June 17, 2022

I’m sure this person thinks she’s doing something noble, but the practical effect is to prevent a pet from finding a loving home just because of petty political differences. I love my dogs so much, I let them take over my TV show once. But I also own guns. Would I not be allowed to adopt a dog from her shelter?

Many animal shelters are at capacity and turning animals away due to so many people giving up their pets because of the economy (inflation, moving to smaller places that don’t allow pets, etc.) Even if you can’t go to her shelter, if you have the money and room to give a pet a home, now would be a great time. Dogs, cats, parrots and exotics are all in need of loving homes. And if you can’t take one in, shelters are strapped for cash to cover the rising costs of food and vet care, so any donations are also much appreciated.