May 27, 2022

The politicizing of the tragic shooting began almost immediately, with Democrats claiming Republicans had “blood on their hands” and demanding more gun control laws, whether they would have prevented this or not. Some of the most blatant politicizing ranged from former President Obama invoking George Floyd in his comments…

...To Democratic Texas gubernatorial candidate “Beto” O’Rourke, who staged one of the most disgusting stunts I’ve ever seen when he interrupted Gov. Greg Abbott’s news conference with Uvalde’s Mayor Don McLaughlin to try to blame Abbott for the shooting. He was immediately escorted out by police. The Mayor had requested that people not politicize this meeting, and he angrily shouted, “You’re out of line” and called O’Rourke a “sick son-of-a-b****.” Later, he told Fox News, “If he wants to have that discussion, that's fine. But today at that conference was not the time or place to do that."

I can’t imagine what O’Rourke thought he would accomplish with that tasteless, ghoulish stunt. Other than letting Texans know that he’s gone from “Hell, yes, we’ll take your guns” to no, he won't take your guns, back to “Hell, yes, we’ll take your guns” again