July 11, 2022

If you haven’t yet heard the infuriating story of New York City bodega clerk Jose Alba, who killed a violent attacker in self-defense and (unlike the dangerous criminal who attacked him) is being treated like a dangerous criminal by NYC DA Alvin Bragg, this is a good recap of the twists and turns so far.

Bipartisan public outrage got Alba’s sky-high bail reduced so he’s out of jail, but still wearing an ankle monitor and possibly facing charges. And here’s a new political twist: New York won’t let voters recall criminal-coddling woke prosecutors, but they can be fired by the Governor. Democrat Gov. Kathy Hochul won’t do it, but her Republican challenger Lee Zeldin says that firing Bragg will be on his Day 1 To-Do list. So, reason #10,903 for New Yorkers to go back to voting Republican.