May 11, 2022

As we were going to press, the Epoch Times released a subscriber-only report on some newly-released notes from a 2017 meeting of top DOJ and FBI officials.

The notes are part of documents filed in the trial of Hillary Clinton lawyer Michael Sussman. At the time, President Trump had just tweeted that Obama had wire-tapped Trump Tower. The notes suggest that FBI officials panicked over how much Trump might know about their efforts to tie him to Russian collusion allegations they knew were false, and wanted to cover their tracks. One of the participants was then-Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, later sold to Americans as a heroic symbol of truth and integrity by academia and liberal news networks. Reminder: under a settlement of his “wrongful termination” lawsuit, we taxpayers got the tab for his benefits, pension and legal fees.

We’ll dig into this deeper and have a more thorough report on it tomorrow. I assume we will not be reporting anything that really surprises us.