May 12, 2022

Tuesday, President Biden gave a speech about how dealing with skyrocketing inflation is his “top domestic priority.” But as for what he’s actually doing about it, judging from the speech…not much.

He blamed inflation on everything and everyone under the sun except his own policies. He claimed that the Democrats hold power in “all three branches of government” (Fact-check: the Democrats don’t run the judicial branch.) He blamed Republicans for not having a plan to fix the inflation his party is causing (they actually do: just do the opposite of what he’s doing. Hey, it was working great until he came along. Besides, isn't it the majority party's job to come up with plans?) And he claimed the GOP plan to fight inflation is to raise taxes on the middle class, a false claim that was debunked by the National Desk a month ago. If you can see how any of this will bring down inflation, please write it on a postcard, attach a $40 stamp, and mail it to me.

But I think the most telling fact about how hopelessly at sea this White House is has to be Biden’s boasting about his only positive achievement: under him, the deficit is going down. Yes, but that’s because before he took office, there was massive deficit spending on pandemic relief bills. The deficit is only going down now because Republicans and Sen. Joe Manchin blocked Biden’s plan to spend trillions more on his “Build Back Better” boondoggle. He’s praising himself for the positive results of his own policies not being put into effect.

Someone should explain that to him. Maybe he’d start endorsing the idea of blocking all his policies, and things would finally begin to improve.