June 10, 2022

The latest disturbing scandal to rock Hollywood involves Ezra Miller, star of the Warner Brothers’ comic book TV series, “The Flash.” According to TMZ, Miller couldn’t move fast enough to avoid being arrested for alleged sexual abuse of several women. Now, he's also accused of giving drugs and alcohol to a minor Native American girl and trafficking her internationally for four years.

Making the story even more confusing, the girl allegedly released a statement denying that she’d been trafficked and attacking her parents, but they reportedly don’t believe she wrote it and suspect it was Miller controlling her social media accounts. The story at the link suggests that the studio knew Miller was trouble for quite a while but perhaps took no action because he claims to be “non-binary” and uses the pronouns “they/them,” so they might have feared being attacked by the LGBTQ lobby.

This is all still so murky that it’s hard to know yet what is the truth. Except for the fact that Hollywood has no business lecturing anyone else about morality or how to raise our children.