June 20, 2022

I hope that if you had to travel by air this weekend that you weren’t caught up in the chaos caused by the cancellation of up to 6,500 flights.

There are all sorts of excuses being given: storms (although many stranded passengers said the weather was fine along their routes), the growing summer travel crush, pilot fatigue, and shortages of staffers and pilots as business roars back after the pandemic. In a perfect metaphor for the effectiveness of the Biden Administration, Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg had to drive from Washington to New York City last week after his own flight was cancelled.

Buttigieg held a virtual meeting last week with airline executives to ask what they were doing to avoid a repeat of Memorial Day weekend when 1700 flights were canceled or delayed (there was a repeat of it anyway, only worse.) Buttigieg said he pushed the airlines to make sure they had sufficient staff and warned that the TSA could take action if they fail to deliver reliable service to the public.

Boy, it’s a good thing government doesn’t have to live up to that standard! It must be nice to be able to threaten airlines for not having enough pilots and staffers after spending the first year of your Administration threatening them if they didn’t fire pilots and staffers who refused to get vaccinated.