June 2, 2022

The DC criminal courts may have betrayed justice, but there’s still the civil courts. Former President Trump released a letter he’s written to the Pulitzer Prize Committee, threatening to sue if they don’t rescind the Pulitzer Prizes awarded to the New York Times and the Washington Post for their “reporting” on the phony “Russia collusion” scandal. He says those stories were based on “incontrovertibly false information that misled the public” and that defamed him.

Trump said those papers would have quickly discovered that the story was a hoax if they had done even a modicum of journalistic investigation.

In fact, you could make a good argument that the Pulitzer Prizes should have gone to conservative outlets that were exposing the fake Russian collusion narrative from the start, or maybe to the New York Post for its Hunter Biden laptop scoop. But all of those outlets were censored from airwaves and the Internet while the attention and prizes were showered on the liars.

Then again, these days, Pulitzer Prizes are seldom awarded for “journalistic investigation.” They’re awarded based more on which side of the political divide you’re on. Sort of like D.C. jury verdicts.