September 15, 2022

The media gave a lot of attention to a claim that Brigham Young University fans yelled racial slurs at black Duke volleyball players. But an investigation turned up no evidence that it actually happened. That’s not such a surprise, since there have been many such hoax claims, but what’s unusual and encouraging about this one is that the retraction is actually getting a little media attention, too.

Maybe things really are changing at CNN if they're willing to devote a segment called “On Further Review” to admitting that they rushed to judgement in trumpeting the first story without doing due diligence.

John Sexton at rightly points out that CNN felt the need to remind us that there is still “systemic racism,” so why did all the allegedly racist systems, from the schools to the media, rush to condemn the alleged racists before they even knew if the story was true? For a bunch of racist systems, they certainly seem terrified of anyone thinking they’re racist.