July 20, 2022

Here’s some encouraging evidence that if the public speaks up loudly enough, the progressive wokesters who are ruining America will be forced to listen. Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg yielded to public outrage and is dropping the murder charge against bodega clerk Jose Alba, who grabbed a knife and killed a younger, larger man with a criminal record who was attacking him.

It’s still an uphill battle, though. Alba was first hit with $250,000 bail, which was only lowered because of the public outcry. Then he faced second degree murder charges for defending his own life. The chairman of the National Association of Latino State Chambers of Commerce said, “If it weren’t for the NY Post, Mr. Alba would still be in jail.”

So the lesson is that while public outrage can help force “progressive” DAs to do the right thing, a better way to channel that outrage is to take it to the ballot box and throw these people out of power. That will prevent them from coddling criminals and prosecuting innocent citizens who defend themselves in the first place.