June 1, 2022

Libs of TikTok, the social media account that was recently suspended by Twitter and doxxed by a twit at the Washington Post, has now been suspended for 30 days by Instagram. They claim it violated their Community Guidelines, but as usual, didn’t explain how.

For those unfamiliar, Libs of TikTok doesn’t even write comments. All it does is repost absurd posts created by leftists, or sometimes posts two together to illustrate how laughably inconsistent their thinking is.

Think about that: the original creators of the crazy leftist posts are NOT suspended for “disinformation” or violating Community Standards…but the conservative account that simply reposts them without comment IS suspended.

Why? Probably because the leftist trolls who work in the social media companies know that it does no harm to let their side preach their nonsense to their own choir, but Libs of TikTok exposes them to thinking people who perceive the ridiculousness, and that’s very detrimental to the leftist cause. I assume that’s the “community” they’re trying desperately to protect.