May 31, 2022

On a related subject, isn’t it amazing how so many people in Washington seem totally inept and unqualified for their own jobs, yet they think they’d be brilliant at doing everyone else’s? If Congress wants cars to get more mileage, they just pull a number out of the air and expect automobile designers to figure out how to get that much more energy out of a gallon of gas. If that requires making more parts of a car out of plastic, which makes it lighter but more prone to parts failure and more dangerous in collisions, then that’s a risk they’re willing to take on your behalf.

Bernie Sanders, to cite just one notable example, was a failure at everything he tried until he became a socialist politician. Now he’s a millionaire with three houses, and he thinks he knows how to run every industry in America better than the people who’ve actually worked in them for their entire lives.

Remember Hillary Clinton smugly putting down Donald Trump’s family because they made their money the dirty way, in business, by building hotels, golf courses and other tangible assets that created thousands of jobs, unlike her family that somehow got very rich devoting themselves to “public service”?

All this leads me to another must-read article for your weekend. It’s the latest from Victor Davis Hanson, who’s always worth checking out.

He reminds us that President Biden and VP Kamala Harris aren’t the only ones in this Administration who seem alarmingly incompetent. Biden has surrounded himself with an entire Cabinet full of shockingly unqualified bozos who seem either incapable of doing their jobs, unwilling to show up and try, or who are actively working to achieve the opposite of what they’re supposed to be accomplishing, like border security or an adequate energy supply (his Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm cracked up laughing when asked what she was doing to lower gas prices.)

The article is called “A Cabinetry of Dunces.” It’s a reference to the classic book, “A Confederacy of Dunces.” I guess he had to change it because banning words like “Confederacy” is one of the few things this Administration is actually doing.