June 2, 2022

The Biden DHS hasn’t given up on its dream of creating a national “Disinformation” agency, but they might want to be careful what they wish for. If they actually do let that unconstitutional monstrosity take root, Republicans will eventually regain power over it, and then they’ll have a massive backlog of leftist disinformation to clean up.

As media reporter Christian Toto notes, just mopping up all the wild disinformation spewed on “The View” will require the equivalent of a full-time hazmat team.

Personally, as tempting as it would be to go after all the lies of the left, I’d rather see that agency killed before it even gets started. It’s obvious that we do need someone to dig up the truth, objectively check quotes and claims for accuracy, and correct genuine misinformation and disinformation. But we don’t need a government board for that. You’ve already got this newsletter.