May 12, 2022

In the best news for “our democracy” that I’ve heard in months, the Washington Free Beacon reports that Marc Elias, the Democrat “superlawyer” and scourge of election integrity measures, has suffered a string of legal backfires that are actually making the laws he’s trying to undermine even tougher.

In his latest defeat, a Clinton-appointed district judge threw out Elias’ lawsuit over New York's redistricting lines, ruling that it impinged on both “free, open, rational elections [and] respect for the courts.” This follows several other setbacks detailed in the linked article.

Fellow Democrats are turning their backs on Elias, who uses unlimited funds from partisan donors to foolishly press weak challenges of local laws all the way to the Supreme Court, giving the SCOTUS the opportunity to make such laws clearer and stronger nationwide. As Oliver Hardy used to tell Stan Laurel, Democrats are now telling Elias, “Stop trying to HELP me!”