June 7, 2022

Further pushing the takeover of women’s sports by biological males who claim to “identify” as women, not only did a “trans” cyclist win one of Great Britain’s top female bicycle races, but another one won second place. The highest a biological woman (if such a thing still exists) placed was third.

Critics pointed out that the victory photos showed the top two placers celebrating while the woman who came in third was tending to her child. They called it a perfect metaphor for current gender ideology: “Men first, women and children’s needs last.”

Incidentally, the first place finisher, “Emily” Bridges, was racing and winning in men’s competitions as recently as February and is registered in the British National Omnium as a man. One commenter on Twitter wrote, “If injustice doesn’t inspire fury, you’re morally defunct.”

The sad part of this is that it’s the criticism of it that inspires fury on the left, where “trans rights” now completely trample women’s rights to the point that many women are afraid even to speak up about this obvious outrage. One who isn’t is Post Millennial writer Libby Emmons, who tweeted, “Women don’t matter to anyone. No one in power cares if women are marginalized, commodified, colonized or erased. Feminists fought for equality, then gave it all back as soon as men demanded it.”

Let’s hope that after November, there will be people back in power who do care about this.