June 10, 2022

Good article by Liz Peek at The Hill on why trying to force-feed Americans a rabidly partisan, wall-to-wall televised show trial about a riot that happened 17 months ago is not going to reverse the Democrats’ electoral fortunes. It’s more likely to backfire by dividing Americans even more instead of healing and bringing us together, which marks yet another broken Biden campaign promise.

Incidentally, while all the TV networks are willing to cheat their stockholders by giving up valuable prime time for this in-kind campaign contribution to Democrats, they seem to forget that unlike in Watergate hearing days, Americans have a lot more viewing options. We’re no longer forced to watch something just because it’s on all the broadcast networks.

If you can’t find the Republican response (and the media are doing everything in their power to make sure you can’t), there are still countless other options that I suspect most people will avail themselves of, from reruns of “Friends” to Ricky Gervais’ new comedy special on Netflix. My personal recommendation: before seeing the new “Top Gun” sequel, refresh your memory of the original by streaming it free with your Amazon Prime subscription. It will remind you of the ‘80s, a time of great patriotism and prosperity under a Republican President who actually seemed to love America.