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News for December 1

December 1, 2018


-Huckabee staff, 10:20AM



At least someone in the DC bureaucracy is trying to enforce immigration laws. Too bad it’s a clerk who thinks that natives of New Mexico are citizens of a foreign country.

- Huckabee staff, 8:18AM


MIKE HUCKABEE: "I first met President George HW Bush in 1980 in Little Rock when he was a candidate for President. He ultimately became Ronald Reagan's Vice-President and I met him again at a Bassmaster's Classic in Pine Bluff, Arkansas where he (an avid angler) presented the trophies. When I ran for my first political race, he was running for re-election as President and he called me to encourage me. That he took the time to do that was remarkable. He was a thoughtful leader, and his life was one of sacrifice and service, starting with his heroic service as a fighter pilot in WWII where he was shot down in the Pacific, but survived to start his own business in Midland, Texas, later became Congressman, Ambassador, Director of the CIA, Chairman of the GOP, Vice President, President, and forever senior statesman and patriarch until his death after a long, adventurous and exceptional life. Janet and I are saddened to learn that his exceptional life has ended, but celebrate a life "Done Well."

- Huckabee staff, 7:06AM