July 25, 2022

New York City Mayor Eric Adams attacked the Governors of Arizona and Texas as “cowards,” accusing them of busing illegal immigrants north, where they’re overwhelming NYC social services.

Just a few things wrong with that:

(A.) The reason so many illegal immigrants are pouring into America is because the guy in the White House who shares Adams’ party threw open the border and waved them all in.

(B.) Texas and Arizona are busing them to DC. If they’re showing up in New York, that might be because the guy in the White House (who, again, is Adams' fellow Democrat) has been flying them into New York under cover of darkness for months.

(C.) Unless Mayor Adams has said anything over the past 18 months in sympathy and support for the border states and towns that were being overrun with illegal immigrants under Biden’s policies, then nobody wants to hear him whine about how unfair it is that they’re now showing up in New York.