April 23, 2022

Update: It appears that there really is a tape of House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy telling other Republicans on a phone meeting after the January 6th riot that he’d “had it with this guy” (Trump) and was thinking of asking him to resign. That contradicts what he's previously said.

McCarthy said Friday that he was just walking through “different scenarios” and didn’t actually want Trump to resign. As of this writing, Trump has yet to comment publicly, but he reportedly talked to McCarthy Thursday and said he wasn’t upset and was glad McCarthy didn’t follow through. Conservatives who have long been suspicious of McCarthy’s allegiance to Trump or to conservative principles say that if Trump changes his mind and publicly denounces McCarthy, it would likely kill his ambitions to become House Speaker. So the ball is in Trump’s court.

Incidentally, Rep. Matt Gaetz suggested that notorious anti-Trumper Liz Cheney, who was in the call, could have leaked the tape to the New York Times, but she denied recording or leaking it.