May 18, 2022

Over the weekend, FOX News continued its streak of not discussing the new documentary about election fraud, 2,000 MULES. I know we’re not supposed to pay attention to the man behind the curtain, but somebody back there pulling the levers is doing his darnedest to keep you from hearing about it, anywhere on TV. Incredibly, even the outspoken Dan Bongino did not mention it on his weekend show UNFILTERED, and that must have taken some doing. See no fraud, hear no fraud, speak no fraud.

In spite of this, I’m happy to say that the eye-opening documentary film from Dinesh D’Souza and True The Vote has done blockbuster business for a political documentary. It’s the most successful film of that genre since D’Souza’s OBAMA’S AMERICA, released a decade ago. It’s also been a huge boost for alternative social media platforms Rumble and Locals, which, of course, didn’t exist a decade ago.

Despite the shameful mainstream (and major conservative) media blackout, 2,000 MULES is becoming not just a financial success but also a cultural influence, according to D’Souza. “It’s the most talked-about movie out there,” he said, “making headlines in multiple publications, and is trending extremely high on social media.”

Of course, some of those headlines are for attempts to debunk the film. We’ve discussed those here and also pointed to other articles that derail the so-called “fact”-checks point by point.

Assaf Lev, president of Locals, said, “Supporting creative independence is core to our values, and we are thrilled to offer creators a new way to distribute and sell movies independently.”

How great to discover there are ways around the attempts to silence free speech, and that the audience has been starving for courageous, independent points of view. Enterprising filmmakers will be heartened to know their work has some popular and growing outlets, regardless of whether they're approved by Twitter, Facebook and the White House.