We’ve been hearing predictions from DNC PR media outlets for a while now that President Biden’s State of the Union Address was going to give him a big bounce and raise his basement-level approval ratings. Then we heard that the “rally ‘round the President” effect of the Russian-Ukrainian war would boost his approval. But it now seems official that he didn’t even get a dead cat bounce from either.

The new Rasmussen poll finds Biden at an all-time low approval rating of 38%. Sixty percent disapprove, and 50% “strongly disapprove.” Those aren’t the kind of numbers that tend to bounce back. They’re more like a deflated soccer ball. With a brick inside.

Overall, the latest Real Clear Politics average of polls shows Biden at 41.5% approval, 53.5% disapproval.

That second linked story also includes a number of reminders of media outlets that assured us the Hunter Biden laptop story was Russian disinformation and buried it to keep voters from knowing about it. Personally, I think that every story from now on should include a list like that, until the people responsible quit their jobs, don sackcloth and ashes, whip themselves, and beg the public’s forgiveness.

Here is the link to today’s breaking news bulletins on the Russia-Ukraine war:

The top story from the last 24 hours: Vladimir Putin gave a speech that suggested he’s not thinking about any ceasefire or peace agreements so much as doubling down on the bogus claims of Ukraine’s threat to Russia and cracking down on his own people who don’t support his attack. 

In an ominous echo of the old paranoid Stalin days, he’s already ordered the arrests of some of his own top military officers who’ve shown insufficient loyalty and made it clear there’s more purging to come. He both attempted to rally Russian support for his invasion and threatened Russian oligarchs, or anyone else, who doesn’t support him fully, referring to them as “scum and traitors.”

The question is whether this projects the iron fisted control that Putin thinks it does or signals that he’s secretly terrified that he’s made a big mistake and has to bluster his way out of it to survive. has a good analysis of the speech, plus video and a full transcript. Fair warning, it’s via Google Translate, so maybe don’t take every word literally.

“Progressive” House Democrats still think their policies haven’t bled the country enough yet. They want Biden to sidestep that inconvenient Constitution and use executive orders to force their leftist agenda onto America and apply even more leeches to the anemic US economy’s bloodstream.

Bottom line: if you know anyone who is actually thinking of voting for Democrats this November, suggest that they just shoot their own foot instead. It will accomplish the same thing, and it probably won’t cause as much pain or do as much harm in the long run.

Biden nominee withdraws

March 17, 2022

Sen. Joe Manchin continues to protect America from the radical left, as his opposition to controversial Biden Federal Reserve pick Sarah Bloom Raskin forced her to withdraw her nomination.

Naturally, Raskin blamed Republicans for holding her nomination “hostage,” without noting that their opposition couldn’t have stopped her if it weren’t for Democrat Manchin’s “no” added to it. She also downplayed the reason they opposed her: her previous comments about wanting to use the Fed’s power to pressure banks, insurance companies and other financial firms to engage in “climate change” activism and discourage lending to oil and gas companies.

Yes, in a time of skyrocketing gas prices, runaway inflation, tanking stock markets, unprecedented national debt and potential world war that’s cut off Russian oil supplies, that’s exactly what the Fed needs to be concentrating on.

The Babylon Bee recently ran a satirical story about President Biden giving Alaska back to Russia so that he could then be free to get oil from it. It was both bitingly funny and believable enough that USA Today actually ran a “fact-check” on it.

But the poor satirists at the Bee can’t make up ridiculous stories fast enough to stay ahead of reality. A Russian lawmaker who is known as “the Kremlin’s spin doctor” reacted to sanctions on Russia by demanding that the US return all Russian properties it has “seized,” including Alaska.

Two problems with that. First, the US didn’t “seize” Alaska, Russia sold it to us in 1867 for $7.2 million, and wags pointed out that Russia doesn’t have enough money to refund that much now.

The second problem, as Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy pointed out, is that if Russia can’t even beat the Ukrainians, they’d better think twice before they send their army to be slaughtered by all the heavily-armed Alaskans.

Ukraine Updates

March 10, 2022

Here is today’s link to Fox News' continually-updated bulletins on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine:

Among the major stories: Ukrainian President Zelenskyy is urging the US and Poland to work out a deal to send Ukraine some military planes so they can defend Ukraine’s airspace, since NATO won’t impose a no-fly zone. That appears to be one of those things that Biden was for before he was against it.

The Chernobyl nuclear plant in Ukraine has been cut off the grid due to damage inflicted by Russian forces, sparking fears of potential radiation leaks. Somehow, this story seems oddly familiar.

China announced that while it still opposes sanctions on Russia, it will send $800,000 worth of “humanitarian aid” to Ukraine. Because when you think of humanitarians, you think of the Chinese Communist Party.

Not content with having enabled Vladimir Putin’s aggression toward his neighbors, President Biden seems intent on doing the same thing for Iran. And so talks are being held in Vienna to revive Obama’s dangerous Iran nuclear deal – only as one Israeli security official said, Obama’s deal was bad, but Biden’s version is “spectacularly bad.”

Still, as Obama himself said, never underestimate Biden’s ability to (bleep) things up, and so now we’re hearing leaks out of the meetings that it's worse than anyone feared, and Iran is getting concessions that even they didn’t think they’d be able to secure. Reportedly, those include lifting sanctions on some of the most evil, mass-murdering terrorists in the Middle East. Sounds as if Biden sent people who play poker the same way he does with Putin: by announcing in advance that there’s no way he’d ever send troops to Ukraine.

Tablet magazine has a detailed article on what’s emerging from these talks, and let’s just say that Russia may not be the only nuclear threat we’ll have to worry about in the near future.

You could argue that it would be nice if sports and entertainment figures would stay out of politics entirely (Ricky Gervais made that argument to their faces at the Golden Globe Awards.) But as long as they are going to make political statements, it is refreshing to see two of them get into a big argument over which one is the bigger Trump supporter.

Dr. Francis Collins, the former director of the NIH and current science adviser to President Biden – one of those public figures who famously proclaims himself pro-science and non-political -- was caught sounding pretty political on leaked audio obtained by the Daily Wire.

You can read the full quotes at the link. It was recorded at a Christianity Today event where Collins mocked Christians and the idea of individual rights in resisting vaccine mandates, made some pretty nasty comments about churches, and repeated information about virus spread that turned out to be factually incorrect. Only one of those things could be considered part of his job.

There are various levels of stupidity, each with a specific meaning. Some people are dumb. Below that are idiots and morons. And at the very bottom of the intelligence scale are MSNBC and CNN pundits. Like the ones who are trying to blame the Russian invasion of Ukraine on Republicans and comparing the plight of Ukrainians to the suffering of Americans under Republican rule. Because having your house blown up by Russian artillery is obviously comparable to having record low unemployment, rising wages, secure borders and gas under $2 a gallon.

FYI: Over the past 13 years, who was in office during the only US Presidential term in which Russia did NOT invade a neighboring country? Hint for MSNBC/CNN pundits: he wasn’t a Democrat.

Former Attorney General Bill Barr is making appearances to promote his new book. Naturally, the media are trumpeting anything he says that reflects badly on Donald Trump, and there’s plenty of that. And he made it clear he wouldn’t support Trump for the Republican nomination. But before they start trying to elevate Barr into the next never-Trump CNN regular, I’ll bet the liberal talking heads nearly exploded when Barr said that if Trump were the nominee in 2024, the “progressive” Democrat agenda is such a threat to America that it’s “inconceivable” that he wouldn’t vote for the Republican, whoever it is.

It must be hard for those people to hear that after five years of blasting Trump with all they’ve got, even someone who doesn’t like him would say in effect, “But I’d still vote for him if that was the only alternative to the walking dumpster fires you people support.”

Barr also probably won’t make many friends in the media with his defense of cops as not being racists but as simply arresting people who commit crimes.

In case you needed a reminder of how biased and destructive Twitter is, former President Trump is still banned from the platform over a false allegation that he encouraged violence, while the leader of Iran (“Death to America!”) is not, and neither is Vladimir Putin, who still has a Twitter account. So if he wants to tweet about how his genocidal invasion of Ukraine is going, he can.

Remind me again: why is this company designated as a “neutral” platform that has federal protection from lawsuits?

Here’s more proof that when liberal media outlets begin a story with “Experts say…” there’s a very good chance you’re about to get a snow job. If it’s a story about anything Donald Trump said, you can count on it. The self-appointed “fact-checkers” were constantly telling us that Trump was lying about something, according to “experts,” when it later became obvious that he was right. And now, here’s yet another example.

Just before the 2020 election, Trump was speaking at a rally in Grand Rapids, where he was boasting about making America energy-independent for the first time and bringing gas prices down to $2 a gallon or less. He then said, “If Biden got in, you’d be paying $7, $8, $9, then they’d say, ‘Get rid of your car.'”

The Washington Post responded with an “analysis” calling the claim that gas prices would spike under Biden “dubious,” adding, “Experts say those fears are overblown,” and that Biden’s policies could ease tensions with Iran and “result in incrementally lower gas prices.”

In one of those “Shocking but not surprising” stories, newly-released records show that the biggest advocate of defunding the police among the far-left “Squad,” Rep. Ayanna Pressley, spent $63,000 of her MRA (Member Representational Allowance – i.e., our tax money) on private security for herself.

Well, who can blame her? After all, her life matters.

I wouldn’t normally suggest relying on to “explain” things in the news, but in this case, they did a pretty objective job of summing up the history of Russia and Ukraine that brought us to this moment. If you’re just now catching up, this might be a helpful way to spend nine minutes, and a good companion piece to today’s commentary about trying to make sense of this conflict.

February Jobs Report

March 7, 2022

Friday morning, the Labor Department issued a stronger-then-expected jobs report for February. It shows that payroll employment rose by 678,000 and unemployment dropped to 3.8%.

The bad news: 4.2 million Americans are still out of work because their employers closed or lost business due to the pandemic (actually, due to the reaction to the pandemic.) Employment is still down by 2.1 million jobs from its pre-pandemic level, which debunks President Biden’s claim that he “created” all those “new jobs.” Also, while hourly wages increased by 5.1% since last February, inflation reached 7%, so even higher wages are buying less.

Another day, another Presidential interview. In this one, President Biden attacked the only Senator who could save his “Build Back Better” bill, tried to defend the bill by citing an aspect of its spending that’s precisely why so many people oppose it, and topped that by saying he can’t understand how we got to the place where Vladimir Putin decided to invade Russia.

If it’s any consolation, I don’t understand any of that, either.

Thirteen Republican states have filed a lawsuit against President Biden, Attorney General Merrick Garland and Education Secretary Miguel Cardona, for failing to honor Freedom of Information Requests. They’re demanding to see records of any FBI surveillance of parents who protested at school board meetings. Or as this Administration likes to call them, “domestic terrorists.”

I know the list is getting longer than a Democrat spending bill, but if you’re a parent with a child who will soon be going to college, add CUNY Law School in New York to the list of universities to avoid like the black plague. Unless you want your kids to lose their right to free speech, be forced to endure radical left indoctrination, and be bullied into silence by leftist fascists with the tacit approval of the administration.

In other Russia/Ukraine war developments, Putin agreed to peace talks, but only to set up channels for evacuees to leave. French President Emmanuel Macron had a 90-minute phone call with Putin on Thursday and warned him that Russia would pay dearly and end up isolated, weakened and sanctioned for a long time. But he said Putin was unmoved and said his objective in Ukraine "will be fulfilled in any case." Macron said he fears the worst is yet to come.