March 9, 2022

Not content with having enabled Vladimir Putin’s aggression toward his neighbors, President Biden seems intent on doing the same thing for Iran. And so talks are being held in Vienna to revive Obama’s dangerous Iran nuclear deal – only as one Israeli security official said, Obama’s deal was bad, but Biden’s version is “spectacularly bad.”

Still, as Obama himself said, never underestimate Biden’s ability to (bleep) things up, and so now we’re hearing leaks out of the meetings that it's worse than anyone feared, and Iran is getting concessions that even they didn’t think they’d be able to secure. Reportedly, those include lifting sanctions on some of the most evil, mass-murdering terrorists in the Middle East. Sounds as if Biden sent people who play poker the same way he does with Putin: by announcing in advance that there’s no way he’d ever send troops to Ukraine.

Tablet magazine has a detailed article on what’s emerging from these talks, and let’s just say that Russia may not be the only nuclear threat we’ll have to worry about in the near future.