed.

President Biden does continue to make history and bring Americans together. Unfortunately, it’s because he keeps hitting historic new lows in polls as more and more Americans agree that he’s a really terrible President. The latest Civiqs poll shows his approval rating is now at 29%, the first time he’s slipped below 30%.

Nick Arama at has more details and asks the same question I keep asking: “Who are the 29% who think he’s doing a great job?”

Related: Even Democrats and the liberal media are finally starting to address the uncomfortable but inevitable question: “How do we get rid of this guy?”

A Tale of Two Standards

July 11, 2022

Jill Biden (inaccurately) tweeted that “women have had the right to make decisions about our own bodies…stolen from us.” A retired three-star general replied, “Glad to see you finally know what a woman is.” For that pointedly humorous (and I think, quite reasonable) response, he has been suspended from his job as an expert mentor and advisor to active duty officers pending an “inquiry.” I hope that the “inquiry” confirms that we do, indeed, have a First Amendment.

Naturally, a lot of us are waiting to see what the official response will be to the female soldier who made a splash on Twitter with a video of her railing against the Dobbs decision and demanding, “How am I supposed to swear to support and defend the Constitution and a country that treats its women like second-class citizens?”

Sorry, but that seems to me to be a much more strident public political statement than the general's, and one that calls into question her loyalty to her country. And she’s still an active duty soldier. Will there be an “inquiry” or a suspension? Will she be given a pass because she’s expressing the “correct” viewpoint? Or will she be discharged so she can go work at MSNBC?

This deserves mockery

July 11, 2022

I apologize in advance for making you read this Spanish Inquisition-level torturing of the English language in the name of “inclusivity.” I fear it will birth quite a headache for you.

Here’s some funny and well-deserved mockery of it to help wash this convoluted wokeness out of your head.

Jerone for Congress

July 11, 2022

Jerone Davison is a pastor, speaker, author and former NFL player who is running in the GOP primary for Arizona’s 4th Congressional District. He’s all about restoring the Bill of Rights and protecting free speech. And he used his own free speech to create a startling campaign ad that went viral and has Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) melting down like Chernobyl. This is a must-see.

If you want to know more about him, here’s his website:

On the subject of guns, the immensely silly Michael Moore has taken it upon himself to write a new Constitutional Amendment to replace the Second Amendment. I’ve noted before when he floated this idea that you can’t repeal the Bill of Rights because it’s not a list of privileges that the government grants us, it’s a list of GOD-GIVEN rights that the government can’t take away. I assume Moore’s suggestion means he thinks of himself as God, which is hardly surprising.

Anyway, his proposal is just as oppressive, unwieldy and stupid as you might imagine. Mike Miller at takes it apart like a wonky car engine.

And as a perfect follow-up, gun expert and attorney Colion Noir answers the question Democrats keep asking: “Why does anyone need an AR-15?”

By the way, that link not only contains some great quotable gun rights arguments, but some eye-opening stats on just how few Americans actually trust the government to do what’s right – and includes only 29% of Democrats.

If you haven’t yet heard the infuriating story of New York City bodega clerk Jose Alba, who killed a violent attacker in self-defense and (unlike the dangerous criminal who attacked him) is being treated like a dangerous criminal by NYC DA Alvin Bragg, this is a good recap of the twists and turns so far.

Bipartisan public outrage got Alba’s sky-high bail reduced so he’s out of jail, but still wearing an ankle monitor and possibly facing charges. And here’s a new political twist: New York won’t let voters recall criminal-coddling woke prosecutors, but they can be fired by the Governor. Democrat Gov. Kathy Hochul won’t do it, but her Republican challenger Lee Zeldin says that firing Bragg will be on his Day 1 To-Do list. So, reason #10,903 for New Yorkers to go back to voting Republican.

Elon Musk has withdrawn his $44 billion offer to buy Twitter, claiming the social media site violated the agreement by making false and misleading representations and refusing to provide information on how many fake or spam accounts are included in its total users. The Twitter board is threatening to sue to force Musk to close the deal. Some analysts predict it will go through eventually, only Musk might pay less than he initially offered.

If Musk walks away from Twitter, the big losers would be anyone who thinks that social media should be politically impartial and protect freedom of speech, since Twitter without Musk would likely continue under the supervision of the same Silicon Valley censors and socialists that Musk would have rightly fired. It would be a shame if that doesn’t happen, but on the other hand, who can blame him for not wanting to have to deal with that pack of whining, entitled snowflakes?

Sen. Joe Manchin has reportedly agreed to help Chuck Schumer pass a bill to reduce prescription drug costs. This was originally part of the “Build Back Better” bill. For some reason, it was impossible to pass it without also spending $5 trillion on a bunch of leftist wish list stuff, but now that Democrats desperately need any kind of win before the election, it isn’t impossible anymore. Funny how that works.

Apparently, they’re running out of people to give the Presidential Medal of Freedom to. How else to explain President Biden awarding it to someone who has so much contempt for America, she refuses even to stand up during the National Anthem?

Her other accomplishments include helping to divide and undermine the US Olympic women’s soccer team, telling girls that women’s sports aren’t that important so they should just shut up about biological men taking all their trophies and scholarships, and driving countless Subway customers to boycott sandwiches just because they foolishly signed her to an endorsement deal.

On the other hand, she did provide us with some entertaining facial expressions as Biden fumbled to put the medal on her.

The European Union voted to condemn the US Supreme Court’s ruling overturning Roe v. Wade and sending abortion back to the states’ elected legislatures.

As Rebecca Downs notes at that link, a study by the Charlotte Lozier Institute found that no European nation allows elective abortion through all nine months of pregnancy, and “47 out of 50 countries in Europe do not allow elective abortions or they limit elective abortions to 15 weeks or earlier.”

So wait, she’s saying that EU bureaucrats have no idea what they’re talking about, and they’re hypocritical ignoramuses who should butt out of our business? Well, knock me over with a feather!

A new Gallup survey found that Americans’ confidence in our institutions has fallen to all-time lows.

The institution with the most support (68%) is small business, followed by the military at 64% (but that’s down 5% since last year, largely due to Republicans upset with the wokeness, vaccine mandates and general incompetence of current Pentagon brass.) The biggest drop in confidence was in the Presidency, down 15 points from 38 to 23% since one year ago. Scraping the bottom of the poll were TV news (11% have confidence in that) and Congress (7%, down from 12% in one year.) Used car salesmen and palm readers probably have higher levels of confidence. I’m sure the lesson they’ll take from that is that they need to schedule a lot more January 6th hearings.

RIP James Caan

July 9, 2022

By “Huckabee” pop culture guru Pat Reeder (

I had to come back from vacation to mention that actor James Caan died Wednesday at 82.

Caan’s most indelible role was as the tragically hotheaded Sonny Corleone in “The Godfather,” a role that he complained typecast him so much that he was twice voted “Italian of the Year” despite not being Italian. But his filmography is filled with great films of all genres, from thrillers to dramas to comedies, including “Thief,” “Rollerball,” “Brian’s Song,” “Honeymoon in Vegas,” “Misery,” “Bottle Rocket,” “The Gambler,” “Elf” and many more.

Variety film critic Owen Gleiberman takes a look at Caan’s career and makes the case for his talent, versatility and huge contributions to movies and TV over the past six decades.

The campaign to recall Los Angeles’ disastrous leftist District Attorney George Gascon reports that it collected 717,000 signatures to get on the ballot, about 150,000 more than needed. Of course, they now have to be verified, so expect the Democrat establishment to do everything it can to reject signatures. Isn’t it funny how vital it is to scrupulously verify signatures when you’re trying to keep a failed leftist from being thrown out of office, but when you’re trying to elect one, signature verification is an assault on democracy.

I would like to extend our prayers and condolences to the people of Japan, following the shocking assassination of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe as he was giving a speech on a street in Nara, Japan. Police arrested the alleged shooter, who reportedly had built a homemade gun.

Tributes are pouring in from leaders worldwide, including this statement from former President Trump, which was sent before news came that Abe had died: "Absolutely devastating news that former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan, a truly great man and leader, has been shot, and is in very serious condition. He was a true friend of mine and, much more importantly, America. This is a tremendous blow to the wonderful people of Japan, who loved and admired him so much. We are all praying for Shinzo and his beautiful family!"

Mike Pence tweeted that "Abe-san was a remarkable leader of Japan and an unshakeable ally of the U.S.” This is a breaking story. There are more details at the link above, and more updates coming.

Woody Williams RIP

July 5, 2022

I am sad to have to report the passing of a genuine American hero,  The last surviving World War II Medal of Honor recipient, Hershel “Woody” Williams, died this morning at 98. All of us here extend our prayers and sympathies to his two daughters and their families, and our gratitude to this remarkable Marine who was honored for his outstanding heroism in the Battle of Iwo Jima. You can read more about him here:

Better yet, click on this link to see the salute we produced to him and fellow Marine Charles “Bert” Mulligan on “Huckabee” and the interview that I was honored to have with Hershel “Woody” Williams.

Democrats are still going through the various stages of grief before accepting that Roe v. Wade is dead, and the rest of us are having to deal with their paroxysms of anger, bargaining and denial. Here are a couple of examples of high-level government officials spit balling ways to circumvent or just ignore the Supreme Court, none of which are going to work.

But here’s a suggestion for something they could do that’s actually within the scope of their powers: if they want to make it easier for women to drive to other states for abortions, they could get the cost of gasoline back down to $2 a gallon. Will they? Don’t count on it.

Hilarious suggestion

June 28, 2022

With all the grim news about riots and threats to the Supreme Court (many of them on Twitter, which I notice is banning precious few of the leftists writing them), we all owe thanks to the anonymous Reddit poster who came up with this hilarious suggestion.

Blaming rural conservative Christians for electing Trump and causing the end of Roe, the poster wrote that “the radical Christians are found in the rural areas. Their towns are defenseless, they have almost no cops and their firemen are volunteers. They have to borrow cops and firemen from neighboring jurisdictions miles away in order to handle anything big. And they think they're safe out there. Forget burning cities, cities are on our sides. It's time for rural areas to feel the heat. You show up 100 deep in every rural town in a 50 mile radius intent on revolution, you'll crash their system and make them pay.”

As you might imagine, the responses to that were hilarious. In addition to lots of quotes from Hank Williams Jr’s’ “A Country Boy Can Survive,” here are a few of my favorites (some paraphrased for brevity):

“This is cute”…Rural people have been stockpiling ammo for two years, just in hopes that Antifa would show up…”The worst idea in the history of worst ideas ever”…”Those Christians will be happy to hear they’re that desperate to meet Jesus”…Rural people don’t need police because they’re heavily armed, they’ve been aiming for the head and the heart on man-shaped targets since they were kids, and they love to put on camouflage and hide in swamps and up trees for hours, just waiting for the chance to kill something…And the favorite line of most readers: “There will be no calls to 911.”

In case any man-bunned Antifa members have a death wish and are thinking of attacking rural America where there are countless guns and no police to protect them, here’s a reminder of what happened when a few actually tried it in 2020. The commie revolutionaries tried to disrupt a kids’ birthday party and barely managed to escape alive. And this was just in the suburbs!

Warning: bad language alert!

As predicted, the House passed the gun control bill approved by 15 Senate Republicans and all the Democrats, and President Biden signed it into law. He predicted that it will “save lives.”

I have a feeling that more lives will be saved by the SCOTUS ruling that Americans can carry guns for self-protection against Democrat-created violence. Ironically, that’s being roundly denounced by liberal celebrities who live in places that are well-insulated from the violence the politicians they support create, but who have armed guards protecting them at all times, just in case.

This story isn’t getting much media attention, but it should be trumpeted far and wide to help throw cold water on some of the lunatics screaming for violence over the end of Roe v. Wade. In a long-overdue development, a man who traveled from Indianapolis to Portland to thrown homemade IEDs at police during the BLM/Antifa “mostly peaceful” riots, and who was bailed out by a group called Portland Freedom, was charged with 26 felonies and was just sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Another Court Victory

June 24, 2022

Thursday, all the hoo-haw over the Supreme Court’s gun law ruling drowned out the news that the Court delivered another victory for Republicans and voter integrity laws in North Carolina.

The GOP legislature passed a voter ID requirement there. The NAACP sued, citing all the “Jim Crow 2.1/voter suppression” rhetoric that we heard about Georgia’s election integrity law despite the numbers of voters greatly increasing. GOP legislators said the state's Democrat Attorney General is not defending the law adequately (a Democrat attorney general letting politics determine how he does his job? Inconceivable!!) and sued to take over the defense themselves, which they argued is their right under state law. The SCOTUS agreed.

First it was swimming, now the International Rugby League is moving to bar trans women from competing in women’s rugby leagues. It’s a long-overdue return of sanity and recognition of the biological reality that post-pubescent males have physical advantages that make it not only unfair for them to compete against women, but also dangerous in a rough contact sport like rugby.

President Biden seems fixated on facilitating “transitions,” whether it’s promoting gender transition surgery or transitioning us from gas to electric cars and from a boom economy to a bust economy. So you might be interested to know that we’ve just transitioned into a new phase of dealing with a possible recession.

His spokespeople have transitioned from “the economy is strong and inflation is transitory” to “inflation will be here a while, but the economy is still strong” to “the economy is having problems but a recession is inconceivable” to “a recession is conceivable but not inevitable or imminent.” Now, the latest transition: Biden press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre assured us that all the great things Biden has done for the economy, like passing the American Rescue Plan, are “going to help us deal with a recession.”

Personally, I suspect that the transition from bad to worse will only be reversed when we transition from Democrat “governance” to Republican.

Speaking of stunningly out-of-touch media members, Washington Post columnist Michelle Singletary is getting major blowback for her appearance Wednesday on MSNBC in which she arrogantly lectured Americans to “stop complaining” about inflation and high gas prices because “Overall, many Americans are not suffering as much as they think they are.”

She said a lot of Americans are “uncomfortable that they’re spending more, but they are not gonna go under…There are Americans who did extremely well in the last two years in the market. You still have your job. And yeah, it’s costing you more for gas, but guess what? You’re still going to take that holiday, that Fourth of July vacation, you can still eat out, so I’m gonna need you to calm down and back off.” Yeah, how dare you peasants complain when you're not totally bankrupt yet?

She also accused them of “thinking” a recession into existence with their negative attitudes.

As reported at the link, conservative commentators suggested that the GOP run this as a campaign ad to show working Americans exactly what "progressives" in Washington think of them.

North Dakota Republican Sen. Kevin Cramer suffered a serious injury to his right hand over the weekend while working in the yard. He underwent surgery, and is staying close to medical care due to a high risk of infection and possible amputation. He will be away from the Senate until after July 4th.

As you can see, he’s in good spirits and keeping his sense of humor. I hope you’ll join me in sending prayers for a full recovery.

The Democrats pushed to spend a trillion borrowed dollars on infrastructure, and now it looks as if few of those projects will be built because their other bad policies have caused shortages of necessary construction materials like pipe, asphalt and more; a shortage of workers; and surging costs of materials and fuel due to inflation that are putting projects way over budget before they even get started.

It’s as if their policies are so awful that their negative effects are canceling out their other awful policies in a perfect storm of incompetence. However, I'm sure they'll look at this and say it proves that they need to spend even more borrowed dollars to offset the skyrocketing costs caused by spending the original borrowed dollars. I believe this is called "chasing your own tail."

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz says that between March and June 1, the IRS bought $700,000 worth of ammunition.

Considering how little shooting IRS agents do, that seems like an awful lot of bullets. Gaetz’s theory is that President Biden can’t ban guns, but they’re using the IRS to buy up all the ammo and create a shortage, to prevent American citizens from being able to buy bullets. That’s a provocative theory, but personally, I wouldn’t discount the notion that Democrats really do want the IRS to be able to rob us all at gunpoint.

A disturbing new Gallup poll found that 81% of Americans say they believe in God. While that might sound high, up until 2011, it was over 90%. In the 1950s and ‘60s, it was 98%.

What’s pulling down the number is Democrats, only 72% of whom believe in God. That drop is fueled by self-identified liberals. As I’ve said before, I think they have rejected God but still have a need to fill the hole in their souls, so they fill it with worship of government and false gods, like charismatic politicians and celebrities. It’s a dangerous trend for the nation, and for these people personally, as well as for the young people who are being led astray by their empty philosophy.

Fewer Americans may believe in God, but those of us who do should keep praying harder than ever that God keeps believing in America.

I hope that if you had to travel by air this weekend that you weren’t caught up in the chaos caused by the cancellation of up to 6,500 flights.

There are all sorts of excuses being given: storms (although many stranded passengers said the weather was fine along their routes), the growing summer travel crush, pilot fatigue, and shortages of staffers and pilots as business roars back after the pandemic. In a perfect metaphor for the effectiveness of the Biden Administration, Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg had to drive from Washington to New York City last week after his own flight was cancelled.

Buttigieg held a virtual meeting last week with airline executives to ask what they were doing to avoid a repeat of Memorial Day weekend when 1700 flights were canceled or delayed (there was a repeat of it anyway, only worse.) Buttigieg said he pushed the airlines to make sure they had sufficient staff and warned that the TSA could take action if they fail to deliver reliable service to the public.

Boy, it’s a good thing government doesn’t have to live up to that standard! It must be nice to be able to threaten airlines for not having enough pilots and staffers after spending the first year of your Administration threatening them if they didn’t fire pilots and staffers who refused to get vaccinated.

In a welcome (and surprising) victory for sanity and biological science, on Sunday, the International Swimming Federation FINA put an end to “Lia” Thomas’ and other “trans” swimmers’ domination of women’s swimming events by banning “trans” swimmers from women’s events if they haven’t completed their “transitions” by age 12.

A spokesman said science (and common sense) has shown that males who “transition” after puberty have a number of unfair physical advantages over female swimmers. To be clear, he said, “They’re not saying everyone should transition by age 11, that’s ridiculous. You can’t transition by that age in most countries and, hopefully, you wouldn’t be encouraged to. Basically, what they’re saying is that it is not feasible for people who have transitioned to compete without having an advantage.” (Warning: just because it's "ridiculous" doesn't mean some people won't pick it up and run with it.)

FINA also created an “open” category, where it is assumed that trans athletes could compete on a level playing field, but details have yet to be worked out. It will be interesting to see if Thomas and other trans athletes remain as eager to compete when it’s no longer a slam dunk.

Another day, another lie so blatant it insults our intelligence. No, President Biden, inflation is not “worse everywhere but here.” Here are the numbers:

Among 44 advanced economies in the analysis, the US ranked 13th for inflation. That’s unusually high; we’ve been among the nations with the lowest inflation for decades. Something happened recently that caused it to explode. Here’s a hint: it’s because of the terrible policies of the leader of a large nation. That’s right: it’s obviously Putin’s fault.

Remember the story of the horseback Border Patrol agents who were falsely accused of “whipping” migrants at the border, but photos from a different angle showed that the "whips" were just their reins flying loosely? They were cleared of any criminal wrongdoing, which the media barely reported, even after President Biden and others had leapt to conclusions and publicly smeared them as violent racists. You’d think they might be owed an apology. But instead, they will reportedly face punishment for “administrative violations.”

Personally, for the way they've been treated, I think this Administration deserves to have its carpets violated by their horses

I’m sure this person thinks she’s doing something noble, but the practical effect is to prevent a pet from finding a loving home just because of petty political differences. I love my dogs so much, I let them take over my TV show once. But I also own guns. Would I not be allowed to adopt a dog from her shelter?

Many animal shelters are at capacity and turning animals away due to so many people giving up their pets because of the economy (inflation, moving to smaller places that don’t allow pets, etc.) Even if you can’t go to her shelter, if you have the money and room to give a pet a home, now would be a great time. Dogs, cats, parrots and exotics are all in need of loving homes. And if you can’t take one in, shelters are strapped for cash to cover the rising costs of food and vet care, so any donations are also much appreciated.

President Biden’s new spokesperson said she wants Americans to remember how things were in America on the day Biden “walked into office.” Unfortunately for her, the RNC remembers well, and they reminded her exactly how things were, from $2.39 gas to 1.4% inflation,

As long as the Biden folks are urging us to remember the past, here’s a reminder that six months ago, they predicted that the average gas price this year would be $2.88 a gallon.

Sometimes, it takes an outsider to point out the obvious to people who are standing too close to see it. Here’s a perfect example. Meet the defector from North Korea who’s very concerned about the leftwing indoctrination of young children in American schools, which she says is “exactly the dictator’s handbook,” and she ought to know.

With 94% of precincts counted from Tuesday’s primary election,

Cumberland County, Maine’s, Democratic incumbent District Attorney Jonathan Sahrbeck has conceded defeat to challenger Jackie Sartoris. Sartoris won 65-35% with over $380,000 in backing from an outside PAC funded by George Soros.

There is no Republican running, so that means locals are about to get their very own Soros-backed “progressive,” pro-justice reform D.A. In other words, you might want to start packing up and get your house on the market in a hurry before the criminals take over completely.

While there were higher profile races on the ballot in Tuesday's primaries, the biggest news came in a special election to fill Texas’ 34th District House seat that was thrown open by the resignation of Democratic Rep. Filemon Vela. In the largely Hispanic district that runs from east of San Antonio to Brownsville, Republican Mayra Flores flipped the seat to red by beating Democrat Dan Sanchez 51-43%.

Sanchez is a Catholic and a very rare staunch pro-life Democrat, which made him less than popular with the national Party, but should have helped him in that district. Despite that, the Republican won big in a district that Joe Biden carried by 13 points in 2020. Ms Flores thanked God, her family and the voters, and said, “I look forward to standing strong for our conservative values of faith, family, and freedom and to earning the opportunity to serve our community further in the months to come.”

Her parents brought her to the US when she was six, which makes her not only a woman who flipped a seat against long odds, but also the first Mexican-born Congress member in history. All of that would no doubt make her a media darling if she were a Democrat. Since she’s a Republican, we’ll have to wait and see whether the media decides to vilify her or just pretend she doesn’t exist.

But she does. And she will occupy a seat in a Hispanic majority district that used to be blue.

President Biden continues to boast about how great the economy is doing under his “leadership,” and that draws applause from Jimmy Kimmel’s easy-to-please studio audience. But it’s getting to be a harder sell with each passing day. Here’s a round-up of just some of the latest economic news:

Monday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged by another 800 points, erasing all gains made since the first of the year and officially putting us into a bear market. The S&P 500 is now down 20% since January. Before you let any economic ignoramuses gloat that it’s just hurting billionaires, note that millions of Americans have 401K’s invested in the market, and they just saw their retirement funds take a huge nosedive.

The Labor Department reports that the producer price index rose 0.8% in May to 10.8% higher than a year before. That’s close to a 40-year high. Click for more details on what the PPI is and how it affects your wallet.

The National Federation of Independent Business reports that its Small Business Optimism Index dropped in May, as it has every month since January. The percentage of small business owners expecting better conditions over the next six months is now at an all-time low.

Unfortunately, I could go on and on with economic stories like this, but I try to look on the bright side, so here goes…

If you download the 7-11 app, you can get three slices of pizza for $3.

Sorry, that’s all I’ve got.

Prayers for Toby Keith

June 15, 2022

Our prayers today for country superstar Toby Keith, who revealed that he’s been fighting stomach cancer for the past six months. He put out this message on social media:

"Last fall I was diagnosed with stomach cancer. I've spent the last 6 months receiving chemo, radiation and surgery. So far, so good. I need time to breathe, recover and relax…I am looking forward to spending this time with my family. But I will see the fans sooner than later. I can't wait."

Keith has been performing throughout his treatment, but he’s canceled an upcoming show at the Ohio State Fair. I know we all wish him well and hope he’ll be fully recovered and back performing soon, and I hope he’ll drop by my TBN show. Here’s one of my favorite moments from my former show on Fox News, when I got the chance to talk to Toby and then back him up on bass.

One of the most audacious gaslighting operations ever attempted is going on now, as Democrats try to convince us that they never wanted to defund the police, and that all those deadly, fiery riots of 2020 were mostly just peaceful protests. For anyone who has the long-term memory of a brain-damaged housecat, here’s a reminder:

Fox News examined White House visitors’ logs and found several meetings over the past year between President Biden and his top aides and some of the biggest activists in the “Defund The Police” movement. Maybe we need to remind Joe Biden of those meetings, too. Possibly, he just forgot them.

A Tennessee sheriff is warning people not to grab any folded dollar bills they see laying around. Drug dealers are using folded dollar bills to conceal doses of fentanyl and methamphetamines, which can be dangerous and even deadly just to touch.

Be sure to warn your kids that if they see a folded dollar bill in a playground, park, etc., don’t assume it’s their lucky day and pick it up. Notify a parent, guardian or police officer.

Americans are fed up with violent crime waves sparked by Soros-backed “progressive” D.A.’s who think that “progress” means repealing all the laws and letting criminals run wild. First, the most liberal voting population in America overwhelmingly voted to recall San Francisco D.A. Chesa Boudin. Now, Republican state lawmakers in Pennsylvania are moving to impeach Philadelphia’s disastrous D.A. Larry Krasner.

They cite plenty of grounds, from dereliction of duty to allowing chaos to reign in the streets to loss of public confidence to flatly declaring that Krasner has “completely lost his mind.” As if to prove that last charge, Krasner declared that the move to impeach him is “unconstitutional.” Funny how these leftist D.A.’s don’t care about the law when someone is carjacking a citizen or looting a store, but they suddenly become sticklers for following the law when it’s about to be used to kick them out of office.

Hey, look, someone is actually doing something to stop future school shootings: Ohio’s Governor just signed a new law allowing schools to let staffers be armed after undergoing firearms safety training.

Hardening school security is the one measure that’s actually been shown to work, so expect liberals to react with horror.

Why is it that the media treat any deviation from far-left dogma as being “radical” and “out of the mainstream,” when it’s actually the leftists who are out of touch with most Americans?

Here’s more proof: a new Harvard/Harris poll found that 54% of likely voters support some restrictions on abortion. Only a miniscule 8% support allowing abortion up until birth, a stance recently supported by 49 out of 50 Democrat Senators.

As for all the radical “gender identity” redefinitions of basic biological fact, a new YouGov For Save poll found that Americans overwhelmingly oppose it, 63-37%.

Yet despite that overwhelming consensus, Twitter once again locked the Libs of TikTok account just for reposting posts by the defenders of a Dallas gay club’s drag event for children. Twitter accused them of violating its policy on “abuse and harassment.” But as the Babylon Bee’s Seth Dillon pointed out, “You know what’s actually abusive? Drag shows for kids.”

Over the weekend, President Biden attended the Summit of the Americas conference in Los Angeles. I think it’s safe to say that it did not go well, as you can read here:

Biden refused to invite Cuba, which is one of the few things I’ve agreed with him on. But because of that, the nations most responsible for illegal immigration to the US – Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Bolivia and El Salvador – boycotted the meeting, which was largely concerned with illegal immigration, while those did attend slammed Biden for not including Cuba. So there was a lot of America-bashing and very little accomplished. Pretty much a typical international summit meeting.

“Saturday Night Live” spent four years savaging Donald Trump as a crude sexual abuser, but was some of that just projection? A former “SNL” intern who worked on the show between the ages of 15 and 17 is suing NBC, “SNL” and former cast member Horatio Sanz, claiming that Sanz gave her alcohol and sexually assaulted her at a cast after party in 2002.

In an affidavit filed this week, the woman claims that other cast members, including Tina Fey, Will Ferrell and Maya Rudolph, saw the assault and did nothing. Also, that Jimmy Fallon and Sanz invited her to the party. Sanz’s attorney called the accusation “false,” “ludicrous” and “totally meritless.” If anything is synonymous with clean, responsible behavior, it’s “SNL” after parties.

Well, I’ve finally found a poll where President Biden has a majority approval rating. He’s at 52% approval among Mexicans in Mexico.

Which prompts the obvious question for Mexico: “Do YOU want him?” We’re willing to trade him for a case of La Sierra refried beans and one of those cup-and-ball toys…Okay, how about a can of refried beans? But that’s our final offer!...Nah, I was just bluffing: take him for free…No? How about if we throw in Kamala Harris, too?...

Laugh of the Day

June 10, 2022

Democratic strategist James Carville declared that the Democrats have a “much, much better record on crime” than Republicans, pointing out that crime rates “skyrocketed” under the last year of Trump’s term.

In case you’re not old enough to remember 2020, that would be the year when Democrat officials in blue cities defunded police and allowed Democrat rioters to take over and ransack their cities and attack citizens and police, while Democrat prosecutors emptied the jails and refused to prosecute criminals in the name of “justice reform,” as the Democrat Vice Presidential candidate raised money for a fund that bailed out the few rioters who were actually arrested so they could go right back to doing it again.

And whose fault was it that the crime rate went up? Obviously, Trump and the Republicans.

This is another of those claims that’s less a political argument than an I.Q. test. If you believe it at all, you flunk.

Prayers for Kansas City

June 10, 2022

Our prayers for those who suffered damage to homes, businesses and a Kansas City church yesterday when powerful tornadoes swept through the upper Midwest. At this writing, there are no reports of deaths or injuries, but there’s extensive property damage and thousands of Ohioans are without power.

Watch a reporter in Michigan try to force a GM executive who’s touting “clean” electric cars to admit where the power comes from to charge them. Her answer is on the level of "The wall outlet?"

A power and light official finally steps in to inform her that 95% of local electricity comes from coal-fired power plants. Also something to think about as this Administration is pushing EVs while making gas unaffordable, while also shutting down coal-fired power plants even as we’re being warned of upcoming summer power shortages and blackouts. Come summer, that GM exec might not be the only one pushing electric vehicles. A lot of owners might be pushing them home.

Good article by Liz Peek at The Hill on why trying to force-feed Americans a rabidly partisan, wall-to-wall televised show trial about a riot that happened 17 months ago is not going to reverse the Democrats’ electoral fortunes. It’s more likely to backfire by dividing Americans even more instead of healing and bringing us together, which marks yet another broken Biden campaign promise.

Incidentally, while all the TV networks are willing to cheat their stockholders by giving up valuable prime time for this in-kind campaign contribution to Democrats, they seem to forget that unlike in Watergate hearing days, Americans have a lot more viewing options. We’re no longer forced to watch something just because it’s on all the broadcast networks.

If you can’t find the Republican response (and the media are doing everything in their power to make sure you can’t), there are still countless other options that I suspect most people will avail themselves of, from reruns of “Friends” to Ricky Gervais’ new comedy special on Netflix. My personal recommendation: before seeing the new “Top Gun” sequel, refresh your memory of the original by streaming it free with your Amazon Prime subscription. It will remind you of the ‘80s, a time of great patriotism and prosperity under a Republican President who actually seemed to love America.

New Kind of Gas Tax

June 10, 2022

There are three reasons that you should read this story by Alex Parker at on a move by New Zealand’s government to tax farmers on the gas their livestock pass. (1.) It illustrates so well the insane zealotry of today’s radical green movement; (2.) It shows just how oppressive and intrusive governments can become if you don’t have a Bill of Rights to rein them in; and (3.) It’s hilarious if you’re immature enough to appreciate how many flatulence jokes Parker works into it.

The latest disturbing scandal to rock Hollywood involves Ezra Miller, star of the Warner Brothers’ comic book TV series, “The Flash.” According to TMZ, Miller couldn’t move fast enough to avoid being arrested for alleged sexual abuse of several women. Now, he's also accused of giving drugs and alcohol to a minor Native American girl and trafficking her internationally for four years.

Making the story even more confusing, the girl allegedly released a statement denying that she’d been trafficked and attacking her parents, but they reportedly don’t believe she wrote it and suspect it was Miller controlling her social media accounts. The story at the link suggests that the studio knew Miller was trouble for quite a while but perhaps took no action because he claims to be “non-binary” and uses the pronouns “they/them,” so they might have feared being attacked by the LGBTQ lobby.

This is all still so murky that it’s hard to know yet what is the truth. Except for the fact that Hollywood has no business lecturing anyone else about morality or how to raise our children.

I don’t think they quite get what “religious faith” means: C. Douglas Golden of Western Journal reports that on Monday, Vice President Harris spoke at the Los Angeles Federal of Labor to a roundtable of faith leaders on “reproductive health” (translation: trying to convince people who believe in the sanctity of life that abortion is cool.)

In her allegedly faith-related speech, Harris never mentioned God or Jesus, but she said the word “I” 21 times. When she did mention faith, it was in reference to “faith in each other, in our nation, and in our future,” but not faith in God.

I’m beginning to understand why they think our God-given rights listed in the Bill of Rights are actually privileges that they allow us to enjoy.

A new study shows that the $332 million "Zuckerbucks" given by Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and his wife Priscilla Chan to the Center for Tech and Civic Life were distributed on a highly partisan basis to influence the 2020 election. But we knew that.

This report is a must-read, especially the last paragraph, which explains a lot.

There are two more mass shootings to report as we go to press. Saturday night in Summerton, South Carolina, someone staged a drive-by shooting at a high school graduation party. At least one person died and seven were injured. Police believe this was gang-related and connected to previous drive-by shootings.

And in Chattanooga, three people were killed and 14 injured in a shooting outside a nightclub at 2:42 a.m. on Sunday morning. All were adults except for one juvenile who shouldn’t have been there for any number of reasons. This comes one weekend after six juveniles were wounded in an exchange of gunfire in downtown Chattanooga.

I hope you will join me in praying for the victims and their families. And also praying that our leaders will look closely at those stories about minors running wild at night and shooting indiscriminately at people and realize we have a serious problem in America that can’t be solved simply by banning certain hardware.

It’s become a fascinating academic exercise to keep up with President Biden’s poll numbers. I’ve been in politics for years, and it’s a rare thing to see approval numbers this bad for anyone who isn't embroiled in a major scandal (that the media will actually cover.)

The latest ABC/Ipsos poll finds Biden now breaking into the 20%-to-70% approval-disapproval range on some issues. Monkeypox has better approval numbers than that.

On his handling of inflation, he’s at 28% approval, 71% disapproval. On gas prices, he’s at 27% approval, 72% disapproval. Question: Who approves of current gas prices? Did they poll OPEC sheiks and bicycle salesmen?

Another ominous sign for Democrats: a staggering 80% of voters agreed that inflation will be the deciding factor over which party they vote for. So at least the Democrats will have the votes of people who like paying more for things.

Further pushing the takeover of women’s sports by biological males who claim to “identify” as women, not only did a “trans” cyclist win one of Great Britain’s top female bicycle races, but another one won second place. The highest a biological woman (if such a thing still exists) placed was third.

Critics pointed out that the victory photos showed the top two placers celebrating while the woman who came in third was tending to her child. They called it a perfect metaphor for current gender ideology: “Men first, women and children’s needs last.”

Incidentally, the first place finisher, “Emily” Bridges, was racing and winning in men’s competitions as recently as February and is registered in the British National Omnium as a man. One commenter on Twitter wrote, “If injustice doesn’t inspire fury, you’re morally defunct.”

The sad part of this is that it’s the criticism of it that inspires fury on the left, where “trans rights” now completely trample women’s rights to the point that many women are afraid even to speak up about this obvious outrage. One who isn’t is Post Millennial writer Libby Emmons, who tweeted, “Women don’t matter to anyone. No one in power cares if women are marginalized, commodified, colonized or erased. Feminists fought for equality, then gave it all back as soon as men demanded it.”

Let’s hope that after November, there will be people back in power who do care about this.

Congratulations to Virginia Rep. Donald Beyer for finding a way to combine the Democrats’ two favorite policies into one proposal: taking away your AR-15s by putting a 1,000% tax on them.

This would add $5,000 to $20,000 to the cost of buying an AR-15 rifle. The response from gun rights advocates was swift, with some, such as the Latino Rifle Association, making the interesting point that the Democrats’ response is always to make it harder for poor and marginalized communities to buy guns while wealthy people can still easily afford them. I would add that it’s those very people – poor minorities – who most need guns to protect their families since they tend to live in blue cities where Democrats have cut police while refusing to jail criminals.

Proving that no place is safe from efforts to sexualize children, a gay club in Dallas, Texas, made news with a disgusting event called the “Drag the Kids To Pride” drag show. I’m not even going to describe what these children were subjected to, but you can see it and read about it at this link (warning: bad language in some of the videos, and you might want to bleach your eyeballs after seeing it.)

It was good to see that some people were so outraged by this that they turned out to protest it. They had to deal with some far-left protesters, who as always were so proud of their brave actions that they wore masks to hide their faces and tried to keep anyone from taking video of them. I wonder if they tell their own parents what they’ve been out doing when they come home to their basements.  

Jake Tapper pressed Biden economic adviser Brian Deese on why Biden seemed unaware of the catastrophic baby formula shortage until very recently, even though the Administration claimed they’d been taking a “whole of government approach” to solving it. Deese replied that “Relevant officials from across the government were focused on the effort.”

Even if you know the President is irrelevant to his own Administration, it’s not nice to say it out loud.

They may scatter and hide when you turn the lights on them, but that doesn’t mean they’re gone for good. As soon as darkness returns, they’ll come crawling back out again. For instance, the DHS may have jettisoned its inconveniently attention-getting chief of a new Disinformation Agency (i.e., speech police), but now that she’s gone and our attention is distracted elsewhere, they are still pressing forward with creating that unconstitutional abomination.

And Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg may claim he’s gotten out of the shady funding of leftist groups’ corrupting local election systems to turn out Democrat votes and tilt elections, but don’t be fooled. Despite attempts at rebranding and hiding their actual intentions, the same people just launched an $80 million effort to do the same thing they did in 2020.

This all comes packed in gallons of banana oil, like claiming they “will participate in co-creating values and standards of election excellence which will be rolled out to jurisdictions nationwide, uplifting and advancing the profession of election administration in the years to come.” They also claim to be nonpartisan. Do you swallow any of that?

In reality, the vast majority of the “Zuck Bucks” in 2020 went to turning nonpartisan local election systems into get-out-the-vote operations in heavily Democrat districts. Even the New York Times criticized their “system of political financing, which often obscures the identities of donors,” as “dark money,” calling the network “a leading vehicle for it on the Left.”

Natalie Winters at the National Pulse has more at the link above. If Republicans don’t take legal action to stop it now, they can expect a repeat of the 2020 cockroach infestation.

This week marked a new record that nobody wanted to see broken. According to Triple A, the average price of a gallon of gas topped double the price that it was when Joe Biden took office less than 17 months ago.

How much higher can it go? Apparently, the sky’s the limit. As of Saturday morning, the average price nationwide was $4.81 a gallon, up a nickel just since Friday. Predictions are that it could reach $5 by June 17th. In California, the average price is $6.297. And the highest prices in America are in Mono County, California, where drivers are paying an average of $7.05 a gallon. Or as we might be calling that a year from now, “the good old days.”

A new DeLorean

June 2, 2022

Having to read the news every day, I can readily understand why so many people are yearning for a return to the ‘80s. Unfortunately, there are no time machines like in “Back to the Future,” but you may soon be able to buy a new DeLorean to make you feel like you have one.

The Biden DHS hasn’t given up on its dream of creating a national “Disinformation” agency, but they might want to be careful what they wish for. If they actually do let that unconstitutional monstrosity take root, Republicans will eventually regain power over it, and then they’ll have a massive backlog of leftist disinformation to clean up.

As media reporter Christian Toto notes, just mopping up all the wild disinformation spewed on “The View” will require the equivalent of a full-time hazmat team.

Personally, as tempting as it would be to go after all the lies of the left, I’d rather see that agency killed before it even gets started. It’s obvious that we do need someone to dig up the truth, objectively check quotes and claims for accuracy, and correct genuine misinformation and disinformation. But we don’t need a government board for that. You’ve already got this newsletter.

New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham is demanding that the federal government pay 100% of the cost of the largest wildfire in the state’s history, which devoured almost 500 square miles and 300 homes. This came after it was revealed that the fire was started by the US Forest Service, which lit several “controlled burns” to clear underbrush. But they got out of control and joined together into a megafire.

Good luck thinking up a better metaphor for the federal government than people who insisted on helping and ended up burning the whole place down.