June 1, 2022

Those who get their policy information on firearms from hosts of late night “comedy” shows might be surprised to learn that the “good guy with a gun” is actually a thing. The Daily Signal reports that by sheer coincidence, on Monday, the FBI released statistics on active shooting incidents in 2021. There were 61, up from 40 the previous year.

Of those, 14 active shooters were killed by law enforcement, 30 were arrested, 11 committed suicide, one died in a car crash, one was still at large, and six were stopped by armed citizens (i.e., “good guys with guns.”)

Incidentally, when you hear any House Democrats claim that armed guards wouldn’t make schools safer for kids and teachers, remember this photo of what they put around the Capitol for six months to protect themselves from the nonexistent threat of waves of “insurrectionist” Trump voters.