July 15, 2022

During Wednesday’s House Oversight Committee hearing on abortion, Rhode Island Democratic Rep. Dave Cicilline took umbrage at the Republican claim that Democrats want to allow abortion through the ninth month of pregnancy. He declared, “The notion that anyone is suggesting that abortion should happen up until the moment of birth is an absurdity and deeply offensive.”

I would agree, except that it took about half a nanosecond for Twitter users to remind Cicilline that a Democrat bill with the deliberately misleading name of “The Women’s Health Protection Act” would have negated all state abortion restrictions and allowed for abortion through the ninth month, even at taxpayer expense. Every Senate Democrat except Joe Manchin and every House Democrat except Henry Cuellar voted for it. That means Dave Cicilline himself voted for it.

There are a lot of reasons why the House needs to be taken away from the Democrats and given back to the Republicans, but one of the top reasons is that we need Representatives who actually read bills instead of passing them and then finding out what's in them. Or in Rep. Cicilline’s case, never finding out what’s in them.