July 25, 2022

In the first flush of hysteria and misinformation about the meaning of the SCOTUS’ overturning of Roe v. Wade, a number of big corporations rushed to announce that they would pay for their employees to travel to other states to get abortions. Some offered up to $4,000 in expenses, which they don’t offer to employees who get pregnant and want to keep their babies, and who could really use the money. Many people suggested (and I was one of them) that despite the obvious leftist “virtue” signaling, this really had less to do with them supporting abortion rights than the fact that childless workers put in more hours and cost them less in benefits. Your babies impact their bottom line.

But as is always the case with the media, the loudest, most leftist voices got all the attention and were amplified far beyond their actual numbers. A Conference Board survey of 300 public, private, and nonprofit corporations found that 61% have taken a public stance on racial equality, 44% have taken a position on LGBT issues, and 39% have taken a public stand on “gender equality.” But only 8% have taken a public position on abortion.

There are more details and analysis on why this is so at the link, but I think this paragraph might be the key:

“Further polling suggests that Americans are disillusioned with companies wading in political waters, as 87.1 percent said it is at least somewhat likely they would stop using the product or service of the company that advocates for something they disagree with, a May Convention of States Action/Trafalgar survey found.”

Considering a recent Harvard/Harris poll found that only 10% of Americans support the current radical position of the Democrats that abortion should be legal up through the ninth month of pregnancy, maybe most CEOs just don’t want to follow the Disney model of spitting in their customers’ faces.