June 23, 2022

President Biden seems fixated on facilitating “transitions,” whether it’s promoting gender transition surgery or transitioning us from gas to electric cars and from a boom economy to a bust economy. So you might be interested to know that we’ve just transitioned into a new phase of dealing with a possible recession.

His spokespeople have transitioned from “the economy is strong and inflation is transitory” to “inflation will be here a while, but the economy is still strong” to “the economy is having problems but a recession is inconceivable” to “a recession is conceivable but not inevitable or imminent.” Now, the latest transition: Biden press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre assured us that all the great things Biden has done for the economy, like passing the American Rescue Plan, are “going to help us deal with a recession.”

Personally, I suspect that the transition from bad to worse will only be reversed when we transition from Democrat “governance” to Republican.