June 7, 2022

It’s become a fascinating academic exercise to keep up with President Biden’s poll numbers. I’ve been in politics for years, and it’s a rare thing to see approval numbers this bad for anyone who isn't embroiled in a major scandal (that the media will actually cover.)

The latest ABC/Ipsos poll finds Biden now breaking into the 20%-to-70% approval-disapproval range on some issues. Monkeypox has better approval numbers than that.

On his handling of inflation, he’s at 28% approval, 71% disapproval. On gas prices, he’s at 27% approval, 72% disapproval. Question: Who approves of current gas prices? Did they poll OPEC sheiks and bicycle salesmen?

Another ominous sign for Democrats: a staggering 80% of voters agreed that inflation will be the deciding factor over which party they vote for. So at least the Democrats will have the votes of people who like paying more for things.