June 10, 2022

Democratic strategist James Carville declared that the Democrats have a “much, much better record on crime” than Republicans, pointing out that crime rates “skyrocketed” under the last year of Trump’s term.

In case you’re not old enough to remember 2020, that would be the year when Democrat officials in blue cities defunded police and allowed Democrat rioters to take over and ransack their cities and attack citizens and police, while Democrat prosecutors emptied the jails and refused to prosecute criminals in the name of “justice reform,” as the Democrat Vice Presidential candidate raised money for a fund that bailed out the few rioters who were actually arrested so they could go right back to doing it again.

And whose fault was it that the crime rate went up? Obviously, Trump and the Republicans.

This is another of those claims that’s less a political argument than an I.Q. test. If you believe it at all, you flunk.